Friday, 24 February 2017

Five On Friday


I have masses to tell you today, so I need to start with a little admin and pointing you in the right direction for things, otherwise this post will be as big as a full Sunday newspaper.

The link post for Five On Friday - that I am of course linking to - is here.

I will be updating the Five On Friday information page in the coming weeks with more details and will share with you when I have done that, please keep any eye out for the notification.

You will also need a link to the FAST blog - which stands for Family Attempting to Survive the Times.  You can find that here.

Finally, you can find the post where I have the last of my Etsy shop and making things listed for sale here.  Just a few things left now.


Ok, so far so mysterious right!  Not really, I am just trying to simplify things as well as change things.  All will become clear, I am just trying to break it down so that it is clear!

First though, thank you SO MUCH for all of the great suggestions you made on my post last week.  At some point I will try and collate all of the suggestions and add a list of them into the post so that anyone - all of us! - can easily refer back to it for ideas.  You had some great ideas, some I had thought of and some new ones and I will be working through a few of them - and reporting back.

My first report is that I found a walking group nearby.  I went and walked with them on Tuesday.  They do two walks, a longer and a shorter, so I started with the shorter one.  There were about 25 people on each walk and they both end at about the same time and meet up for coffee afterwards in a local pub.

The walk was really great, a nice pace - not too up hill and down dale - and plenty of people to talk to.  I talked to one lady whose husband is a walk leader for over half of the walk and then she got chatting to someone else so I talked to some other people, one who was doing her second walk and one her fifth.  So that was great.

I couldn't stay for coffee this week, but next week I will stay and chat with them some more.

So, so far so good hey!  Thank you for giving me the confidence to go, I wasn't sure if walking groups were really a thing, but so many of you mentioned them I thought they had to be and you were right - of course!

Thank you all for the ideas and the confidence and everything!!!


You know that life has been up and down, and despite promising myself that I will stop going on about it, of course you cannot really do that can you, it takes time.  My mind has been on overdrive and I have been doing a lot of thinking which follows on from a lot of thinking that I have been doing in the last six months, and really before that going back to June or July last year.

I have come to the decision that I don't know what the decisions are, but I will take things as they come and if I want to change something I jolly well can.  To that end I am no longer going to be selling "stuff".  This isn't because I don't like the "stuff" I just think that I am better at designing patterns and things for others to use than I am at making things to sell, and the designing is what makes me happy, doing invoices and accounts doesn't and selling "stuff" means invoices, selling patterns is much easier.  I hope.....  still to be confirmed by the accountant.....

So I have linked up at the top a post where you can find - at very reduced prices - the things I still have for sale.  They are lovely things, I just want to move on from them.


Then I come to another thing.........

Five On Friday.  I love it, I really really do, and will explain more in a moment.  However, from 24th March 2017 Five On Friday is changing.

So, what is happening first of all.  From 24th March Tricky and Carly who write the blog FAST which stands for Family Attempting to Survive the Times are going to be hosting Five On Friday.  They will carry on having the weekly link up and you will still be able to share your five things each week.  All that will change for you is that you will go to a different place to link up.  Otherwise there is no difference.

Tricky has made a new blog badge, click this and you will go to his blog.  You can copy this and add it to your own posts in the same way as you used my blog badge for Five On Friday.  You can see that I have added it to my sidebar - over on the right.


Instructions: Select all code above, copy it and paste it inside your blog post as HTML

Tricky and Carly's blog is about their life, previously in Southend on Sea in England living as a family and now their new life in Spain where they are trying to be as self sufficient as possible.  Recently they have started keeping chickens in what is to be come a community garden.  Right now Tricky is grappling with his huge seed collection and deciding what to plant in the community garden.  I believe that they have many other plans for great things to come, so even if you don't participate in Five On Friday you should still be reading and following their blog - link at the top of this post.

I am sure that Tricky and Carly will bring great new life to Five On Friday, they are a young vibrant family with great things ahead of them, so do go and support them with Five On Friday because they will give a lot and I am sure you will get a lot out of it too!

