Monday, 4 September 2017

Ta Dah! Stacked Squares Scarf

Gosh, I am finally getting on a roll with sharing the designs that I had stacked up over the last year and one of those is the Stacked Squares Scarf.  See what I did there....

Anyway, ahem, I digress.  You want pictures and details, not my waffle!

Ta Dah!  Finished scarf. 

I have actually been wearing this for the last year, I have a jumper that is almost the same colour and they look really great together as I have crocheted it in a really fine fingering weight - four ply - yarn that is really almost more a laceweight so it drapes really nicely.  You can easily make it in a heavier weight yarn though to give a larger size and a cosier feel.

Crocheting this and working out the design got me through some tricky times last year when I worked out the way I wanted it to look.  I remembering having this idea for piling up square holes in a scarf or shawl and then trying out loads of different ways to achieve what I wanted.  Of course the simplest one turned out to be the best one in the end which is always the way isn't it.

This scarf is really easy to crochet, you only need to know a couple of stitches and then you can repeat them to make the scarf as wide or narrow, long or short as you wish - instructions in the pattern - which I really like as I love to customise things!

I mentioned when I released my last pattern - the Tuesday Blues Cowl - that it would be a great make for a 50g skein of precious yarn, well this one is a great design for a 100g special skein, I would love to see it in a speckled yarn for example as I think the speckles would be spread out really nicely.

This is an easy make for a beginner crocheter or would be great for someone looking for something to just get on with while travelling or watching tv and of course I offer pattern support with contact details in the pattern so you can always get some help.  In fact I think that I may make another one of these with one of the special skeins that I have been keeping for something special.

There isn't really much else to tell you other than Ta Dah! another finished thing that was done ages ago, but which I can finally share with you!!

If you would like to get a copy of the pattern it is available now - here.

Hope you enjoy the pattern!  Let me know what you are making in preparation for autumn!



  1. Great design and I love the colour.

  2. It really is a stunning colour, a beautiful design.

  3. Wonderful!! What a beautiful scarf you have created Amy, and that colour is like golden wheat fields. So nice to see your creations coming out again.

  4. Beautiful Amy :) And very fitting for the autumn that has appeared to have started!

  5. Very cute, Amy. I wonder if my crochet skills are up to it. I do have some lovely fingering weight skeins.

  6. It was a lovely pattern to make Amy. I'm looking forward to wearing mine, but not to the cold weather.

  7. Looks lovely Amy. It's so good to finish things and I agree with Jill - autumnal colours, perfect. Cathy x

  8. Oh It is perfectly crocheted!

  9. It such a sunny color. That certainly would make a dreary day a lot brighter. It's lovely.

  10. I have already bought it. Brilliant design my friend. It would make a great shawl too! Thank you.

  11. Yum! I really like this one, which as you say could be customised for children or people who are fussy about length or width. Well done. Have a good week & take care.

  12. It's lovely- clever you. I've got a shawl I started last winter to finish! X

  13. Very nice! It's a unique look and I like it!

  14. Well done Amy, another winner. I am yet to make the Meg shawl but I have the yarn - just need th time! Jo x

  15. Wow! What a lovely pattern and love the colour

  16. What a nice scarf, Amy! I've never seen a design like that before, and it's quite unique. I don't know how to crochet, but I sure wish I did. My sister crochets, and she's made me a couple of nice scarves for Christmas gifts. I wear them quite often in the winter. Maybe I'll get a chance in 2018 to learn to crochet. :)

    Thanks for sharing!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  17. beautiful scarf in a color that is dear to me. There are knitting patterns on ravelry that are similar and I have yet to knit one up!

  18. Love the colour. You really do pick some great yarns to work with.
    Lisa x


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