Saturday, 21 October 2017

Floral Hoop Art

I love the different ways that people produce art to go into an embroidery hoop.  I have done some myself in the past with pictures - motifs really - made of buttons.  Some are just a beautiful piece of fabric and others produce some really stunning embroidered pieces.  All of them are lovely in their own special way.

Recently I have been following several hoop artists on Instagram and seeing their work - far superior to anything I could do! - inspired me to have a go at making a little picture for a friend of mine.

This is what I made.

It is a tiny little hoop, about 3 inches across, so not much space to work in, but I had to post it a long way so the size was dictated by the cost of postage!  This meant that I didn't have much space to work with, but I wanted something light and delicate and airy anyway, so I think that this works and is actually better for being in a small hoop as there would have been too much blank space with a larger hoop.  Or lots of flowers that would fill the space and take away the lightness of touch.

It is quite easy to make a little picture like this.  Take your hoop and insert a piece of fabric in and then draw your design on with one of those air fading pens - better than one that you have to iron because you would have to remove your work from the hoop and then get it back in the perfect position again.

I suggest you have a go at your design on a piece of paper first so that you know where you want to draw. 

Then simply colour in the lines with your threads.  I used three strands of the embroidery floss so that the stitches showed up nicely but were not too bulky.

Once you have coloured it all in, cut the fabric around the outside of the hoop about 2 inches away to give a larger circle of fabric than the size of hoop.  Then do a running stitch around the edge of the fabric and pull tight, this will pull the fabric neatly to the back of the hoop.  You can then tie or stitch it to keep it tight.  If you want you can then just hang it up - because who will see the back! - or you can sew or glue a piece of felt to the back to neaten things up - which is what I always do.

You then have a lovely piece of art for your wall!  Or in this case for my friends wall!



  1. Lovely Amy. One lucky recipient, who I'm sure will love it.

  2. It's lovely Amy so pretty. :) x

  3. This is lovely and makes a great gift too- an original work of art! ❤️🌸

  4. Lovely, Amy. I bet your friend was delighted to receive it:)

  5. That's such a cute gift idea and pretty work of yours too. Your felt idea is excellent. I would never have thought of that because I am a complete newbie to embroidery. Thanks for the tip! I'm sure the recipient will love your original gift - a piece of your heart and soul in every stitch. :-)

  6. It's so pretty, someone's very lucky to be getting it.

  7. How lucky for the person who will receive this! It's so charming. I love the design you created. Pat xx

  8. Looks lovely Amy. I've seen all sorts of ideas using hoops, one I like is putting doilies in them, just haven't got around to trying that one out.

  9. Very pretty, such a thoughtful gift.

  10. That's pretty, Amy! I must look for the tiny hoops. I have some lovely muslin I could use for little pictures.

  11. Gorgeous :) Such a lovely friend you are.

  12. Hi Amy! Oh, this is just so cute! I think you did a great job on your little hoop art.
    Hope you're doing well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. This is sweet, Amy. I'm glad you're posting again.

  14. You make me want to get back to embroidery. I love the charming simplicity of your work.

  15. Really pretty work! I cross stitch but I've been meaning to give this kind of embroidery a try. Thanks for the post!

  16. What a sweet gift idea! Embroidery is such a lovely handcraft.

  17. Great advice Amy! I keep meaning to do more embroidery, and this is the type of thing I mean to stitch!
    Than you for your lovely ideas!
    Barbara x


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