Friday, 23 February 2018

Day Twenty Three Grateful Blogging February

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope that you have a good weekend ahead of you.  I am not sure what we are doing but we have various things to catch up on so I guess that we will be pottering and doing things about the house.

I have realised that this "grateful" posts are also turning into a bit of a weather watch, so to update you on the weather today it is sunny and dry, but cold and there is some blue in the sky, but it is mainly covered with white clouds.  No snow and none of the really extreme cold they are predicting over the coming days, although there was a thick frost on the cars this morning.

Today I am grateful for some beautiful tulips that I have in a vase.  Sorry there are not any photos but I cannot seem to get photos into blogger at the moment for some reason - I think it is my computer - but I have shared them on IG if you want to have a look there.

Hope you have a great weekend.



  1. Amy!!! Why didn't I know you were back here? :D - I even have you on the sidebar of my own blog and didn't twig you were writing away here. No matter, lovely to catch up and especially to see that you were prodded into joining a choir!

  2. I'm having problems getting photos into blogger as well. It's very temperamental, working sometimes then refusing point blank to upload an image.

    Today I'm grateful that it's Friday and the end of my work commitments for the week. There's band practice to look forward to tomorrow morning and then the rest of the weekend to potter in the garden.

  3. I always wind up talking about the weather. It plays a big and important part of our lives. Sorry to hear of the troubles with Blogger and images.

  4. Today I am thankful for scented candles that are making me smile. We woke to a hard frost but the temperatures are still above freezing and no snow as yet.

  5. I'm grateful for a good meeting with my oncologist today and the lovely white rose brought me from the yard.

  6. I am thankful(?) that I get to wear actual winter-like gear is it's been slightly unseasobably cold here in the SF Bay Area. I actually do like wearing knit hats and gloves. :D

  7. Tulips are so cheerful! I'm thankful for them too.

  8. It's good of you to share what you're grateful for. I'm grateful for the friends I've made while blogging! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. Tulips are so delightful! I'm enjoying sunny weather, even if it is a bit chilly, and the satisfaction of knowing the laundry is done, soup is made, floors vacuumed, and bathrooms cleaned.


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