Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Day Twenty Grateful Blgging February

Today my patience is being worn very thin.  I am waiting for someone to contact me to make an appointment.  I have been waiting for over a week and have chased them twice now and still I haven't heard anything.  It isn't something that can wait, and the person that I am waiting to hear from knows that, and it is as much - if not more - to their advantage for us to have this meeting and yet still I wait.


Tomorrow I am going to tell them when I can make the appointment and ask them to choose a time and I will see if that elicits a response.

I do try to be patient, but when you are waiting for someone to meet you and as I said it is to their benefit, it drives me a bit crazy....

Moving on from that...........

Things I am grateful for.

Nearly finishing this months Swallows and Amazons book - Swallowdale.

Nearly finishing another book - one of the Downton Abbey books, I will tell you more when I have finished it.

Being patient with the other book I am reading and still haven't finished.........  Maybe I am not so grateful about this one.

A dry walk.  It seems to have rained every week for well, weeks, so to walk today in the dry was SOOOOOO good.

My hoover (vacuum cleaner), what would we do without something to run round with and suck up the dust.  I cannot imagine how many hours cleaning must have taken way back in the Downton Abbey period.

Dinner.  A Nigel Slater pasta dish of pancetta, cream and parmesan cheese and of course the pasta.  It is divine and is a treat for hubby who is having a rotten day today.  It will cheer him up and I am grateful for that as well as being grateful that it is so delicious to eat and so easy to cook.

My "in tray" for which you should read great big box and the fact that although I have tons of paperwork that needs tending to no one is hassling me about it.  I am grateful that I can leave it just a teeny bit longer.

So that is it for today.  A few things to be grateful about to counteract the annoying thing.  I hope that the person I am waiting for gets in touch soon because I hate chasing people and always end up feeling as though I am in the wrong somehow.  Here's hoping!

Hope you have lots to be grateful for today, because as well as all of the above I am SO grateful for all of you!

Happy Tuesday peeps!



  1. I hope you get the appointment sorted soon. It's so annoying. I'm glad you had a dry walk. I'm hoping the rain will clear out by tomorrow so I can take a soggy walk. The dinner sounds lovely and I'm sure will cheer up your husband.

    Today I'm grateful for being able to stay inside on such a wet day. It's a good day to sort out some things, read and craft.

  2. It can be very frustrating when people don't respond to calls. A dry walk is something to be thankful for, and that delicious pasta dinner.
    We're in the midst of an arctic freeze here, but I don't mind because it means sunshine and no rain. The brighter skies always brighten my spirits.
    Have a good day, Amy.

  3. Lots to be thankful for, hopefully tomorrow you can add the appointment is made. Today I am grateful for the beautiful Spring like day enabling a much needed wonderful walk.

  4. Hope that that frustration resolves soon. Yes, always annoying. And even so, you have thought of many things to be grateful for. Good books are always a blessing. And i agree with you...whatever would we do without vacuum cleaners?!

  5. It's so frustrating to have a situation like that, when you are just stuck waiting! Hope this person gets that apt set up!

  6. Hang in there with that appointment making scenario - I can relate!

  7. I'm not the most patient person in the world and I waiting for people who are dragging their feet.
    I'm grateful I feel pretty good today.


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