Friday, 27 January 2017

Five On Friday Linkup Number 8

Thank you everyone for linking up last week!  It was great that so many of you took part and lovely to see some new participants too.

I enjoyed reading your posts and I hope that you enjoyed reading the posts too.

As we have had some new people joining in, and you might not know the "rules" of Five On Friday.  There is nothing to worry about, they are pretty liberal and easy going.  I do though ask a couple of things - which I always include as you will see below - which I do ask that you do.

Firstly, please always link back to this post or give a note in your post to click on the badge in your sidebar - or if you wish include the badge in your post, just link clearly in some way.

Please ONLY link your Five On Friday post, not your whole blog, otherwise no one can find your Five On Friday post.

Finally to be a Five On Friday post it must either clearly state that you are taking five minutes to talk about one thing, or clearly include five things.  You can sneak in a sneaky sixth, but you must clearly have five things.  So five photos, five facts, five quotes, five different topics - as per my post this week which is the one before this one.

Please don't think that I am getting uppity, I just wanted to clarify for anyone who wasn't sure.  I hope it makes sense for everyone.

My news is all in my own post, which I will link below a little later in the day, it is already posted though if you want to visit - the post before this one.

Don't forget, people can add links all the way through until Monday evening so it might be worth checking back in the coming days for new links to read!

Hope you all have a great weekend, love each  other, and be just a little kinder than you need to!

Thank you.



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