Friday, 4 November 2016

Five on Friday

Thank you so much for your kind comments on last weeks Five On Friday and for appreciating the sunniness of my post!  You bought me a lot of sunshine too.

I have managed to get together another five things to share with you this week - yay! - and I will get to those in a moment, but first of all I wanted to catch you up on a few things.

First all of all the sign up is now open for the Christmas Card Swap.  I would love it if you could join in as last year I think we had over 50 people taking part and it would be great if we could share as much love again this year.  Do go and read the sign up post - here - and if you can please consider taking part.  All you have to do is send one Christmas Card, nothing else.

I was so interested to read your comments on my post on Sunday about giving up on reading a book.  It seems as though we were all in total agreement with each other.  Like many of you I can cope with the odd bit of bad language in context, but otherwise I think we were all in unison in saying it wasn't something we liked to find in a book!  The books in question are now in the charity shop box waiting to see if someone else will like them!

Thank you for the good wishes for my dentist visit on Monday.  It went as well as these things ever can go.  I am still recovering and was just sore, but now I am in some pain so back to the dentist again today to see what is what.  In theory I have some more dentisting next week and then I should be all done for a while, but I guess it will depend what they say today about the pain.  My teeth have taken a battering from lack of care by me - of which I may write some more in the future - and from me grinding them and clenching them together and literally wearing them into pieces.  You don't want to know about that though, but I wanted to say thank you for the good wishes and prayers, I think they worked, I just need to get through today and the next bit now!

Finally, I am back to replying to your comments, so if you get a chance do go back and see what I had to say.  I really want to get back to the interaction and conversation side of blogging which was what I enjoyed in the first place and have been missing.  This is the start of me doing that with you one again.

Otherwise it has been a quite quiet week, well in comparison to recent times anyway.  It is all still very odd, but we will get there.  Once I stop crying that is!  And when Hubby stops too.  It has hit us now.  We have another skip for the weekend though - we are ninja skip fillers! - and will get some more house clearance done and that will help us move on too.

So, no more to say, other than here are my five things and I hope that you are all well and happy, and planning to have a great weekend!


It was our wedding anniversary recently.  We didn't do a lot, but we did exchange cards and gifts.  Hubby went all out and treated me to these.  Isn't he a darling!

These are really tiny, just a couple of inches tall, but very cute and a perfect gift of love.

I received this card a few years ago from hubby.  It was so lovely I framed it and have it in my office.  I am pretty sure that I am not the perfect wife, but I do have the perfect husband and I am so very grateful for him.  Happy Anniversary Hubby, I love you!


More progress on the flowering of the "seasonal" cactus.  Isn't it looking spectacular!  So pleased with it.


Supposedly it is going to be a bad winter weatherwise this year.  So I am getting prepared.  In fact I always get prepared.  This is the start of winter prep for our cars.  I will do a fuller post on this in a few days as I think it will be useful for other people.  In the meantime start to have a think about what would be good to keep in your car for winter safety and then you can share that on the post and we can all benefit from each others knowledge.


Crochet has been missing from my life as far as my blog and so on goes, but I have done a few things.  I need to get writing up and then I can share with you.

Earlier in the week I wound this yarn using my swift and ball winder.  I shared a video about it yesterday.  You might like to go and have a look - here - and then you can see what a swift is and how it works.  There are some other links there which you might find interesting/useful too.


We have been very selective about the things we have rescued from Man's house.  For several reasons.  We already have a houseful of stuff and I know from the experience of a dear friend of the perils of filling your house with your families possessions.  So we made some thoughtful choices.  I will not share them all with you, but here are a couple of things that I wanted to show you.

This is the drunken Welsh dragon.  He actually looks more sober in this photo than he does in real life!  He is a cutie though and has great sentimental memories for my Hubby.

The black walking stick is special.  It goes back many generations and is to be kept and cherished.  Far too short for either Hubby or I to ever use - unless we shrink a LOT - if and when the time arises, but we will still treasure it.

This tiny tea set has no sentimental attachment for either of us, but I thought I could turn it into something else that someone might enjoy.  So stay tuned and more will follow!

Then I have a sneaky autumnal sixth.  Some leaves and flowers and sunshine!

Thank you as always for joining in, going and visiting other participants and sharing your posts and commenting here and on others posts.  We all really appreciate it a great deal.

Love your family and friends and tell them!  Have a great weekend.



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  1. Belated Anniversary wishes, such a beautiful and thoughtful gift. Its never easy to let go of someone's treasured possessions but you will always have your memories. Hope all goes well at the dentist, take care of yourself.

