Monday, 12 February 2018

Day Twelve Grateful Blogging February

Today I am just tired!  I have been scrubbing all morning with more to do this afternoon.  I know that I keep mentioning doing housework, but right now for me this is great therapy.  It is good to keep me mentally occupied as well as physically and I am sure that I am getting healthier all round for it.  Don't think that my house was awful before I started because it wasn't, but equally it wasn't what it could be and now it is getting more towards what it could be.

The what I am grateful for is brief today.

I am grateful that our spare (guest) bedroom is clean and tidy and that the stuff I got rid of to the charity shop yesterday made cleaning it a lot easier.
I am grateful for podcasts that kept me company while doing my chores, today it has been The Bakery Bears, I don't suppose that you read this or know that I exist Kay and Dan, but thank you for keeping me company and amusing me.
I am grateful for the blue sky and white clouds outside and that we don't have snow.

Happy Monday everyone, hope you have had a good start to your week!



  1. We have had a bit of snow but also glorious blue skies for most of the day.It dried the washing outside,we did a bit of gardening and had a lovely walk at Parkgate.That is what I am grateful for today.

  2. Gerard is having a flare up of his RA so today I am so very thankful for medication enabling pain relief, I hate seeing the man that I love in so much pain.

  3. Today I am grateful to see the gorgeous sunshine. It was bitter cold but... lovely too. It was dry whilst I ran round town doing my shopping. Cathy x

  4. Today mine was a productive day! I finished many of the pending jobs!

  5. I'm grateful that, after so many days of clouds and snow, that the sun is finally shining!

  6. What a lovely thing for which to be grateful, your clean and tidy spare room.

    My spare room has been a gathering place over recent weeks of things that I either need to put away, discard, or give away. It's slowly getting back to its tidy place, but there are still a few things I'm not sure what to do with.

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend...


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