Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Reading my books - Summers End

Autumn has definitely arrived in these parts!  The weather is much colder now, the leaves have not only changed colour, but are falling from the trees rapidly and now that the clocks have gone back the nights are well and truly drawing in.

This morning the weather is very frosty and cold indeed, I have to go out in my car soon and I will need to scrap the ice off - and before I go I will look out my warm boots to wear as although I had coat and scarf and gloves on yesterday my feet got very cold in just shoes!

All of that to say that summer has ended.  The title of this book rather fits with that.  I finished it a couple of weeks ago in fact, before the weather really got very cold.

This is of course another of the Danielle Steel books in my pile.  This was another light and fluffy read as they always are, but when you are in my current state of mind that is no bad thing.  Nothing to think too hard about!

I liked this book as it was one of the "old" Danielle Steel books.  By that I mean that it was literally published a long time ago - 1979 from what I could gather - and that it is written in the way that her books used to be written.  Descriptively, with an interesting story and many references to the places where the book is set, meaning that you can really imagine the setting of the story and know that the author knows the place really well.

In this case the book was set in and around San Francisco - as many of her books are.  Steel actually lives in San Francisco in a house that takes up a whole block.  That means it is a very big house!  We have been lucky enough to visit San Francisco several times - I have family who used to live there - and I can recognise many of the places that are talked about and really envisage them in my minds eye.

The other thing that I mean about this being one of her "old" books is that it is a proper story.  It has a beginning, middle and end and doesn't just roll off in the formulaic way that many of her current books do.  Of course I have no real knowledge of Steel or her writing process, but I don't think that the current books are as good as the older ones.  It is almost as though they are written by two different people.  Her style has changed considerably as the years have passed.

So to the story itself.  This is the tale of Deanna, she is married to Marc Edouard and really all should be happy with their lives together and with their daughter Pilar.  In fact Deanna is fairly happy in her life.  Then she meets Ben and over the course of the summer they become friends and then things take their natural course and you can imagine the rest.  There is though great sadness and deceit by Marc and his Mother is no better either.

You can tell I am sure that I liked this book, and this is one that if you come across, I would recommend picking up for a read.  As I always tell you if my copy of a book will stay or go, I can say that this one will go to the charity shop, for reasons of space though, not because I didn't like it.

I know that many of you are not keen on reading Danielle Steels books, but if you ever wanted to give one a try, look for one written before the mid 1980's, I am sure you would enjoy it!

Happy Reading everyone.



  1. It's frosty at the other end of the country too, Amy! Can't say I have ever read a Danielle Steel (is that her real name?), but it's interesting what you say about books tailing off Iif that's what you mean?) - I often come across that. I have just finished Bill Bryson's "Road to Little Dribbling" (for the second time) and it's almost as though he got bored about two thirds of the way through but had to complete the assignment. I've found that with some novels, too; perhaps the ideas dry up...

  2. Sounds like just the sort of book you need at the moment Amy. Take care.

  3. Autumn? It's like winter here, we're forecast snow tonight! I can't remember ever reading a Danielle Steel book. You wrote about a Jenny Colgan book recently and was wondering what the others in your pile were like. Well I'm in the middle of reading Welcome To Rosie Hopkins' Sweet Shop Of Dreams, the book before Christmas At Rosie Hopkins' Sweet Shop and I'm really enjoying it, no swearing, or very little, so I'd say if you haven't yet taken it to the charity shop, hang on to it, you'd probably enjoy it.

  4. I used to read quite a few of her books but, you're right, the later ones just seem to be the same formula rewritten. I can only read that so many times! Autumn is definitely here too. We turned the clocks back this weekend (a week after England)and it's taking a bit of getting used to. I keep waking up earlier. Weird that it's actually light out when I wake. Over the weekend it was bright and sunny, crisp Autumn days. Today it's just raining!

  5. I like easy reading books about places I've been. I have been to San Francisco a couple of times, but I tend to read more books that take place in Charleston (or surround area) South Carolina. It's fun to imagine being there, especially when you know the area. I stopped reading Danielle Steel and Nora Roberts because they all seemed to be the same story...maybe I'll try some of her older ones though. Good plan. Right now I'm reading Christmas novels!!!

    Cindy Bee

  6. We're originally from the San Francisco Bay area and I enjoy reading stories set there. Autumn seems to have actually come here, few of our trees lose their leaves but it is cooler and the days are shorter.

  7. Autumn is still in splendor here! we haveunusual warmth and lovely leaves about half down.

  8. I like reading a book and being able to identify with the area. It's getting quite cold here too, strict winds from Norway I think it said on the weather xx

  9. I've never been fond of Danielle Steel my sister used to read a lot of her books. It has been blinking cold here but no frost yet x

  10. I'm not sure I've ever read any Danielle Steele but San Fransisco is one of my favourite cities so they might appeal! It's ages since I've done a book review so I might even have enough for this week's Five on Friday!

  11. I'm not sure I've ever read any Danielle Steele but San Fransisco is one of my favourite cities so they might appeal! It's ages since I've done a book review so I might even have enough for this week's Five on Friday!

  12. Your weather has taken a decidedly cold turn very quickly. Just right for reading in front of the fire. I've never read Danielle Steel & can't get into the mood for reading since we moved back here, bar a few biography type books. I've one novel from the library at the moment, but haven't started it yet. Keep warm & take care.

  13. We are forecast wintery showers over the next few days. I can't say I have read any of her books, but I have watched some they made into films which I did enjoy.

  14. This is the only DS book i have ever read and it put me off from reading any more!
    Lisa x


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