Monday, 26 March 2018


Hello bloggers!

Can you believe that it is only a few days till Easter.  I haven't decorated a thing and I'm not going to and I am fine with that.  In fact, I am happy about it and so glad that I am not feeling any pressure.  It is fun seeing what you are up to though (said without any pressure).

I noticed that some irritating idiot little herbert was leaving "comments" of an inappropriate nature on my blog, so I thought I better pop by and say hello, so, Hello!, and reclaim this space for myself.

I am not going to bore with you my life right now, but I am OK, not good, but not bad either which is better than I thought it was going to be.  There are still mountains to climb, greater than I have already climbed, but as long as I keep putting one foot in front of the other....

There are things coming up which I am looking forward to - or trying to at any rate - and I am focussing on that.  I have also realised that the girl who failed at maths at school, and was so bad at it and hated it so much I cannot even begin to tell you, has realised that she loves a statistic and keeping records and writing stuff down and being able to track this number compared to that number, and it is really helping me focus on what I need to right now and to track my progress.  So I might have to give maths another chance.  In all of the things that I have realised lately and found out about myself, that has been the scariest in some ways.  How did I live so long and not know that I actually love maths.....  Weird huh!  I thought I was a words person.  Oh yeah, well I am that too - as she warbles on again......  Although I have to add that I don't love tracking steps and I am not doing that am not going to be doing that!

I better draw a close to this post now folks!  I have data to analyse...

Take care of yourselves my dears, and have a good Easter/autumn/spring/cooler weather/warmer weather - please say it will warm up eventually! - or whatever it is that floats your boat at this time of year.



  1. It's good to see you back Amy. Keep doing what you are doing and all will be well in the end. X

  2. Amy there will always be some stupid people in this world and yes you are right to take back and own your space. I'm not a mathematician type person either in fact I didn't leave school with any qualifications but still managed to achieve a high end job so there is definitely a place for everyone in this world.
    Hope things keep moving onwards and upwards for you.


  3. Enjoy Easter and don't sweat the details. I discovered I like math too, long after I left school.

  4. Lovely to hear from you. It will warm up! Well done on getting to grips with maths. X

  5. Lovely to read from your blog again. Enjoy the number crunching. Wishing you a Happy Easter Best wishes

  6. Hello back, going one step at a time sounds good to me.

  7. Good to see you post again, Amy. Hope whatever you're dealing with gets solved soon or at least you find the strength to get through it. Keep focusing on the good things. It will help deal with the bad. Take care of yourself!

  8. Greetings dear Amy. It's great to hear from you. Have a blessed Easter holiday. Sending you hugs, Pat

  9. Happy Easter Amy! I love math, I'm definitely a numbers person LOL. So glad you're now enjoying it and keeping track of everything. Hope things get better for you quickly. Have a great week.

  10. Happy Easter to you as well.

  11. I am not a math fan myself but do keep track of yarn yardage, books read, etc. I think I like lists more than math. Wishing you well May, whatever you are going through you can do it.

  12. Good morning Amy :) I cried over many math assignments, and despite encouragement from my dad (who was a genius at math!!), I still can't wrap my head around equations. My brain works on the other side though, so I manage. I'm glad you're managing okay with everything and it's nice to hear from you every so often. Hugs to you and Happy Easter my friend.
    Wendy xox

  13. Love to see you are back.. Happy Easter Amy.. Hugs..

  14. Nice to see you again! Why do people have to try to mess up your space?
    I am much more a word person than a math person. :)
    Happy Easter!

  15. I hope you have a fantastic Easter Amy x

  16. I hope you have a fantastic Easter Amy x

  17. I hope you and yours had a lovely Easter Amy. Take care, Cathy x

  18. It is lovely to catch up with you Amy, thank you so much for your well wishes. Here's hoping all is well with you and that your problems will soon disappear. Look after yourself.

  19. Hi Amy It's lovely to see you warbling on again - I love that word you used! I was not crash hot at maths at school, now you're talking about it, I love order and logic too... it's a funny old life. Good to find you back here.
    Love Wren x

  20. I'm very glad to hear from you and catch up with your news. I hope you had a lovely Easter. All the best in the coming days to you and yours. xx

  21. Well, Amy, reading this and realizing that you did NOT close your blog after all has made my day!! I was reading a couple of Selma's older posts and saw a comment from you and had that sudden urge (God prod, right?) to check back here, just in case . . .

    I have left a message or two for you on Ravelry, as I had no idea how to contact you.

    So I'm happy to report that I'm nearly finished the first half of my Meg shawl and the other is not far behind! I've ordered one more skein so that I will have enough yarn for sure, as it has turned out to be a bit shorter than I expected. Probably because I am using a smaller size hook. :-) I never could just follow directions (or recipes or . . .) I want you to know how much I love it. I'm using the exact same yarn and it's the colour you used. I'll be wearing it to a wedding in Edinburgh in mid-May, so I'm pretty motivated! I'll wear it to a memorial here, too, if I get it done in time (4th of May). I am going to use my Jamieson & Smith Shetland wool for the coloured bits, as I have plenty of that at present. Did I say that I LOVE the pattern? Well, I do!! It took me a short time to get the hang of it, but now it's going swimmingly! After I'm back in BC (Canada) I'm seriously considering making another in blue. I do have the pattern for a red Jo shawl and will make that as well. You have likely guessed by that that I am a shawl person, although mine are currently in storage.

    I cannot thank you enough for this. I have loved Louisa May Alcott's books since I was a young girl and I still like to re-read them every couple of years. I have a great deal in common with both Meg and Jo (and a bit of Amy and Beth lives in me, too) and these shawls will always remind me of them and of you as well.

    I have mentioned your pattern in a few of my posts and shared pictures of my own (but not of yours). Selma 'introduced' me to you originally and I am so glad she did.

    Don't worry about posting regularly; most of my blogging friends have had times when they didn't post at all or considered quitting altogether. Life happens . . . do what's best for you and know that we will be here whenever you feel like sharing.

    I will be staying with a friend of friends who lives south of London and using his place for a 'home base' as I make as many excursions as possible. But I shall be in Scotland from 14 to 22 May first. Back in Scotland in August, in Norway in July if I can possibly swing it, too. My Mum's people all came from there. Oh, and I have a weekend ticket to Yarndale at the end of September, too! So much is possible, but I shall only have six months and as I'm retired and have all my things in storage, the budget is rather small. Still . . . I never thought I would be able to travel, even though I dreamed of it so much. And here I am, about to jump off that high cliff and watch the net appear . . .

    I'm sharing this in the hope that it will perhaps inspire you in your own daily life. I've had my share of ups and downs and some of the downs were extremely challenging. (probably God prods, as you say lol).

    Things don't always turn out as we wish, but sometimes that's because there's something better waiting in the wings. Know that I, like so many others, I'm sure, hold you in my thoughts and my heart.

    Much Love and Light to you, Amy. ~ Linne (I changed my username on WP and so it now comes up as Bestemor (Norwegian for Grandmother, which is what my grandchildren call me) instead of as Linne.


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