Sunday, 11 February 2018

Day Eleven Grateful Blogging February

Happy Sunday everyone!  Hope you are having a restful and happy day.  We have had a productive day so far, Hubby ran some errands that he needed to do this morning - including getting a bag of flour for our pancakes on Tuesday which I had forgotten to get when I went shopping.  Thank goodness we can have pancakes hey. 

I also got a few more bags of things taken to a new charity shop that I found more locally.  I have been taking bags of things and giving away bags of things for so long now and our house is still full, I don't know where it all fitted because I really don't buy much, especially nowadays.  Keeping on with the clearing out and giving things away is good though isn't it.

We also went for a nice walk, the wind was quite bracing but it was dry.  We didn't last that long though, only about 30 minutes because it started to hail on us!  Of course as soon as we turned into our road it stopped, but we came on home and are now going to have a mug of hot chocolate to recuperate!

Today I am thankful for my dear darling friend who e-mailed to check up on me to see how I am, no rain, hot chocolate and the fact that I can spend some time this afternoon reading and watching tv - even though I should be catching up on housework that needs doing.

Hope that you are having a good day and that it is restful.

Have a good week ahead!



  1. Today I am thankful that Church is only a short walk away from our cottage. As we were leaving the wind was blowing a gale and snow was falling. Sitting in front of the stove with a book and a film is our plan.

  2. What a lovely day you've had Amy. It's always good to spend some time relaxing and housework can wait. That's what I tell myself anyway. Today I'm grateful we arrived home from a few days away before the snow started. It's beautiful to look at but I don't like driving in it.

  3. Hi Amy! It's cold here, too.
    I must remember to make pancakes on Tuesday! Thanks!

  4. Cold and snowy again here. I received a couple of 'care' packages from my Mum this week and I'm glad she included some lovely cup a soup to keep me warm on snowy days. The chocolate really helps too!

  5. IT feels so good to give things away. I am trying to get that done also but with two puppies that makes it much harder. Take care of yourself Amy.

  6. Always feel good when I donate and I have a stack waiting to go right now.

  7. Thanks for the pancakes reminder for this Tuesday Amy. I'm grateful for yesterday and good Christian music. We took the boys to see Rend Collective Experiment live supported by Soul Survivor and Guvna b. It was amazing and the base very very loud. Glad I took my earplugs. Cx

  8. That does sound like my perfect kind of Sunday - taking it easy, and a lovely walk. And hot chocolate. I'm glad I stopped by for the reminder of pancakes tomorrow - I had quite forgotten, and HB would be so disappointed. He looks forward to it each year.

  9. Sounds like a good day. I missed a few days of thankful. I set up and sold at an antique show over the weekend and am thankful that is over...LOL. I do have fun and sell, it's just a lot of work setting up and taking down.


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