Monday, 24 July 2017

Crochet Safari

Now that is a title that I never thought I would write!  Although I have, over the years, had quite a few posts with titles that I never thought I would write, so I don't know why I am surprised!  After my recent foray into the world of crochet amigurumi, with the making of my cactus which I shared with you last week, I decided to have a go at a kit which I had been given for Christmas.  Crochet your own Safari!

Aren't they just the cutest!  I am afraid there is going to be a photo overload in this post, but I just had to show you how adorable they all are.

First of all we have Edwina Elephant.  Now, her real name is Eglantine, but she finds that a bit embarrassing, so we just call her Edwina - or Eddie.

I had a few issues making up all of these little fellows, which I will talk more about at the end, but Eddie wanted you to know that I changed her ears to add the floral fabric, they were just grey felt in the kit meant to be stuck to the side of her head, but I stuck the felt to the fabric and then stitched round before stitching the ears on to Eddie.  She is much happier with this.

Second we have Geraldine Giraffe.  Please don't mention her thick neck, remember that although giraffe's only have the same number of bones in their neck as humans - 7 I believe - they are a lot bigger than our bones.  Gerry is a little sensitive about her neck.  I think that a small scarf might help with her issues.

Finally, Lionel Lion.  A very furry fellow indeed, and although he looks fierce he has a heart of gold and would never eat another animal.  In fact, his favourite thing to eat is cheesy crackers - being a vegetarian lion that he is.

Lionel is sorry about this blurry photo, he got distracted by a strawberry in the distance and forgot to stand still - he likes strawberries too!

I had a lot of fun making these up, I haven't done a lot of amigurumi before, and I learned a lot from making these up.  I mostly - apart from Eddie's ears - followed the instructions, but gosh, what terrible instructions.  This kit was sold by a large well known - not to be named by me - department store last Christmas.  A UK shop, so you would think the instructions - patterns - would be in regular UK terms.  Sadly not.  They were a mix of US terms and gibberish.  99% gibberish in fact!!  Rows missing, terrible instructions, suggestions to make back legs longer than front legs on the lion, just sticking the ears on the elephant, the thickness of the giraffe's neck.  Of course I am being picky, I realise that, and as a crocheter and self professed designer of crochet patterns, I hope I know more than the average person, but surely that makes it worse as at least I could figure out what to do, whereas someone receiving this as a gift, and with less experience would have really struggled.

All of that aside though, I did enjoy making each of these fellows, as I said, I learned a lot from the making of them and from the working out what I should really be doing.  I hope that I can carry that across into my own work to make it easier for others to follow my patterns.

I will leave you with some more adorable photos!!

I asked the guys to give you all a wave, and they asked how much they would be paid, when I said it was one cheesy cracker all round for lunch they turned their backs on me and refused to wave, so I leave you with this group butt and tail shot!

 Happy safari everyone!



  1. :) Totally adorable Amy. I am so in love with that yellow Giraffe, you have no idea. She is absolutely a darling. If I was a grey girl elephant I would want pink floral ears too - that was totally the right thing to do. Love the butt shot, which I must share with a grandson or two. My, they do like butt jokes...

  2. Ha! Aren't they just the cutest things! Fancy the instructions being so rubbish, you've done a great job saving them from wonky legs. 😊

  3. I think Eddy is my favourite. Love her floral ears. Bet you had fun making them. B x

  4. Dear Amy
    They are absolutely gorgeous - many congratulations for making them despite the rubbish instructions!
    Best wishes

  5. Gosh, but they are cute...perhaps a bit cheeky, ahem, but darling all the same. What wonderful nursery companions they would make.

  6. Shame about the instructions, it might be worth writing to the company about them. They are certainly cute, I loved the lions mane and those gorgeous elephant ears.

  7. They're quite wonderful! Of course you know I'm in love with the elephant. I hate patterns that start you off in a good way and then part way through turn to gibberish.

  8. They are so cute Amy!! I am no good at this wee tiny crochet...I wills tick to big things! hahaha!
    Hope you are well...
    Linda :o)

  9. Oh how gorgeous and sweet. I particularly love Eddie the elephant and her pretty floral ears xx

  10. I LOVE these! I can't decide which one is my favourite though I love the way you have done the ears on the elephant. It makes for a unique touch!

  11. they are so, so cute!! I want the elephant... plzzzzz... :) :) :)

  12. Eddie's ears are adorable!!!

    Don't worry, Geraldine. Lots of us feel bad about our necks. At least YOURS is not wrinkled!

    Well, aren't THEY a cheeky bunch. I'd say that no one gets a cracker today. LOL

  13. What a cute trio. The lion is my favorite

  14. Oh my goodness! They are all SO adorable!! I can tell they were a lot of fun to make too. ;) Great job Amy! xoxo

  15. All are cute but the mane on the lion makes him a winner to me. What a success they are.
    Well done you.
    Lisa x

  16. Well done Amy & they are ever so cute. Pity about the instructions, but then I've come across hiccups in all sorts of craft & recipes. In this day & age I think it's even worse with "spell check" as a human would normally pick up the difference between, too-to-two, as an example. Happy crocheting & take care.

  17. those are the cutest little animals ever! I love the giraffe :) He might be my favorite for no reason except he's cute.

  18. These really are adorable! I love what you did with the elephant ears and I like the cheeky final photo. What a fun and colourful post :)

  19. These are gorgeous! Do you take commissions?

  20. My kind of safari. These are adorable.


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