Saturday, 25 March 2017

Random Stuff

Random stuff that I didn't post in my last post.....

1.  What a horrific week it has been for the world.  Once again turmoil.  I am so sad and am sending all of my good thoughts out into the world with hopes for a brighter future.

2.  I have started a giant granny square blanket.  It will be truly hideous because it is a riot of odds and ends of Stylecraft Special DK in the some really bright colours.  Time for another clear out and also I needed to be doing something with my hands and felt the need to make someone a blanket.  I hope they don't hate it....

3. Still not settled with anything yet.  Lots going on and round in my head and I cannot get it right or get a balance.  I am trying to blog less because it is making my eyes less tired and my shoulder less sore, but it I miss it and feel guilt about not visiting posts.  Agghh, why do I do this.

4.  I wonder why some people feel that it is OK to say really stupid things and then try and justify their position by saying things like "well if you ignore this" i.e. the whole main issue of the problem and then try and throw in their own issues as justification for why they are right and you are wrong.  Why do others feel it is OK to just brush you aside and appoint themselves as their own little version of a deity.

5.  Fences being replaced soon, worried about what they will trample and kill in the garden and trying not to worry at the same time because I can always replace things.  But that isn't the point though is it.  Glad that the fence will not be falling into the - thankfully very tolerant and polite but surely very cross by now - neighbours garden any more though.

6.  First too much to occupy my mind, then not enough and now too much again which results in my head being fine then not fine and now - because I am too busy again - being fine again.  Why does that work that way.  Why can I not be alright and not busy at the same time.

7.  Why oh why oh why does the cutlery drawer get full of crumbs.  In a crazy bid to keep my mind from filling up I have embarked on a fingertip deep clean of the kitchen - what a task! - and Thursday was the turn of the cutlery drawer.  Why are there crumbs in a drawer that only holds clean things..........

8.  Walking is going well, but we went on a long one this week and my legs felt it.  Glad that I did it and kept up and was at the front all the way round though.  Not too shabby and the weather was great this week too.

9.  Finished another book, although I am slipping on my schedule, but as long as I keep going I will get there right.

10.  Cannot get into blogging right now - see points 3, 4 and 6 above.....

11.  The clocks go forward this weekend.  Will spring appear I wonder.  Someone should let the weather know.

12.  Mothers Day this Sunday, have a great day all Mothers!

13.  Mini eggs are dangerous.  You can eat too many of them and they can also feel very odd when you eat them so you think that your temporary crown has come off your tooth.  Don't worry though it didn't and I have had the permanent one this week - crown, not egg....

14.  Grey weather again when I am writing this.  Sunshine please!!!

15.  Started another blanket too, a granny stripe in sock yarn.  This will take a long time.  I now have three blankets on the go.......  One sock to finish and a scarf and then it had better be all blankets before the weather does warm up because these things need finishing.  Apparently I have startitis.

16.  Loving stir fry right now.  Not right now though because it is still only 9 am when I am writing this.

17.  I have run out of sensible things to whine witter burble talk about so I will leave you in peace.  Hope that I still have some readers left.



  1. Ha-ha! I'm glad you got all that out of your head. Perhaps now you will be alright and can enjoy a bit of quiet contemplation before busyness ensues. I'm with you on number 4 and do my very best to stay clear of people who think they know it all. In fact, the current person in the white house has an issue with deity thinking. :/ Take care!

  2. be gentle on yourself Amy x

  3. Well, I think that most normal people have times like you're having at the moment. Just "life" can sometimes be so unsettling & even if we put it down to something in particular, you just want to be relaxed & in the zone again. Startitis is very common, especially amongst quilters. WIP's are prolificating here too. Our clocks go back next weekend so will then be only 9 hours in front of you & I'm wondering if autumn is ever coming as it's back into the 30's again until at least Tuesday. We also need "rain". You didn't need to know that did you? Oh, BTW, I actually commented on your last post, but had a weird blip & it disappeared, so I loved your pics, & of the violets in the grass, as we've had that at times too. Have a better weekend/week & take care. Sending huggles too.

  4. Glad to catch up with you and don't feel guilty about blogging, it's your own thing ;) Wishing you lots of su shine for the weekend. Thanks for the reminder of the clocks. I always feel robbed when they move forward lol xxx

  5. The blankets sound fun, Amy!
    We're getting a new fence, too.
    The sunshine will come. It will.

  6. You're too funny. I didn't write a post all week...wanted to do 5 for Friday, but couldn't come up with anything interesting....(smile). One reason, we have had some tragic things in my corner of the world as well, it's been grey and rainy here too (at least not snow). I agree, especially on FB people say stupid stuff....imagine what I see here in all this political mess...I scroll past most posts....I only want to use FB to help my business pages. Oh well, have a great weekend. We set our clocks back to standard time 2 weeks ago.

  7. Why am I chuckling over so many serious things? I loved this post and the entire stream of consciousness theme of it. I roared when I get to #7! No one has ever mentioned that before and it is so true. 🍞

    Hang tough, my friend, don't force yourself to do what you are not ready for. It will work out. Oh and I have fence issues, too. And it isn't my fence and my neighbor doesn't care as you do.

    Here's to brighter days ahead πŸŒ·πŸŒΏπŸ’πŸ“πŸŒ·

  8. Sorry you are feeling so much turmoil in your mind. Walking helps, especially in the sunshine. Though we've had a lot of rain here, no sunshine at all. That doesn't help a yucky mood, does it? Healthy eating does help with the mental clarity, too. Pass on those little eggs for now! ;-) Sending you a hug.

