Monday, 19 February 2018

Day Eighteen and Day Nineteen Grateful Blogging February

I missed yesterday, although I don't know why exactly.  I was rather stressed and still am today to be honest.  So this will be quick.

I am grateful for a friend who I met for coffee this morning.



  1. Yesterday I was grateful that the Church we attend is so close to our cottage making it easier for Gerard to attend. Today I am thankful for leftovers so that we can have a quick meal. Sending you a hug and hoping that you are feeling a little calmer.

  2. Take care of yourself Amy. Praise God for good friends that just by 'being' with us, help to lighten the load. I pray you receive the peace you need. Cathy x

  3. I'm grateful for the medical staff treating my condition. Their compassion is boundless.

  4. Today I'm grateful for your blog as it has helped me to look on the positive side during a difficult time. I'm also grateful for a chat with friends over cups of tea this afternoon.

  5. Time with friends is good for the soul!

  6. Well done Amy. coffee with a friend, or even a phone call, is one of the best de-stressors I know. I am grateful that in our country we have freedom of choice as to which medical practitioners we consult, after a difficult and problematic week with a new physiotherapist. I kept my cool and politely but firmly refused to go back.

  7. I am following your series of gratitude, Amy. I'm behind with my post reading but finally arrived.

  8. I was grateful I got out for a walk even though I got caught in the rain and got wet.


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