I have been blogging for several years, and write about my home, crocheting, interior decorating, gardening and cooking.  I also like to write about my travels.

I am interested in working alongside companies or brands to write sponsored posts for products, services or brands that I use, or would use, and that fit with my personal philosophy, interests and what I write about on my blog.

All sponsored posts are subject to disclosure so that my readers are aware that they are reading a sponsored post.

At this time I am not looking for anyone to write guest posts or content for my blog as I really like writing all of my own content and this is my personal blog about the things I get up to.

That doesn't mean though that I would not love to write a piece for you either on my blog, in your publication or on your blog or website!

Recent sponsored posts include those for

All Tea Towels

Royal Voluntary Service

If you are interested in working with me please get in touch by e-mailing me at lovemademyhome@gmail.com and we can discuss your requirements further.

I look forward to hearing from you and working with you.  Thank you for getting in touch.