  2. So nice and lovely things on the photos! Good luck for the dentist! I'm grinding and clenching my tooth together too, well know that.
    A big request from me: would you please add a translator to your blog for me? I have many trouble to read that all in English and when I copy the text and paste it in a google-site, I often get the answer "your request is to big".
    You can help me: go at your dashboard to "Layout" and there you can add a translator-gadget in the sidebar with a few clicks.
    That would be a big help for me and, maybe, for other foreign visitors.
    Have a nice weekend

  3. Yes, as Mamasmercantile says, belated anniversary wishes (we celebrated our 52nd anniversary last month! How come so long when I'm still 39, har, har!)
    What lovely candle mugs, they are delightful and 'go' beautifully with your autumn chrysanthemums.
    I love the walking sticks - if I wanted to start another collection (books are mainly my 'thing') walking sticks (canes in America) might be one area I would consider, some of them are fascinating.
    I also love miniatures and have a collection of Spode 'gems' which were created in the 1970s, tiny cups, vases, coffee pots, bowl and ewer, candlesticks, etc. Your little tea set in miniature is a delight.
    Margaret P

  4. Ah, so you're a bruxer (bruxing is the technical term for grinding your teeth) Me too. That's why I had to have a total rebuild a couple of years ago. I now wear a mouth guard at night and feel much better (not to mention sleep much better!). If you're offered one - take it!

  5. When reality hits it can be very tough, so glad you and your husband are close so you can support each other through this time. Skipping ninjas, love that idea!

  6. Glad you are sounding more like your old self. Love those Emma bridgewater candles. So sweet. Have a lovely weekend and Happy anniversary. B x

  7. I don't remember who said it, "Nobody is perfect" but I think he or she is right, we would be boring, lol ! I love the Welsh dragon it is really cute. Fall moved in here too and the trees are stripteasing ! It's all full of leaves ! Good luck with your dental work !

  8. Your nice new mug candles are such a pretty design and perfect for this time of year. Good luck at the dentist, Mr CK is also rather uncomfortable after some dental work at the moment and I am trying to pluck up the courage to make myself an appointment! Glad you had a great Anniversary. x

  9. Glad all went well at the dentist and hope future appointments resolve the problems you have been having. When we cleared my step-fathers house we kept a couple of walking sticks one he used to use whilst walking around the local woods and the other one is black with a silver top more like a cane we don't know the history of it but felt it was worth saving and it sits in a large pot holder with several others:)

  10. Happy belated anniversary - very pretty candles! Your cactus is a joy.

  11. this candles and the dragon are so cute! I love the color of the yarn :)
    have a nice weekend

  12. I am taking a class through December so I won't have much time for crocheting but I love the yellow color you are using. Maybe I will start a project after Christmas.

  13. Happy belated Anniversary wishes. The mini mug candles are so sweet and such a thoughtful gift. I hope all goes well at the dentist and the rest of your treatment goes smoothly. I am intrigued to know what you are planning for the teeny tiny tea set, it is so pretty. Lovely to see you are finding more time for crochet now. Have a good week.

  14. A belated happy anniversary to you both. I love those mug candles, I haven't seen those before, they're so cute.

  15. Happy Anniversary! I hope you and the hubby are able to settle into a new routine. Sometimes it takes a while. I signed up for the card swap and am so excited! Happy Friday!


  16. Hope you had a lovely anniversary, those mini mugs are so cute. Happy weekend.

  17. Nice to read your positive post - even the bit about the dentist! I've been a grinder for years - apparently - but as HA says, you can get a guard - your dentist should have already offered you this. Happy anniversary, Amy!

  18. Walking sticks are a good thing to collect, aren't they?
    I'm glad you are back at your crochet!
    I love your little anniversary gift! So pretty!

  19. Happy Belated Anniversary to you! I'm still waiting for the 'perfect wife' card. :-) I just signed up for the card exchange. What a great idea! And it was only recently that I had even heard of the Emma Bridgewater anything. And now I'm coveting the Scottish Blackface mug, which costs a small fortune. Love that yellow crocheted item. Very pretty. I haven't crocheted for years.

  20. I do love your little candle cups... Happy Anniversary!

  21. Enjoyed your Five, what a gorgeous card. Your drunken dragon is too funny. Really like your cups too, so sunny.

  22. Belated anniversary wishes! You do sound more like your old self in this post. I'm glad things are beginning to settle for you. Tears can be very healing. The miniature tea set is so pretty, isn't it? Thank you for hosting this wonderful get together, Amy. Have a great weekend.

  23. I'm glad to see you back blogging. I have the video on my 'to watch' list when I get home from dog sitting. I'm going to subscribe too - if I haven't already. I enjoyed your podcasts though I can't imagine they are easy to do.

    Happy Anniversary. Ours is tomorrow. Twenty-eight years. Who would have imagined?

    I love the dragon. My hubby likes all things dragon so I could imagine that would be one piece he rescued too.

    Happy Five on Friday!

  24. What? You broke your own rules! LOL

    Good sneaky sixth.

    Happy belated anniversary to both you and Mr. Love Made My Home. That is a precious card and a sweet gift.

  25. A very happy anniversary to the two of you. That is a very sweet gift from hubby. Good advice on not filling your house with Man's things. That drunken dragon is pretty cool. Hope your mouth feels better soon. I am not a fan of the dentist chair. Thanks for hosting Amy! Happy weekend to you...