  9. Sometimes it really helps to just list all the random stuff like you did in your post. Hope the sun comes out and spring finds you soon. I find that just seeing the sun works wonders on my moods. Hope the rest of your weekend is wonderful!

  10. Good to hear the walking is going well and it sounds like you just need to allow yourself more time and not expect to feel 'right' just yet. My fence was mended last year and I thought I'd lost several plants but they are reappearing this spring, so hopefully yours will survive too. I'm sure your blanket(s) will be fine. Scrappy blankets look odd while being made but work once finished! Take care and be kind to yourself.

  11. I wonder about crumbs in the cutlery drawer too, always cleaning them out but they always reappear. I did a big granny square out of odds and ends and it turned out really nice.

  12. It's lovely to hear from you on your blog. I think us crafters' all have startitus. Good word. It must be a rule of the universe, crumbs must hide in the cutlery drawer. It happens to us too. Well done with the walking. Enjoy the blanket making and hope you feel happier soon. Hopefully Spring and some sunshine will help. Best wishes x

  13. It's lovely to hear from you on your blog. I think us crafters' all have startitus. Good word. It must be a rule of the universe, crumbs must hide in the cutlery drawer. It happens to us too. Well done with the walking. Enjoy the blanket making and hope you feel happier soon. Hopefully Spring and some sunshine will help. Best wishes x

  14. Amy,
    Would you believe me if I enjoy these posts?
    Sharing thoughts is a great way to relax and recharge, right?
    And I thought I was the only one with the crumbs in the silverware drawer issue!!!
    That drives me nuts!!!!
    Have a cozy, restful weekend. : )

  15. MIni eggs, are dangerous. As are jelly beans! and gummy bunnies for me!

  16. Just writing things down is a way for me to clear my thinking. You've got a lot going on.

  17. Of course you still have readers left. I think we all go through times like this when our mind skips from one thing to the other and we can't settle down to do/complete anything! I do think sunshine helps! May you have some soon!

  18. You have a lot of voices going on there. Hope you can find your place soon. Jo xxx

  19. Wow, hope you got it out of your system! We all need a good rant every now and again to clear things out mentally and then, get on with it. My prayers go out to those involved in the nightmare in London. As to those pesky crumbs, I ask myself the same question!

  20. Hope you get better soon. Seems all the ups and downs can take the energy out of life.

  21. Number seven puzzles me too! Take care Amyxx

  22. I hope you find a happy balance Amy, I'm much like you at the minute, Happy Mothers Day! xxx

  23. I hope you feel better getting that all out. I wish you had some calmer times, I wish we all did. I feel a constant underlying sense of tension, I feel it is due to politics but it never goes away. As for the crumbs...why are they always int he drawer? These are things I contemplate often. Another one, why does my husband fix his lunch and leave all the cabinets open while he eats. Just shut them already!

  24. Crumbs in the cutler drawer ... same ... could be because my bread box is directly above it on the counter(?!). Lots of little ponderings here Amy, you sound like you're in a bit of a whirl wind. Glad to hear you're getting a new fence. Good fences make for good neighbours and all that. Enjoy your week ahead.

  25. I'm fine about the burbling. Lovely to hear your voice again.

  26. Glad to see you blogging again but you should only do it if it makes you happier. Don't do it because you feel or should. Same goes with visiting other blogs. You've had a lot going on and are still working through it. It will take a while to find a new normal. I know it took my MIL a long time after her aunt (who she had taken care of) died.

    I'm sure whoever receives the blanket will love it because it is made with love. It's something you've put time and energy into and they should appreciate it.

    Crumbs in the cutlery drawer. Sigh. Problem at our house too lol. I think they must travel. As for clocks and spring - our clocks went forward a couple of weeks ago (which was a trial trying to remember just how many hours Mum was ahead of me and having to google to make sure I got it right)and little sign of spring yet.

    Take care

  27. Just blog when you feel like it Amy. It takes ages to settle down after a bereavement in close family. It is ten months since my Dad passed, and not only is the Estate work far from finished despite our best efforts, but I have shed a few tears of late when something just sets it off. Crafting is the best restorative, and why not do several blankets at once - after all, some of us read several books at once too.
    PS I have crumbs in my cutlery drawer too. No idea how that happens, but the person who takes the missing socks probably knows about it...

  28. Please don't feel like you "have" to do anything. I didn't realize how far I'd fallen behind on blogs until my reader threatened to dump my account since I hadn't been on for more than two months! YIKES. Life can just be too busy sometimes, but we're all still here for each other when things settle down.

  29. Mini eggs are so moreish! I have managed to resist so far but that may not last much longer.
    Crumbs in the cutlery drawer, I can relate to that one. Hope the cleaning has been going well!
    Lisa x

  30. Oh Gawd, I feel like one of those annoying people who waltzes in late at the end of a Bookclub meeting (or the like, going with the theme of your next post!) after all the meaty stuff has been put out there, everyone is emotionally drained, with a cheery smile and a 'shall I put the kettle on?' I also feel like the thirty bloggers ahead of me, have already put it much more eloquently than I.... so lots of love to you, be kind to yourself as Ellen says and can I pass you a biscuit with your tea dear Amy? Oh and if you fancy a holiday I can recommend BK!!
    Hugs Wren x


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