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Reading My Books - Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Well this review is quite something for me.  I bought the book just days after it came out, read it straight away and here I am way back on 18th August writing this review just 18 days after it was published!!!  These days most of my books sit on the shelf for years before being read so this really is a miracle for me.

Anyway, on with the review!  There are NO SPOILERS other than to say that Harry Potter does appear in the story and I don't think that is a spoiler, is it?

The book is actually a play, written as a script but without all of the stage direction that you would normally find in a play script so you read it more as a story than a play.  I didn't find it difficult to read at all.

As the cover of the book tells you, this is the eighth story, nineteen years later.  You have to have read the previous seven books to really "get" all of the story and the references in it, but I imagine that if you were seeing it as the play you could follow it as a one off.

What did I think of the story?  Well, meh!  Sadly I wasn't so impressed.  I thought the books were better.  This is I think rather diluted by the fact that it was written by someone other than J K Rowling, it was written by Jack Thorne with J K Rowling and John Tiffany.  It features all of the familiar characters and stories but it just lacks some of the detail.  The "Harry Potterness" if you can imagine such a thing.

Of course a certain amount of that is because this is a PLAY not a book so the detail, the description, is all on stage, you are looking at it rather than reading or hearing it so you expect that don't you.  You need to do more with your own imagination rather than having it handed to you.

I am a Gryffindor so perhaps it is just the Gryffindor in me that is so loyal to the original I don't like to see something new!

Overall a good and very easy read.  A must for all Potter fans and I am glad that I read it.  The book will stay on the shelf because I have to keep all of my HP books!!  This will go with the others.

What do you think of Harry Potter?  Have you read the books, seen the films?  Read this book?


This is one of the posts that I wrote in August to be published in September but publishing it got delayed by my need to take a blog break.


  1. I haven't read this but loved all the others. I'm sure you're right, seeing the play is probably heaps better than reading the book. x

  2. Our daughter couldn't read when the Harry Potter books first came out. So Hubby and I took turns at reading them to her. That means we both know only half the stories! I credit these books for spurring on Daughter to learn to read. She became a very good reader. She bought the book you reviewed and I looked at it. I was pleased to see your review. It confirms my opinion of the book. It would also be quite difficult to read this type of play script to a young child. However, it has awoken an interest in theatre in many people. So that is a good thing so long as they can afford the tickets!

  3. I've read some of the Harry Potter books, not all of them, but I intend to rectify that. I think series like these can be spoilt by adding to them, there's something to be said for leaving the audience wanting more.

  4. I read it straight away myself and keeping in mind I knew it was a play I was still so disappointed. It should have been made into a real book, with much more plot and character development, I think then it would have been exceptional. Ah well, the Harry Potter lover in me just demands a bit more.

  5. I read most of the Harry Potter books out loud to my children before bedtime when they first came out. Quite a lot of reading! I borrowed the new one from my husband's aunt but haven't brought myself to read it yet - something about the play format putting me off. I might just have to pick it up now and give it a go.

    Thanks for the review!

  6. Our daughter gave this book a bad review. She is a fan of all the other Harry books and was very disappointed with this one.

  7. I am a huge Harry Potter fan, but have held off buying this book because I have read reviews like yours, where readers don't seem overly impressed. I want to have the closure on the HP series by book 7. However, having said that, if I ever have the chance to see the actual stage production I would jump at the chance!

  8. I haven't read any of the Harry Potter books, I have made the assumption that they are not for me but I can't explain why.

  9. I loved all the other Harry Potter books but found this one a real let down - probably, as you say, because it wasn't actually written by J.K.Rowling, despite having her name in large letters on the front cover! It may be better if you actually see the play, but I think any special effects would have to be pretty spectacular to make up for the weak plot. Not one I would reread. xx


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