Friday, 24 March 2017

Funny Ole Things version of Five On Friday

Well, today is Friday, and it should be Five On Friday day, but of course the baton has now been passed over to Carly and Tricky at FAST - click here or the badge in the sidebar to find the link up - so I don't have a link up to host.  It feels very odd let me tell you.  I am very happy with the decision, but it is odd all the same.  I had every intention of coming to my computer this morning to write a post, but at the end of a grotty week for me personally and for the world, this morning has also taken a funny turn of events so now I am not sure what to write about!

I have written three blog posts that I have deleted, just that paragraph above has stayed, with some additions and deletions.  What to write about.

Ok, I have made a decision, I am going to post five pictures and a few words about them, and then stick all of the other stuff into a 10 random things post in the style of our blogging friend Leanne from Todays Stuff.

So here goes.....

Primroses in the garden.  We have got loads of them at the moment and I adore them.  They are so pretty and come back each year all on their own, go away, don't look messy and then return and look beautiful all over again.  What more could you ask for in a plant.  Nothing.  So wonderful to see.

Cake.  These were made by a colleague at Basildon Park in the 1950's kitchen and let me tell you they were delicious!

Little violets growing in our grass.  It is a good job I took their photo because they had their flowers chopped off by the lawnmower not long after I too their picture - accidently, but it was still sad!

Bears crossing.  I saw this great bear sculpture in a town called Alton when I was visiting with a friend recently.  They have a no sitting on the bear notice, but how could you resist!  I did resist because I was with my friend, but I was tempted!

Funny signs.  This road must have led to the local stocks in times gone by.  It was also spotted in Alton.  What a name for a road hey.  Imagine having to give that out as part of your address.

So, that is my five for this week.  I feel much better now having shared those things instead of the other jumble of stuff in my head.  I will go and straighten that out in another post which it is more appropriate!

Thank you Tricky and Carly for being great new Five On Friday hosts, and thank you for the wonderful post you wrote about me last week, you are great guys and I appreciate everything!  Sorry I didn't get to comment last week on any posts - I will explain in the other post a little - but thank you to everyone who took part last week and for all of the support that you gave me and I know will continue to give to Five On Friday.

I hope you have a great weekend, tell you loved ones you love them and be just a little kinder than you need to.



  1. Is that Alton as in Towers, or Alton as in Hampshire? I'm a bit too far from the second one but the first one isn't a million miles away. Thanks for sharing. The bear looks wonderful and I bet loads of people sit on him!

    1. As in town in Hampshire. Shame you are too far to visit!

  2. Love the bear sculpture. He looks really strong and somewhat fierce. Is there a story to go with the sculpture?

    The cakes do look yummmy - glad to hear they were as good as they look! I love the plate they are on.

    It must seem a little strange not to be hosting Five on Friday and it will for a while I suspect, but it seems like quite a task to host every week. I try to take part but sometimes have trouble coming up with Five things specifically for a post without jumping around lol.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. HI Amy....
    I love Primrose too! Such sweet,scented flowers!🌸
    Enjoy your weekend...
    Linda :o)

  4. I'm not going to lie, I had to google what pillory means....I never heard that word before. Yikes, what a street name! I love primroses - I need to plant some more, I had some, but the rabbits or something did them in. We have had a tragic week locally as well...not as tragic as you have had...."as tragic"...that sounds's all tragic. We had 3 civilians and 1 police officer shot in a domestic dispute - just so sad! I questioned doing my 5 on that too...but, I'll take your lead and do something else. Have a great weekend. BTW - I might have wanted to pose on that bear as well! Do you have bear? We have seen them in our back woods and on our road. Black bears are harmless unless you get between them and their cubs.

  5. Yes, the cake must be so delicious!Such pretty cakes and I like the blue plate. beautiful.
    Your flowers are speaking each other in the spring air.
    Happy spring!