I am no longer going to be hosting because I need to change what is happening in my life!  I have been hosting Five On Friday, and writing my own Five posts, for well over 2 years now and it is time for a change and for me to do something different.  Although I have a lot more time on my hands, I want to use that time in other ways - I need to do that for my own wellbeing - and I cannot do everything.  Despite my best attempts to do an impression of wonderwoman or some other superhero.  Some of you - very kindly - say to me sometimes that you don't know how I do it, well, neither do I and I need to reprioritise things.

I have been carrying on because I wanted to, because I didn't know how to change things, or have the confidence to, and because I was scared to change anything with everything else that was happening in my life that I couldn't do anything about.  I guess I clung to what I had come to know.  Now though I realise that I can change and so it is time for a change and a change I am making!

Five On Friday has been wonderful for me and for my blog.  I am grateful to everyone who has ever linked a post, visited one of my posts, visited one of your posts, left anyone a comment, shared the word, been encouraging and just been all round fabulous!  I sometimes feel as though I tell people - you included! - that I am grateful or thankful too much and perhaps they don't believe me when I say it.  Let me tell you though, I mean it every time with the utmost sincerity.  I cannot believe that despite all of the nastiness in the world there are so many great and kind and thoughtful and wonderful people and I am SO grateful and thankful for them - you! - all.

Thank you thank you thank you thank you!

I hope that I have managed to bring something good to your lives in this little endeavour.  You have bought a lot to my lives.  I hope that Tricky and Carly will bring good things to your life - I am sure they will which is why I asked them to take over hosting! - and that you will bring good things to their lives too.

The best thing that can happen to Five On Friday is for it to carry on in a new home and you can all be part of that and I hope you will.  Please make it even bigger and better!

I will still be writing Five On Friday posts, just not every week, and I will still be writing my blog, just not every day, and I will still be here, so I hope that you will still hang out here, I would miss you otherwise.  I will still be visiting you too!

I will remind you as we go along over the next few weeks of what is happening and will be sure to post on the 24th so that I can direct you all to the right place in case you have forgotten.


So, of the five sections of this post - to make a tenuous five for Five On Friday - I leave you with five photos taken this week at Basildon Park.  It is ages since I took you for a visit so I thought you might like to see these pictures.


So that is it for this week folks!  We will all come back together for the next few weeks and then from the 24th we will all be on the move.  So get packing and get prepared - go and grab the new blog badge and change your links - and then we can all look forward to great new things in March and the rest of the year ahead!

Thank you for visiting, have a great weekend, love one another and remember, be just a little kinder than you need to be!



  1. Beautiful photos.

    I love Tricky and Carly's blog so will still be venturing over there to do some Five on Fridays. It's great to see what they are up to and all the changes and adventures they are having. I'll be sad to see it ending on your blog, but will still visit regularly as I love visiting. You've got to do what makes you happy and not follow peoples' expectations. I wish you all the best with your decision and can't wait to see what you're up to next!

    Take care and have a great weekend! I'll be adding my Five on Friday post tomorrow (as it is still Thursday night here).

  2. Thrilled to hear you enjoyed the walking group, hopefully you will be able to join them for coffee next time and find time to chat. Sorry to hear you will not be hosting Five on Friday, it has been a fun few years and I have enjoyed it. Sadly I have not been able to join in recently as times are changing here too. Wishing you well with your new endeavours. Take care.

  3. Thanks for all the time hosting! Yes, you do need to take care of yourself, so good for you. :)
    Great photos today!

  4. Thank you, Amy, for doing such a great job of hosting Five on Friday. I've found so many wonderful blogs through this link up. It's good to read that you are moving ahead with the changes you need to make for yourself during this time in your life.
    The photos from Basildon are lovely, especially the tea tray. I'm glad you enjoyed your first walk with the group.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  5. So glad to hear that you enjoyed the walking group, hopefully it is the start of many good times ahead for you. Myself and Carly are very grateful for your kind words and still very honoured that you contacted us about hosting Five on Friday in the future. Between the Community Garden, Buying 5 acres of farmland and building a straw bale eco home all whilst bringing up our young family I am sure that we will have plenty to talk about. We LOVE the tea set at Basildon Park (Carly has a bit of a thing for tea sets!)

