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Reading My Books - Rogue

"For Maxine Williams, being married to Blake was an amazing adventure.  Brilliant, charismatic, and wholly unpredictable, as an entrepreneur he had made millions and grabbed headlines.   His only shortcoming was as a husband, and now they have worked out an odd but amicable divorce, and share three children they both adore.  Blake gets to keep his globe trotting lifestyle - dating a succession of beautiful, famous and very young women - while Maxine raises their kinds in Manhattan and pursues her passion, working as a child psychiatrist.  Then, everything changes...

Maxine finds a new love just as tragedy transforms Blake from carefree playboy to compassionate responsible grown up.  He wants Maxine in his life again - as a partner in a humanitarian project that could affect countless lives.  But Maxine is on the cusp of a new life and almost certain that Blake aka the Rogue, is a man capable of doing anything except change... Or is he?"

Or so says the blurb on the back of the book Rogue by Danielle Steel.  Having read it, do I agree.  Well, overall I have to say that I think that the badly written blurb - just look at the grammar and other errors - is the best thing about this book.

It was predictable from the start, which of course I expect, but this one was even more so than usual.  I have tried to read this book before, it has been on my shelf for a long time, I see that it was published in 2009 and although I am behind on my reading, this one has lingered for a long time.  It wasn't the best I am afraid.

To me these books could almost have been written by different people.  The older Steel books are very good I think, with lots of interest, historical detail and fact and seem to really tell real stories, I have written about this before.  However some of the newer ones are not good at all, and them some others are not bad.  They don't seem to be consistent to me which is a shame.

The story took a long time to get going, I think we were nearly at page 400 out of just over 500.  I mostly read it while walking around in an exhibition that I was supposed to be showing to people - who didn't turn up! - and it was fine for that, but otherwise....

I was disappointed.  This story could have told so much more than it did.  It could have talked more about the humanitarian disaster that the blurb references, the author obviously has some knowledge of the subject from some of what they wrote, so surely they could have shared more.  It would have added far more to the story than petty arguments between Maxine and a man called Charles.  Also there is a very silly plot twist involving Maxine's nanny Zelda which was very annoying and which properly told could have been a great story on its own, so why throw it into this one.

The other - very petty I realise! - annoyance was the fact that the cover reminded me of those books about the very large number of one colour "romance" books - I cannot bring myself to say the name of them - which didn't help my mood either!!

So, sorry, but for me this was not a good read.  It will be passed on to someone else I know who likes these books and frankly I am glad to see the end of it!  Gosh what a grump I am!!

My next read is yet another of the Agatha Christy Poirot books that I have and I hope it will be more interesting than this one.

I have decided to start rating my reads and this one gets a 4 out of 10 for being irritating and unnecessary.  It would have been lower if I hadn't been so desperate for something to read on the day that I finished it.

I would love to know what irritates you in a story, do share!  You can find my other book reviews by clicking the Reading My Books link at the top of the sidebar on the right.



  1. I think I can safely say a book like this would irritate me... Sounds pointless and very predictable. I've never read any Danielle Steele as they have never really appealed to me and having read your review I don't think I ever will! I think it sounds like you are being generous giving it 4 out of 10!

  2. I bought this book discounted to practise my Swedish. I read perhaps about 20 pages... and skipped to the end to see if the story would end as predictably as it was promising to do. It did. Awful, the worst spent 3 euros ever. :)

  3. "Well, overall I have to say that I think that the badly written blurb - just look at the grammar and other errors - is the best thing about this book."

    That's what's known as a Bad Book Day. Had me in stitches. You'll have better luck with your Poirot... surely....??

  4. I've never read Danielle Steel, but now I know I wouldn't bother. Hope your next lot of reading is more enjoyable. Take care.

  5. I agree with you. When she first started out her books weren't bad but now it seems she just churns them out or perhaps has someone churn them out for her. I don't bother reading a lot of them any more.

  6. Danielle Steel is one of my favorite author..

  7. I always stop reading if it hasn't grabbed me by page 10.

  8. I Find that her books are more and more predictable as time goes on. I think that is why I stopped reading her. I did listen to Sisters recently on audiobook and enjoyed it but found it to be a bit simple.

  9. I've started dropping books if they don't get me quickly - and predictability really annoys me. There are so many authors out there now, it's great to get a good review like yours to eliminate possible time wasters - thank you :)


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