Thursday, 12 January 2017

Just do it - with imperfections

At the start of the year I wrote about deciding on a word for the year and resolutions.  I haven't had any time for thinking about the resolutions side of things yet, but, while recording a totally random podcast - more of a vlog really - I did come up with a word.  Right there in the middle of talking about crochet.

The word isn't really a word.  It is three words, with two more and is more of a feeling, an attitude more than anything else.  What are these wise words I hear you saying.

Just do it  -

with imperfections

There you have it.  Just do it - with imperfections.

Events have made me realise that I need to just do things, get on and try them.  It doesn't matter if they are not perfect.  Yes, I would love everything that I do to be totally wonderful and always turn out right, but that isn't going to happen.  So rather than waiting I am going to go for it.  Also, rather than being scared I am going to just do it.  It is the scared that is more likely to stop me.  The imperfections applies more to things like my sock knitting - of which more on the podcast.

So that is how I came to "Just do it - with imperfections".  I was thinking of adding "and all", but I like it as it is.  I (will) have added these words to the top of the sidebar on the blog and have also written them in the front of my journal/diary to remind me.  In the old days of screensavers I would have had these words going past on my screen, but I don't do that any more.  Not even sure if you still can do that.  I used to have screensavers with words and phrases to remind me and inspire me all the time 15 or so years ago - long before this word of the year thing that many of us do now.  I really have been doing it a long time, it isn't a bandwagon thing for me.

In the spirit of just do it I have done something already that I am terrified about.  I have booked to go and have an eye test - if you have seen my podcasts you will know I wear glasses.  They terrify me and I haven't had one for years - yes, I know, I am terrible! - but I have booked the test, it is next week, I will let you know how it goes.  I am thinking of going for some of those large black framed glasses.  I have a question though, are they still the "in" thing?  Do let me know if not and what is in!  I want what is in, and what suits me, for once in my life.  I have tried Hubby's large black squareish ones on and he says they look good on me so I hope they are still fashionable.

Also, as I mentioned I have just totally off the cuff recorded a little podcast/vlog of about 20 minutes long I think.  I will probably get it up next week sometime to give me time to edit it and so on.  Another just do it moment.

So that is me, just do it - with imperfections.

How about you, have you made any decisions yet about words or inspirations or plans for the year.  Do share, I would love to know!


p.s. there was a grammatical and spelling error in this, I had to change it.  Some imperfections I can't live with!


  1. A wonderful theme for your year Amy. Being content with imperfections is so hard sometimes. A good lesson for all of us. ♥
    xx Beca

  2. Every little bit counts... Good advice!

  3. I love the phrase Amy just perfect for me at the moment. My word was adventure as we are in the process of living the dream and moving to the Western Isles of Scotland. One little adventure at a time.

  4. I like it Amy, I always think of Jane Austen who said that pictures of perfection depress her, or words to that effect. Regarding glasses, I was in our local opticians today trying on glasses for fun while my daughter had an eye test (she wears disposable lenses which you might consider?) and I would suggest with your colouring that black frames might be a bit strong and tortoiseshell may be better and yet still give you definition. There are so many lovely frames nowadays, I am sure you will find a pair you love. You've been knitting socks! - I can't wait to see. I'm not yet brave enough to try - but I will be soon, just need to remember that they are handknitted socks and do not need to be perfect!

  5. Oh Amy, I love this post, and I feel like it is speaking directly to me. My husband is always telling me that things don't have to be perfect, they just need to be DONE. I'm scared to do a lot of things, too, and I did get through one of those things last fall (a medical test that I had put off for far too long). It wasn't as bad as I had imagined, and it felt so good to have it over with (until the next time). :)

    "Just Do It" is a good way to approach life, and I'm sure you'll do well. Thanks for your recent visit and have a great weekend!

    Warm hugs,

    Denise at Forest Manor

  6. I like that. I get too nitpicky about anything I do, but tell other people not to worry, and enjoy doing it, but can't apply it to myself.(weird). Will print that for me too & put it somewhere in my sewingroom. I don't do resolutions, but set myself some goals for the coming year. Must do a blogpost about that, as well as finishing up some WIP's, and a few more of our trip to UK. I'm so behind on posts it's not funny. Have a lovely weekend & take care. BTW, is it snowing in your corner of UK?

  7. A good phrase to live buy! No doubt we could all do with a little less perfectionism... I don't really do trends so don't know about glasses styles but you'll look lovely whatever you choose. x

  8. I am cheering you on to get your eye exam, Amy! [I need to schedule one, too, and get a flu shot.] I just started a focus word for the year two years ago, and chose Glory, then last year, Mercy. Just now and in spite of my name, I think I will choose, Grace. I often need the prompt to "Just do it!" and not get bogged down in perfection performance paralysis, so thanks for posting your concern. Have fun picking frames that are fashionable for you! xx

  9. Just stepping into the gym shows my imperfections, LOL. With my medicare health plan I get to join gyms and they have classes called Silver Sneakers that help us older folk keep stretching and using those muscles we need to keep using. I have lots of imperfections but one thing I cling to is that Jesus has covered all my sins. Have a lovely weekend.

  10. I always do it, with imperfections, that's sort of my style. Don't know what glass frames are in style, I have such a weird prescription that if they can get my lenses to fit in I'll wear pretty much anything, plus I wear contact lenses most of the time.

  11. You might find this useful:

  12. I may adopt the phrase as well! Thank you Amy! I know exactly how you feel! Good luck with the glasses

  13. I love the phrase, so great! Why do we hold ourselves to such perfection? It is insane. I have a phrase too this year. Will blog about it soon. Good for you with the eye test. You will be happy you did it once it is over.

  14. Good advice! I need to remember that.


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