  6. Thanks for the update on what and where you are going with your blog and hope all goes well. Good that you are enjoying the walking group so far & I keep meaning to either do that or go the pool for water based exercise. Not done it so far, but take myself off for a walk occasionally (too occasionally!). I did do one with my grandson last Saturday. Love those shell pictures at Basildon Park. They are amazing. Have good weekend and take care.

  7. Well done for doing such a great job under very difficult circumstances. Looking forward to hearing about your walks and all the other exciting things you will now find to do. xx

  8. You have set up a fantastic link here on Fridays Amy where I have met so many new friends, I thank you for that. hoping every follows over and I wish you in your endevours and Tricky and Carla on theirs all the very best xxx

  9. Nice to see you prioritising your own health amd wellbeing Amy. You have done a great job with your Five on Friday amd built a lovely community. X

  10. All the best with what you've decided to do in the coming weeks. I'm glad that I'm back blogging to catch up on your news! I'm not very good with changes in my life in general, but we have to adapt and come to terms with change (I'm talking to myself here) and I'm not good at the technical side of blogging, but I'm sure I'll manage all the new instructions for the new link. I'm glad you've added some interesting photos from Basildon Park. Enjoy your walking group and all that you plan to do in the future, Linda :)

  11. I'm so happy I found you blog before you decided not to host them anymore. I love all my new blog friends from across the pond. I followed the new blog and look forward to meeting new friends and gaining new followers too. I love that you found a walking group. I just shared with my husband that idea. Maybe I should start one here. I like the shell picture. It reminds me of an older folk art here where people "painted" with seeds, grains and dried peas and beans and etc. Have a wonderful weekend.

  12. Thank you for all of your hard work for Five on Friday and I wish you much happiness in your new endeavors! Thanks for finding a new blog to continue on with Five on Friday.

  13. Thank you Amy for hosting Five on Friday and particularly through the challenging time you have been experiencing recently. I am pleased to hear you are prioritising your own needs and starting to move on to a new chapter in your life - exciting times. It will be great to read what is happening when you choose to post without pressure and timetables. Looking forward to learning more about Tricky and Carly too. Fascinating photos, especially the shell designs.

  14. Such a lot to comment on Amy. Glad you enjoyed the walking group and that you will go walking with them again, it sounds like a nice,sociable group to walk with. Thank you for all you have done for us with Five on Friday it has been a wonderful thing for us all and I have found some lovely blogs and bloggers whilst participating each week. I will try and remember that there will be changes in March. Your photos taken at Basildon Park are wonderful, especially the tea tray. Take care Amy and enjoy all the new experiences you are looking forward to:)

  15. Glad you found a walking group that suits your needs. It's good to hear you are sorting things out slowly to make a better fit with the blogging world. Enjoy your weekend!

  16. Thank you so much for hosting Five On Friday. I enjoyed seeing your images from Basildon Park. Remember to be good to yourself, too! Happy Friday!

  17. The shell "pictures" are just lovely. I enjoyed seeing the photos of the things you shared. So sorry you won't be hosting Five on Friday anymore, but I do understand how at some point, one needs to leave that responsibility to someone else. Glad you will still be posting. How awesome that you joined a walking group! I hope you will enjoy it. It's a great idea for all of us! Have an awesome week, Amy!

  18. You are doing so well. I feel like I'm grieving in advance with my moms dementia . Thrilled for you that you found a walking group. groups are fun. I will look at all the folks who link to this later this weekend

  19. Well done you for making some tough decisions - I bet you felt the weight dropping off your shoulders when you did that. Wishing you lots of love and luck for your new plans xx

  20. Beautiful pictures, some of the shells look so delicate. Enjoy your walking group xx

  21. Change is good Amy and I wish you luck with the next phase of your life. I have been a keen reader of Tricky and Carly's blog and it will be a great place to share our Five on Friday posts. We'll miss coming here for the link up, of course we will, but maybe we less pressure you will be able to share on your blog what you love most, which will also be great for us readers. I am glad you like your walking group, it sounds like fun. x

  22. How wonderful that you found a lovely walking group! Beautiful photos.

  23. Amy, thank you so much for all you have done! Your post tugged at my heart strings because I can relate to so much of what you said. I am so glad Five on Friday will continue; so often I return to my neglected blog just to write a Friday link up! I have enjoyed visiting blogs that I otherwise may not have ever seen without your links. I will continue to stop by here because I love reading your posts and seeing what you are up to. Have a wonderful weekend!

