Monday, 23 October 2017

Betrayal - Reading My Books

The cover says "Can you trust those closest to you?" I hope so, but sadly the world shows us every day that you often cannot trust those around you, let alone those closest to you.  That is so sad isn't it.

I am a fairly trusting person, although as I get older I worry more and am less trusting than I used to be.  Taking people at face value is a good thing to do, but can result in us being hurt can't it.  That happened to me quite recently, I met someone, instantly trusted them and was then hurt by them just a few weeks later.  I will not see or talk to them again, I hope, but it knocked me back a little.  I am OK now, but it reminded me of how we have to be careful about what we believe and who we trust.

By sheer coincidence - it being the next book in the pile! - not long that I started reading Betrayal by Danielle Steel.  Another of her romance novels of course, but with a definite theme of betrayal right through the book.  It really resonated with me.  Although the events in the book are far removed from what happened to me, I understand the feeling of trusting someone only for them to do something unpleasant that attacks you in a very personal way.

I have found that the more of this authors books that I have read - quite a few now and still more to go in the pile of books that someone kind gave me - they seem to have different styles of writing.  I have mentioned this before I think when reviewing her books.  It is almost as though she is a different person writing at different times and this book seemed different again from those that I have read before.  Different in a good way, but different nonetheless.

Before I waffle on any more I should tell you about the story.  Tallie Jones directs films and works with her boyfriend Hunter Lloyd, assisted by her assistant Brigitte Parker.  All is well with Tallie's life, she lives happily with Hunter and her daughter is living in New York while she goes to college.  Brigitte cannot do enough to help Tallie and progress on her latest movie is going well.  So well in fact that she and Hunter are about to start work on a new film, once their investors have checked out their finances.

That is when the problems start and Tallie realises that someone has been betraying her in a big way, but who is it and what have they actually done and way.  Could it be this person or that.  To begin with there are a number of suspects, including Tallie's accountant, Victor.

Eventually the culprit is found and the problems are solved, but not before several unexpected events unfold and Tallie realises that she has been betrayed by more than one person and in the most heart wrenching of ways.

The story was of course a little far fetched from the normal lives of most people, because most of us are not film directors, but actually the events could have happened to anyone, and I suspect do happen to lots of people on a regular basis.  From that point of view I liked the story because it does have a reality to it.  I also liked it because it kept going with a fairly good pace, was well written, and as most of Steel's book are, was well mannered with no bad language or other things.

Would I recommend it and what happens to this book now?  Yes, I would recommend it and I give it a 9 out of 10.  My copy will be off to the charity shop - space issues! - but I would suggest anyone else that sees it picks it up and has a read.

Most of my reviews by this author get very few page reads and comments, even compared to other book reviews I do, but I really would recommend Steel's books for light reads in those in between times when you just need something to pick up and occupy your mind because they are generally pretty pleasant reads, not the most edifying perhaps, but I don't think we always need that do we.  Anyway, just to say, do give her books a go sometime!

Happy reading - whatever you are enjoying!


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  1. Sounds like an interesting book. I know what you mean about trusting people. I tend not to now. I'm not really a social person so don't know a lot of people. I have a couple of people I'd tell private things to, so I guess that means I trust them, but otherwise I'm learned not to trust people. Sad, but true. I hope your experience doesn't mean you won't get out to know people!

  2. Amy it's nice you are enjoying your reading time. I like to read but don't always have the time available. I have to many hobbies I suppose. You shawl in the previous post is lovely by the way.
    xx Beca

  3. Its such a shame when someone betrays or hurts you, unfortunately it makes you so much more wary and hesitant in future. Glad you are enjoying your reading pile, nice to have varied authors and styles xcx

  4. I read that book.. I always love to read danielle steel..

    I'm so sorry that some hurts you..

  5. I've read a lot of her books in the past, but haven't read any of the new ones. I'll have to look for some.


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