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I am sure that the title of this post will have you all flummoxed.  I will explain, but first I want to give a shout out to bloggers!

Yay for bloggers!  Yay for online friendships - the kind with nice lovely people!  Yay for spreading goodness, kindness and nice things!

You know that I think that blogland is a wonderful place.  For every downside there are at least 10 upsides and 10 nice people to every less than nice one.  So I think that bloggers deserve support in what they are doing on their blogs and in their lives, especially when what they are doing is to support someone else.

You have all supported me, and now it is my turn to support someone else.  I began January with a request for help for my family, and it gives me great pleasure to now be able to return that favour by asking you to help me again with something, but not for me, for someone else.

That brings me round to AgnesAgnes is not a blogger, as far as I know she isn't a person at all.

Agnes is the brainchild of Sam from the blog A Coastal Plot and her friend Charlotte.  They have set up a wonderful website and resource for teenage girls - and probably pre teen's too.  You can read more about how Sam came to set it up at A Coastal Plot.  You can find the Agnes website here.

The idea is to give a safe place where teenagers can read lots of great information to help them find their way around the difficult teenage years.  I don't know about you, but I remember that mine were not easy and having somewhere that I knew was reliable and safe to find things out would have been wonderful for me, and I suspect that it would be wonderful for mothers too to read it themselves, but more importantly to have somewhere the point their daughters to for some independent advice and information.

The website covers all sorts of things from puberty and taking care of yourself as a teen and financial information through to fun things like cooking and crafting - there is a crochet page! - with a whole lot of other very useful and sensible information in between.  While the website is aimed at girls, I suspect that the information would be just as useful for boys too so don't exclude them!  Boys need to learn about girls too sometimes, just as we girls need to learn about boys.

To give you some idea, the subtitle for the website is "The Life Guide for Teenage Girls" that sounds like a good thing doesn't it.  I wonder if there is a life guide for my age group......

If you have a look around you will see that there really is a wide breadth of information and many subjects are covered, as I said, crochet to a basic guide to how the world works, what to do if you are offered a compliment, how to write a thank you letter, advice on make up, exercise, health, relationships.  All kinds of things.

The advice is very good and is, quite frankly something that many adults could do with learning about - present company excepted of course!

I wanted to tell you about all of this for two reasons, firstly it is a great resource and Sam and Charlotte have done a wonderful thing setting this up - I can only imagine the amount of work it has taken them! - and I thought you might like to know about it so that you can send your own teens there for a look.

The second reason is this, which brings me back around to the "how great bloggers are" bit.  We all know that these days to be or do anything you have to get the right rankings on the search engines - mentioning no names, but I am looking at you the one who begins with G! - and to get the right ranking you have to get lots of page views, but also good quality links from other places.  Links mean you are trusted and a good website - apparently!  Not so much points mean prizes, but links mean prizes.

In order to really get this website noticed and get people to come and read it - which is the point of it! - then it needs to get the right page rankings and to get noticed.

So, knowing that you are all wonderful!  I wonder if you could please slip a link into one of your posts sometime referring back to the Agnes website - which you can find here.  If you could I would think you so lovely. 

This isn't Sam or Charlotte asking, it is me asking - although Sam does know that I am asking.  They haven't asked me to ask, I just think it is something that would be a good thing for us to do to support their work, to support women - I know a lot of you are very keen on showing your support for women right now! - and for a fellow blogger.  It is a way of giving back to someone else, and that is why I am asking.

To add a link is really easy, just click on the website - you can find it here! - then go to the navigation bar at the top of your web browser and click with the left button of your mouse to highlight the address, then right click and click copy.  Go to your blog post and find wherever it says to add a link.  Click that, and where the box appears to add the link right click in the box and press paste.  The website address for Agnes will appear.  You will need to add a word or some way of saying this is a link into your post so that the address has somewhere to be linked to and so that people can see it.  So you could type Agnes for example.  Then you can write around that in your post, or you could just add a link at the end of a post with the word and leave it there mysteriously for others to find!  For example, I typed this post, and then went back and added the links to Sam's blog - where I have written either A Coastal Plot or Sam - and to Agnes where I have written Agnes or the words website or here.  Of course you don't need to do as many links, I just don't want you to have any excuse not to find it and was showing how easy it is to include lots of links in a post if you want to.  Please excuse me going overboard!  I am sure most of you know how to do this anyway, but it is always worth sharing just in case isn't it.