  24. Well done Amy, seems like so much is going on in your life. I like that you are holding onto what makes you really happy and letting go of things that might be holding you back. Sending you love.

  25. Beautiful five, sorry you're leaving the five moderation, but I understand. Glad you got involved with the walking group, know you're going to enjoy it

  26. Dear Amy
    Best wishes for the future!
    As you said 'the world is your oyster' so get out there and make your dreams come true!
    Your five from Basildon are lovely - the Liberty fabric quilting is my fave!
    Thank you for creating Five on Friday and taking it this far and I'll look forward to joining the new hosts in March.
    Take care
    Shane x

  27. Congrats on joining the walking group.

  28. Glad you have found a walking group, being out in the open air is good for body and soul I find. Thanks so much for hosting FOF, I've enjoyed linking up with you from time to time, we understand your need to pass on the 'baton' and prioritise your own needs for a change. Good luck with your future plans. xx

  29. You, Amy, are a trial and tribulation to me! LOL I have so much to do to return house to "new normal" and all your lovely links are saying...come, come, come visit I do. All of a sudden, there goes an hour or half dozen and I'm further behind than ever!
    Seriously. Thank You.

  30. Thank you so much for your hosting, Five on Friday, Amy. How wonderful to find the walking group.
    Take care.Many thanks.

  31. Hey all change at your place too - I'm into creating the new me, myself and it looks like you are well organised with sorting out your life plans and changes to Five on Friday. Good luck with it all, I look forward to continuing with 5 on Friday from it's new home.
    Wren x

  32. Sounds like some positive changes are happening for you- I'm glad. Xx

  33. I totally understand what you are doing - good for you for being brave and letting go. It's not always easy. Thanks for hosting for so long, a lot of work.
    My word for this year is simplify and it is a marvelous thing to do. Now to go and get the new badge :)


  34. Amy, thank you for being such a great host of Five on Friday. Like others, I found so many wonderful blogs through this link up. I want to wish you all best as you move on and make the changes you need to make.

    Wishing you a beautiful week ahead.

  35. The weekly memes can be so much fun! Even I used to host one, but they take over after a bit. Alas, mine went down in flames as no one was interested in taking over. It's okay because it was fun while it lasted. Sounds as if you have thought things through and know the direction you are going on a number of levels...always good. The walking group sounds like great fun!

  36. Hi Amy my Girl! I'm playing late catch up - even though I kind of knew your "scoop" through email. ;) But I just wanted to say I'm so happy for you to have the guts to do what you need to do to make your blog a happy place and not a "work" kind of place!! Change is always good. And I LOVE that you're doing a walking group and I'm so jealous as I would love to be walking each week with my friend Amy! Lol! Why do you have to be so far away??? And kudos to Tricky and his family for continuing 5 on Fri as I do love this feature so much!! So thanks for doing it for all of the time you did Dear One.
    Blessings with all of your future plans and endeavors (& better healthy things!!)

  37. Very pleased to hear that the walking group is something you did try and that you liked too.
    Excellent news.
    Sometimes we just need time to decide what direction we want to head on in next and once a decision has been made it can sometimes be a bit daunting but well done for putting some plans into action.
    Lisa x

  38. Amy, be assured that you have brought plenty of good into my life during a dark and difficult period, and for that I shall always be grateful to you. Life flows on and bring changes and sometimes, the right thing to do is to give something up and you have done more than that, you have ensured that it will be nurtured and we shall be cared for by Tricky and Carly. God bless you. And happy walking! Brilliant idea, go for it. x

  39. Have been out traveling and so glad I went backwards a bit in your blog and read this post. I wouldn't have known about the change if I hadn't. So happy to hear you have broken free and are getting out there with the walking group and such. Yay you!

  40. Thank you for being a brilliant host Amy and even though I have on participated a ciuple of times it has inspired me to think a little differently on what to post. Enjoy the change xxx Interesting pictures from Basildon park. The shell pictures look fantastic, there may be some future shell Art going on with my kids in future :)


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