Tuesday, 11 July 2017


Well love a good sale don't we!  Well I do.  Sometimes I buy, sometimes I just like to look - actually I always like to look, just in case.  You never know what goodies you might find that you couldn't afford before.

Well, it is summer and I thought that perhaps a summer sale might be a good way to relaunch sales of my crochet patterns - which you might or might not have noticed have been unavailable for the last few months.

Also, if they were too expensive before, perhaps this will help too!  So, if you use the code summer17 in my Ravelry pattern shop you can get a whole 50% off all of my shawl and scarf patterns until the end of this month!

You can purchase any of the following with the discount and use it as many times as you like before the end of the month so go and have a rootle around my shop and see if something takes your fancy.  You never know what you might find.

Find the shop here and use the code summer17

Happy Shopping!



  1. I love those dangly bits on the first shawl. 😊

  2. You have such a talent, the shawls are amazing.

  3. Good luck with the sale. It looks like you have some LOVELY patterns listed!

  4. What a beautiful piece of work you have in your second picture. Makes me long for winter so I could wrap up in it.

  5. You are such a talented fiber arts artist. I too love the shawl with the dangly bits! Pat

  6. Amy, you design such beautiful crochet patterns. I hope you are still finding joy in creating designs as you have a real gift. Maybe one day when I learn to crochet I will be able to try one!

  7. What nice bargains. You have so many beautiful patterns!


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