Thank you all for being wonderful bloggers, thank you for caring about women and thank you for supporting each other.  At the moment a lot of us are wondering "what can we do" about a lot of things in life, but this is something you can do, that is really easy and could make a big difference to someone else.  It costs nothing, you don't have to leave home and you will probably be writing or sharing a post anyway!

Oh, and (Sam will correct me if I am wrong!) as far as I know neither ladies are earning anything from this and their website is advertising free, so they will not be making money out of your help if you can offer it.

Thank you so much for taking your time to read this post and to add a link - or two! - little things add up to big things and can make a big difference.

Be just a little kinder than you need to!



  1. Amy, what a fab idea. I'll have a proper look at theweekend x

  2. With a 12 year old in the house this could be very useful. I shall have an explore and recommend it to my daughter if I think it's something appropriate.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Lisa x

  3. This is a great idea, certainly very useful ! I totally agree with you Blogland is wonderful ! You meet so many people from all countries over the world and make friends, we even met life ! I couldn't think of a life without blogging !

  4. Amy I will certainly have a browse around and get my daughter to link, I am just useless with the computer and I am nursing some sort of virus which isn't helping. Take care.

  5. Hi Amy, I've just got in from walking the dog and seen your post. What can I say? Thank you! A couple of things – first, I can't take credit for the original idea (it was Charlotte's!) and, second, you're right in that Agnes was/is a labour of love and is completely impartial (no sponsorship, advertising, etc). I hope your followers enjoy discovering Agnes and find it interesting, helpful, inspiring. Thank you so much, again, for your support. Sam x

  6. Thank you Amy - I shall get a link on at some point :) Grace, my eldest is 10 next week so it won't be long! Much love x

  7. What a wonderful idea. I'm off to have a browse now. X

  8. What a wonderful website. I have forwarded it to my friend with three teenage girls. Jo x

  9. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful Wednesday :-)


  10. What a wonderful idea and such a lovely resource!! I will forward it to friends that I have with teenage Gals. Thanks for sharing Amy!! xoxo

  11. Great post Amy & later I'll wander over & have a look at the website. Although I don't have teenagers myself, I do have grandchildren & know people with youngsters as well. Thanks & take care.

  12. Hope all goes well with the venture. x

  13. That is an incredible job she did... I read the website a little... but it is very nice..

  14. The website sounds like a great idea, and I hope it does well. You're a good friend to add your support Amy!

  15. Thanks for passing on, strangely enough its come at apt time, in one of my groups we had a discussion how to handle issues with our 12 year olds - I have passed this link on to the group. x

  16. Such a wonderful idea Amy...I think life is much more complicated for teenagers these days ...I also love the fact that it includes creaivity because schools just don't seem to give it enough time or importance and it matters for so many reasons ;-) x

  17. I reas Sam's post last week- such a great thing to be doing and so needed x

  18. How nice that this blog for teens has been started - you are right, they certainly need something like that! I will take a look at it and then suggest it to my two nieces who are 18 & 20. Thank you for letting us know about this!

  19. Thanks for the intro to Agnes, Amy. I briefly scanned the site, and will try to go back at a later date.

  20. Yes, thank you for bringing this site to our attention. I will endeavor to spread the info.

  21. I think what Sam and Charlotte have done is wonderful and much needed. We should all be following your example and spreading the word. Sarah x

  22. just had a quick look, but I am bookmarking. Violet is 10, this is the perfect website to keep in mind for her over the next couple of years and beyond. xx


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