  26. Happy Anniversary, what a lovely gift and I love the old card you framed, how special xx

  27. Wonderful. Happy Anniversary! I love the converstations we have on our blog comments too! Such a cool bonus to blogging!!!!! and I left my name on the swap post.

  28. Oh, good luck with the dentist. I am a real coward in that department.

  29. Loved the card from Hubby on anniversary passed. you did a nice thing framing it for him to enjoy too. A person can say thank you, but framing a memory is so very special.

  30. For a moment I thought that number 3 was a some kind of fish in a freezer bag. :) I am looking forward to seeing the contents of the bag more closely.

  31. Happy Anniversary. My husband has a dragon with a similar facial expression made of pottery. Our is a NZ one though, I am thinking it might look good in the garden if I can find the perfect spot. Have a great weekend.

  32. Belated Anniveersary greetings. I hope your dentist visit goes well and you are soon in less pain. Looking forward to seeing some crochet related news when you are able. xx

  33. Hi Amy I'm just resurfacing back to blogging and it's been lovely to catch up with all your news -hope to get back to 5 on Friday soon!
    Have a happy (or should I say perfect?!) weekend
    Wren x

  34. Hi there - I am new to this link up! I have been writing five Friday favourites for so long but I didn't know there was an actual link up so this is awesome!

  35. Happy Anniversary! I love the candles from your hubby and the card you framed is very pretty! I say you are both perfect!
    The drunk dragon is most cute. I'm glad things are settling down, but I know it will be hard for a while...

  36. Wishing you and your husband a very Happy Anniversay! Your candles are such a lovely gift. I am glad you are settling down, though it will still feel sad as you sort things out and adjust to this change. You are right not to bring too many things home, just a few special memory keepers. Have a good weekend, Amy.
    Helen xox

  37. Oh much I want to say! The whole teeth grinding thing...I totally get it. I do it. I wake up sometimes and my jaw is even sore! I wear a guard that I bought myself and molded myself, somewhere around $20. I have had many that I've actually bitten completely through in no time, but this one is extra durable and I've had it since last March, so that's good. I wear it almost every night. I am having problems with my teeth not, that I've never had before, and I go in a couple of weeks for the beginning of getting a tooth capped. And I have never neglected my teeth. I think it's something that just happens to some people. The grinding is a biggie though. And I totally get it about not putting a bunch of stuff in your house from Man's house. We had to empty my MIL's assisted living in a big hurry. She had a stroke towards the end of the month in May 2015. We knew she wasn't going to survive it. And unless we wanted to pay another $3600.00 rent, we had to empty her room before the beginning of the next month. It went into our pole barn, and much of it is still there. I'll do a "stuff" post sometime. I try to not go out when the weather is bad. We live in the country and I don't have a job that I go to, so I try to stay home. But I always prepare for the flu. I will buy 7-up, I already have chicken noodle soup, and I buy those freeze pops, and I keep this stuff in a container by itself, hidden away. Too many times I've gone out in inclement weather to get what we need for the stomach flu, so I just keep it handy. I hope we don't need it this year. OK, I will stop now....this is turning into a letter. Thank you again for hosting Five on Friday.

    Cindy Bee

  38. Dear Amy!
    Happy anniversairy for You and your hubby. Pretty minimugscandles in a nice box.
    Happy weekend!
    Best wishes,

  39. Hi Amy and Happy Anniversary to you and hubby! I've been a bit absent due to lack of time and getting to grips with my new role, but it looks as though things are calming down now. Will now go and sign up to your Christmas Card exchange. I really enjoyed this last year. Take care. Chel x

  40. Happy Anniversary Amy, you and your husband are very lucky to have each other. Love your crochet. I had to be careful to not take a bunch of things into my home from my parents home. I have way too much and am trying to get rid of my own things!

  41. Happy Anniversary Amy! The card that you had framed is so pretty. Sometimes I give my husband a particularly nice card, but then I like it so much I steal it back and display it somewhere in "my" space ;) He doesn't care too much about cards. I used to have a few things in my car for winter travel, but now I really just make sure I have warm winter boots, a blanket and my cell phone. I'm usually only travelling any great distance on the major highways (between my place & Dad's), so I figure the tow trucks will zoom in on my like vultures if I have troubles. I like that you are being very selective about the special pieces to take home with you from the house ;) I'm sorry I've been unable to join in Five recently, but will hopefully catch up with it again next week. It's been a nutty couple of weeks here. Take care and enjoy your Sunday!

  42. I'm going to check into the card swap. Happy anniversary. Here's wishing you many more wonderful years together. Those mug candles are pretty.

  43. Hi Amy! Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby! Now those little cups are just darling! Looks like your dainty talented little fingers have been very busy. Your flowering cactus is so pretty. My mother had one and called it a Christmas cactus because it mostly bloomed around Christmas.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;0

  44. Happy anniversary to you both. What a pretty card and I love the EB gift you received.
    I look forward to the post about being winter prepared with the car.
    Lisa x

  45. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband Amy!! I do hope you have a wonderful week ahead! :)


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