Friday, 12 May 2017

Thank you

Thank you so very much for all of the comments you left on my Instagram post yesterday and to those of you who e-mailed me or left comments on an older post here on my blog.  As always your kindness and your good hearts overwhelm me!  I don't know that I deserve any of your kindness, but I sure am grateful for it.

My post from yesterday has been deleted - as has the Instagram post, although I took screen shots of all of your wonderful comments to remind me of what you said.

I wanted to take it down because it was too much for me to leave on my blog long term, but in the moment I needed to share it.  There is no news as yet - the issue is about my brothers health in case you didn't see the posts and are wondering - although he is getting more treatment again and remains in hospital and will likely be there until sometime next week at least.  It sounds as though a really great doctor who has never seen him before has been to see him and is taking charge of his case - the result of prayer and good thought in action perhaps - and they sound very good which is good news.  I haven't been to see him yet, as he just needs his wife with him right now.  I will though and will tell him - in a vague and cryptic way because he doesn't know about any of you! - about all the good wishes which are being sent his way and I hope that he might somehow feel the love from you all.

Also I forgot to add yesterday in my post that my own health is much better now and I am well on the way to getting back to being myself again.  Sorry I meant to say that explicitly, but forgot to say it directly. 

Thank you all once again.  I cannot describe even a fraction of how grateful I am for you all right now, but if you can imagine just a small part then it will be a very large amount indeed.

I am going to take a break from blogging for a little while I think until things settle - which will save you from any more over emotional posts.  I will return, but as I was on a sort of unannounced blogging less break anyway, I will just extend that for now.  So I will pop up the book posts as and when  I write them and see you again in a while when I am less of a tizzy.  Of course if there is any dramatic news about my brother I will let you know as and when I can too, otherwise I will update when I come back.

Love to you all and lots of thanks, and much like Arnie, I will be back!


Thursday, 11 May 2017

Reading My Books - And then there were none

Well, I was sure that I knew "whodunit" in this book right from the start.  It seemed as though I was wrong.  Or was I?  Had I actually been cleverer than I had thought.  I cannot tell you any more though without giving things away.

I will give you my review of the book though!

And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie is neither a Poirot or Miss Marple mystery, instead it is a standalone story, without a detective to lead the story along.  It tells the story of a group of strangers invited to stay or work on Indian Island.  The new owner is holding a house party, but then the owner doesn't turn up.  Where is he.  Why have these people been invited to this strange and isolated place.

This is what the book blurb has to say about the story:-

"Agatha Christie has been honoured by the Queen of England with the title "Dame Agatha Christie" and The New Yorker has observed of her works that they "have probably been outstripped in sales only by Shakespeare and the Bible".  There can be little doubt that the more than 80 novels she has written are all considered significant contributions to the field of detective fiction.  However, And Then There Were None is regarded by most critics as her masterpiece.  In this extraordinary mystery story ten bodies are found by Scotland Yard inspectors on a deserted island - ten murder victims, yet no murderer in sight, and no way the murderer could have escaped!  It is not only the solution, but the construction of this ingenious novel that accounts for its tremendous ongoing popularity."

While the blurb is very complimentary about Christie, her work and this story - sentiments that I agree with - it doesn't tell us much about the story and what is to happen.  It is as mysterious as the story is.  This is my own, more sensational blurb suggestion.

"Ten strangers marooned on an isolated island.  Although they don't immediately realise they are stranded there.  Events take a disturbing turn on the first evening and do not improve in the coming days.  Who is U N Owen, why has he not arrived to host this house party.  Where do the Indians go to and who is behind their disappearance.  Does the poem really foretell events or is it all coincidence.  Who is responsible for the events on Indian Island and why.  What happens to the 10 strangers seems impossible, and it seems impossible when the police come to investigate.  Or is it?"

I think that sums up as much as I can tell you about the plot without giving the game away.  I can tell you though that this is a fast paced and well written story.  It is interesting and really keeps you reading and trying to work things out.  As I have read more Christie books I have started to note the clues to look out for to try and solve the mystery, and in this case I definitely spotted quite a few of the clues and I was sure that I was onto the killer, but then I appeared to be wrong, but actually I turned out in the very end that I was right, but after a lot of twists and turns!! 

I thoroughly recommend this book.  It gets a 9 out 10 for me only because Christie did her classic "twist" which means that we cannot solve the story because we are not actually given all of the information, it would have given the game away if we knew all, but one more clue and we could have had it and it would still have been a great story in my opinion.  This book is being passed on to a friend who mentioned that they have never read an Agatha Christie book before, I think this will be a good one for them to start with.

So that is another book read, I have completed 13 books so far this year which is a lot for me, so I will keep on going and keep on reading!

I look forward to hearing what you are reading at the moment, do share!


p.s. you can read my other book reviews here or by clicking the Reading My Books link in the sidebar.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Thames Path Together Community Art Project - Part 2

This is the second part of my post from yesterday.  Today I am sharing the photos of all of the panels along the bridge.  To read what this is all about see my previous post - here.

I hope you enjoy seeing the incredible artworks!  There are a lot of photos again, but not lots of words so you can just scroll through and look at the beautiful work.

Oh, and I forgot to say, the pieces are all to be auctioned off, so you can get your bid in if you want something apparently.  Results announced on 14th May.

Hope you enjoyed coming along with me!


Monday, 8 May 2017

Thames Path Together Community Art Project - Part 1

You all enjoyed the glimpse that I gave you of something very special on Friday that I have put everything else on hold for now to give you the full effect over the next two days - well today and tomorrow.

The pieces that I shared with you had all been created for something called the Thames Path Together Community Art Project which is being held on the Whitchurch on Thames bridge from 29 April to 14 May this year.  Whitchurch Bridge is the toll bridge in Pangbourne, Berkshire if you happen to know the area.

First of all, some background which will add to some of the pieces you will see, this is where the writer Kenneth Grahame got his inspiration for the wonderful book Wind in the Willows.  Grahame lived in Pangbourne and if you know the story you can really see the setting for Ratty and Mole and the other animals in the first few photos which I took standing on the bridge.

If you want to know more about the project you can find out about it here.

Rather than bore you too much about the bridge and the area and so on, I will just let you look at the wonderful artworks!

This post shows all the items that were on the handrail part of the bridge, the side panels of the bridge were covered in various other artworks in the form of banners and pictures and I will share those tomorrow.

I hope you enjoy seeing it all and if you are in the area over the next week I thoroughly recommend going for a look!

Hope you enjoyed it!  Part 2 tomorrow!