  6. The primroses and violets are so pretty at the moment. I don't think I would want to live in a street with that name. A relative lives at Crossways House which I thought related to the nearby crossroad but apparent it was where the village gibbit stood. It makes me shudder! The bear is lovely and I would have been tempted too.

  7. Sometimes these little mundane random things serve a bigger purpose. To take our mind off of the bigger things that burden our hearts and our minds. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
    xx Beca

  8. A fun group of random things, Amy. Love the primroses and the cakes. Have a great weekend.

  9. The flowers were so sweet and were the cupcakes! :-) Love the bear too.

  10. I always love random things. We have violets growing in our yard as well. I'm not sure which I think is prettier, the cakes or the plate holding them. I can also see the temptation with the bear. Hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead!

  11. Random photos and thoughts are always welcome! Love the primrose
    I want those cupcakes!

  12. Now you've got me trying to remember where I've seen that blue plate before! I also nearly went to Alton the other day but it was too rainy! Wonderful flowers. x

  13. Such lovely photos... each telling a little story. Sending an armful of hugs for your weekend. xox

  14. A nice five. Flowers, cake, sculptures, and a fun sign. My kind of random! Enjoy your weekend.

  15. So happy to see you still joining today Dearest! I love your random fun! The flowers look beautiful and those cupcakes look really yummy. I would have loved a photo opp of you on that bear! Lol!! But glad you obeyed the rules. ;)

    Blessings on your weekend. xoxo

  16. I like the cake plate, and I'll take your word for it that the cupcakes were yummy. Of course I love the bear sculpture ;) Why not sit on it? It looks quite able (and willing) to hold a couple of adults at least. We have bronze sculptures at our zoo, and everyone sits on them for photos, and they have been polished to a wonderful patina with all those bums sliding on and off. Love the little primroses and violets ;) Thank you for words of comfort Amy, enjoy your weekend,
    Wendy xox

  17. I'm just reading about you passing on 'Five on Friday' Amy and I know how you feel. :-) After hosting Mosaic Monday for a couple of years I just don't want to participate in blog parties any more - but that could change in the future.
    Enjoy your freedom to post at will, love the violets and primroses - sure signs of spring.

  18. I got stuck in the cupcake plate.. :) :).. those are so yummy.. have a ice weekend..

  19. Wouldn't it be fun to have a sign on the bear that invited sitting? He looks like a very sturdy bear. Okay, something has been lost in translation so I must do some research to understand the street name. You must have used the cupcakes on Instagram because I recognized them and that beautiful plate right away. I can imagine that your thoughts would be a jumble this week...

  20. Indeed it is the little things we must focus on when is a jumble. Sweet little flowers. I remember seeing the cupcakes on IG. They are so pretty and that plate they are sitting on is really lovely. Take care, Tammy

  21. You've shared some good random photos here. Isn't it a joy to see those primroses and violets coming through and flowering away each Springtime? The cupcakes look very decorative on that plate and must have been delicious. I wonder what flavour they were? The bear sculpture looks very tactile and fun to have in such a pretty place as Alton and I too enjoy looking at street names with their clues that tell of the past history of the place. I hope that things are a little better for you today. Thinking of you.

  22. As a total rebel I can guarantee that if I had met that exquisite bear I would certainly have taken a photo of me siting on it! I have some seeds for primrose and can't wait to see them cheering the place up some day. P.S my attempts at crochet have not improved! hahaha

  23. Hi Amy, I have not been getting around the blogs so much lately, but here I am and a lovely primrose welcome. Now I have never seen a primrose, but for some reason thought they were yellow. This week we have been getting quotes to replace our screen doors which as far as we are concerned are cream in colour. Until the guys who quote all stated 'colour: Primrose'. So there you go, I have learnt something new. Those violets are gorgeous, and thank goodness they are violet in colour too, so all is well :)

  24. I've never been to Alton, but I may have to go one day to see that bear for myself, what a handsome chap.
    Lisa x

  25. Great post! Have a good week :)


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