Monday, 10 October 2016

Just something random

People amaze me all the time.  They always have, and I suspect they always will do.  Sometimes for the good and sometimes for the not so good.  Of course the good is always better, and sadly, the not so good is more and more common these days.

I am not going to mention "that man" by name, but I am sure you can imagine who I mean.  The one who is in the news every day these days.  I am astounded by some of the things I hear from him.  Many of us find this distasteful, but don't think he is he the only one saying these things because sadly there are lots of others that act in a similar way.  People who are rude, don't listen, don't care, say stupid things either deliberately or just because they can't  be bothered.  Perhaps not so publically, or on the same scale, and goodness knows I am not defending anyone, but this behaviour isn't as unusual as we might like to think.

To be honest with you, I come across this sort of behaviour quite often.  The worst part is that now I just ignore it because it is so commonplace.  How sad is that.

There are though lovely, wonderful, kind, caring, thoughtful, giving and considerate people out there.

Lots of them.

I have been blessed to come across some of them recently.  A lady doing her best to reclaim an overgrown garden and being so kind about it and chatty and interesting and interested.  A receptionist willing to mind a mobile phone in case it rings with emergency news while the owner was unable to answer it.  Encouragement and kindness in another person.  Another concerned about someone who took the time to write a letter (yes, an actual in the post snail mail letter!) and enquire in the kindest and most caring way and was very caring and considerate when they received the answer.

People who take time to listen, understand and care and share.  Sometimes the most unexpected ones too, who are usually the loud, shouty and complaining types.  Suddenly when difficulties present themselves their softer, kinder and nicer side comes out.  Which can really throw you for a loop let me tell you!

Some people are well worth judging by their cover.  They make the contents so clear that it cannot be mistaken.  Ignore them.

Others though, not so much and we need to remember that.  Look a little deeper and don't necessarily dismiss them immediately, because there might be a reason they are the way they are and given the chance they will show themselves to be totally different inside than the cover makes them appear.  They just need some time to blossom and open up and share what is in there.  Encourage and support them.

There are, wonderfully, those whose covers are delightful and so are the pages inside, don't take them for granted, love them back and enjoy them.

That is all!  I am sad about some people, but oh so glad about the other wonderful ones!

Life is rubbish, but, life is good with all of these people in it, because if it were not for the not  so good, we wouldn't appreciate the good ones so much would we, nor would be grateful for the ones who take time to come out of their shell!  So we can be thankful for everyone.

I better shut up and go now because I have chores to do.

Thank you for listening!



  1. Sad. The world is hungry for truth. Truth is eternal.

    1. Amy Hopefully this will make some stop and think what their words are saying about who they are and others to let their light shine a little more. A good thought provoking post.

  2. There's some wonderful people in the world who are giving, caring and sharing, it's just that we hear all about the bad. It's a shame there aren't more good news stories in the papers and on the TV.

  3. Certainly a post to ponder, thought provoking. Hope all is well with you.

  4. I hear what you are saying Amy and agree with every word, if only everyone could be nice. :)xx

  5. Beautifully written. I'm trying to ignore the garbage, it's all garbage and lies from my point of view, and concentrate on the good. There is good, just as you said.

  6. When I still worked, it was the kind and interested folks that made up for the cranky ones who complained about everything. This carries on into life anywhere doesn't it and makes one appreciate nice people that much more?

  7. Hello dearest sweetest Friend 'O Friends!! Forgive my absent time again due to the darn cold that has really taken its toll over the past week and 1/2. I'm really feeling better now and getting back on track. So I hope it's okay to respond to all of your recent posts here - as I've caught up on them but easier to answer all at once.

    First - loved your 5 from last Friday and so sorry I wasn't up for joining. Of course you know I love all things Fall, so to see all your pumpkins, gourds and mantle decorations just made me grin ear to ear!! I love it all of course! ;)

    Next, so interesting to hear your take on the latest Harry Potter - I still haven't read it yet. Though I have read all the others in the past. That's what I've been afraid of - that I'll be disappointed. I loved the other books so much! But I'm sure I'll get around to reading it I just can't NOT read it either. Lol

    Finally, your post today. I couldn't agree more!! It's so much better to focus on the kindness of others. And put out goodness and positive words and actions, unlike many others. I'm so tired of our election already and can't wait for it to be over in another month!! I'm going to continue to do be my best to be one of those positive lights in the world - just like my dear friend Amy. ;)

    Blessings HOn! xoxo

  8. Great post and it's always so good to have loads of the good folks in our life, it helps us to ignore the others.

  9. It's true Amy, but hopefully good will always outshine the bad. Sending hugs x

  10. Look for the good and keep smiling! I'll be glad when all the electioneering is over. x

  11. Kind and positive is always better than a negative person, however that is all we are subjected to over here in the US, one man in particular is so offensive that it is now become almost normal the things he says, we are becoming immune, that is just sad.

  12. So true Amy and it is often the unexpected kindness from the least expected means the most. Three tattooed and multi pierced (scary looking!) young men stopped and offered to help me put the wheelchair in the car last week. They were quite delightful and made my day.

  13. I haven't been great at commenting, but have been thinking of you. there are definitely some pretty incredible people in the world, and that's what makes it all worthwhile :) Hope things are going ok for you xx

  14. Sadly some things are unforgivable. In my case I was too blind to see a troll in front of me or associated printed prose hinting at bullying behaviour. Had to block a couple on Facebook. What shocks me is their blatant contempt.

  15. Unfortunately we get to hear the bad stuff sometimes because that's what is deemed newsworthy and the good goes under the radar.
    Thank goodness for those good souls out there, many of whom inhabit Blogland.
    Lisa x


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