Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Five On Friday - survey about what you think of it

While tidying my desk I found the notes I made to prepare a survey way back in August to find out what you think about Five On Friday.  As I hadn't shared it before and as I am currently on a blogging break I thought it would be a good time to pose the questions to you so that you have a little while to consider them and to answer them.

So I fiddled around with the final edit of the questions, and I hope that you will feel able to give me some constructive and helpful feedback!

To join in just click the word survey at the bottom of the page and it will take you straight to the survey.  There is nothing to join and all answers are totally anonymous.

Thank you for your help.  I look forward to reading what you have to say.


p.s. please feel free to join in the survey even if you don't normally join Five on Friday as it is still relevant, thank you!



  1. I've completed the survey and even though I don't join in Five On Friday, it's still relevant. You may wish to let people know that as I nearly didn't click on the survey with Five On Friday being something I don't participate in.

  2. I was on a bit of a blogging break myself, though unintentional. I just wanted to stop by and say hi!
    Wishing you well,

  3. Complete the survey - hope Five on Friday stays!

  4. I did the survey, and hope it helps Amy!
    Wendy xox

  5. Just completed the blog. Hope you are doing okay and hanging in there. Sending hugs your way

  6. survey completed, if for some reason you decided not to carry on, perhaps there is another person who would take it on

  7. I did the survey ev en though I don't join in. Take care.

  8. We both know how time consuming hosting a well attended link party can be and sometimes after hosting for a length of time it's a good feeling to pass it on to another host. I am pleased with the blogger who took over MM for me and although I participated the first month, I don't feel the need to join all the time. It's a big decision to make changes.

  9. I was planning to join just when you took a break. I love the way
    you linked up people and enjoyed the visits to other blogs.

    Hi from Sweden.

  10. Hi Amy, I did the survey. I really enjoy five on Friday. I would do it even if you didn't always have the time to post five on Friday on your own blog. I would participate every Friday if I could. There are just sometimes I have too much going on.
    And I love meeting new bloggers.

    Cindy Bee

  11. I am not a blogger yet, but interested in future.
    I love your Five on Friday. It has introduced me to many different types of blogs and I enjoy the variety.
    I do hope you will all continue.

  12. Took the survey. And...thinking of you! (Saw your post about The Man.)

  13. I took the survey and will just say I love 5 on Fri and will continue to join whenever I'm able - it you continue to do it. If it's better for you not to continue it - I completely understand that too Hon. It would never change my visiting here and enjoying your blog! xoxo

  14. I filled in the survey and I also have done 5 on Friday. I just joined in and it would be a pity for me if it stopped already. If you really have no time anymore to participate yourself, just a linky is OK but it's a bit sad.

  15. Hi Amy I'm rushing around like a headless chook packing up to leave Australia, hence having been absent for a while myself on Five on Friday. I have completed the survey and to put your mind at rest been in touch with Debbie for the Christmas card swap.
    Hope you've had a better week, have a lovely weekend
    Wren x

  16. I host a linking party on Saturday/Sunday of each week, and I know just how time consuming it can be!!
    You're in my thoughts...but, if you choose to no longer be the hostess, Amy, I can understand and hope you advertise here that you wish for it to continue by passing it on to another blogger.

  17. I've been sorting things out behind the scenes to host a weekly meetup but I wasn't planning on starting it up until next year. If you need any help or want to work with me to keep Five on Friday going I'd be more than happy to help. Alternatively maybe we could make a quick rota up and each week we could host Five on Friday at one of the regular participants blogs until you're able to come back to it? just a thought

  18. Life took me away for a few weeks and I missed the survey, but read the results and I would've answered the way the majority did. Hoping you will lighten your load soon.

  19. If you only knew how well this applies to me ...

    "Running around and running myself ragged putting everyone else first, trying to make them happy, going out of my way to be kind has left me exhausted. Physically and emotionally."

    I got early retirement because of this.

    Now I want to find new pleasures and share life's small and simple joys with other people. I thought this might be one way of doing this.

    I'm sitting far away in Sweden but perhaps I can participate in this event to encourage you and me to a moment of joy and gratitude ...?

    Best wishes and have a nice weekend
    from Sussie.


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