Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Notes from May - and a bit of June

Hello there

Well, it has been a long time since I was last here hasn't it.  I am not so much one for sharing my home life these days, although I do still love my home, but I thought I would update you on life a little bit.

We have been doing lots around the house and in the garden.  The plants are growing really well and the garden is filling out well.  There have been lots of flowers, both of my peonies flowered beautifully, although I missed them - reason why in a moment - and I had two oriental poppies in flower in May as well and they were both splendid too.

I have been walking miles and miles, on the two organised walks I do each week I do 8 to 10 miles, and I have also been exercising with a high intensity interval training (HIIT) DVD at home.  In addition I now also attend a yoga class once a week and gosh I really do love it.  I have never done any yoga before, and I suspect that the class that I go to isn't the most high energy if you can call yoga that, but it is a very good stretching working out and also allows for a certain amount of visualisation and thought without going down a spiritual route so I am enjoying that aspect as well.  In fact I have my visualisation place firmly routed in my mind now and can turn to it whenever I need and that alone has been a great thing for me in times of stress.

We have been doing a little travelling and have recently returned from a wonderful trip to Norway.  I don't know if I will share much here about that other than what I am about to say, but these days I am more present on Instagram - you can find me as lovemademyhome of course and I would love to see you there! - so I will be sharing some photos on IG and there are some there already if you want to have a peek.  I promise not to spam you though!

Anyway, yes, we went off to Norway.  It is WONDERFUL!!!  I recommend that you visit immediately.  The people are wonderful, the landscape is incredible and the waterfalls, fjords, lakes rivers and streams are incredible - albeit helped by a very snowy winter and a thaw and unexpected heatwave while we were there!  I studied glaciers and glacial action at school many decades ago, and I have to say it is the only thing I can really count on remembering.  I have wanted to visit Norway since then and I am SO glad that I have finally done so.

The sides of the U shaped valleys - caused by that glacial action! - are covered with rocks or trees or grass with a sprinkling of farmhouses and other buildings and then as you reach more built up areas - still with a very small group of buildings! - you see boats and more houses, but they are all still so beautiful.

Of course I did buy some yarn and am also showing that on IG too if you want to have a look.  If you are a knitter or crafter with yarn you will know of Arne and Carlos and although I didn't of course meet them, I did see their yarn for sale in lots of places!  I didn't buy any though as I wanted to get yarn that I cannot get at home, and in any case I am still not a sock knitter so no point buying it really.

I crafting news I have made a couple of shawls recently but I haven't really done much else in the crafting line although I have been altering some clothes to fit better but I am no dressmaker that is for sure!  Perhaps I will have a foray in that direction sometime.

Reading has ground to a standstill as I seem to have been occupied with travels and exercise, but that is OK, it will come and lets face it the books aren't going to go anywhere are they.

I think that is all really!

I hope that all is well with you, do let me know.  I will pop back in a while with another catch up.

Take care of yourselves and enjoy the summer!


  1. Welcome back, your trip to Norway sounds beautiful. I'm impressed with all your exercising and walking.

  2. Lovely to catch up with you Amy. Norway sounds amazing and huge congratulations on all that walking. You are doing brilliantly! X

  3. Lovely to hear from you Amy, Norway sounds amazing, it's one place that I would love to visit, looking forward to seeing your pictures on IG. :) xx

  4. It's good to hear from you and to know that you've been enjoying several of your interests. Walking is something I would like to do if I could find and join a local group. Glad you got to visit Norway. It must have been a dream come true to see a place that you've always wanted to travel to. Enjoy the rest of the Summer Amy.

  5. Hi Amy, I don't do Instagram but I've just had to pop over and have a look at your account - Norway looks amazing and your garden looks fab. You've obviously been busy. (I went to the Golden Valley after I had watched the film Shadowlands. It's beautiful.) I really miss you here. Glad you're OK. x

  6. I have been enjoying your travel pics on Instagram. All that walking...wow! You must be feeling so much stronger and capable of doing anything. ☺

  7. We are hoping to visit Norway next year. My husband and I are going to Iceland in November which I'm so excited about. Of course, I will have to buy some Icelandic yarn!

  8. Good to catch up here... it is easy to miss things on Instagram!

  9. Hi Amy! Wow - I am impressed with all that walking! And your trip sounds lovely.

  10. Hello Amy. It's always nice to see a post from you. IG is so hit and miss; I wish they would leave posts chronological. Norway is a place I'd love to visit someday - there are so many places, and so little time! You sound like you are doing well.


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