Monday, 5 September 2016

Reading my books - The One Plus One

One of the things I enjoyed most over my month of not blogging less blogging was having making more time to read.  As you will see because I have several book reviews coming up!

It has been lovely.  I have missed reading blogs because it has become part of me and I want to know what you have been up to, but I also realised that I had been missing something that had been part of me for a long time before that, which was reading actual books.

Going forward I am definitely going to make and take more time to read the piles of books that I have waiting for my attention!

Of course I set myself a crazy goal of reading six books in four weeks, and that didn't happen, but if you don't aim high and all that!

So on to the review of this book!

I have read two books by Jojo Moyes in the past, I cannot remember the title of one, but the other was called Ship of Brides.  This time round though it was The One Plus One.  From what I remember of the books that I have read before by Moyes the were far more "historical" and didn't have nearly as many laughs and emotional bits as this book.  Which isn't to say that the ones I read before, or this one are not good reads because I think they have all been good reads, it just wasn't quite what I was expecting.  In a good way!

The One Plus One tells the stories of Jess and Ed, who are two very different people living very different lives.  Both are having extreme difficulties though.  Jess wants to make the lives of Tanzie and Nicky better.  Ed just wants to make his own life better.  He would rather hide from everything it seems than deal with it.  Jess is getting on with it and doing her best, although her best doesn't always give the results she wants or needs.

Eventually they realise, their sum is greater than their parts.

I really enjoyed this book.  There is much that I can relate to and that I imagine that many others could relate to.  It was real in a very real way, yet still with some of that crazy this is just a story flair in the writing too.

Definitely some tearful moments, some very funny moments, and for me some good memories revived too!  Would I recommend it?  Yes!  If you want a good read, The One Plus One by Jojo Moyes is for you! 

My copy is heading off to the charity shop - I have no idea why I always tell you what is going to happen to books after I read them, but I started it so I am going to carry on! - simply because I don't think I will read it again and there is not enough space for me to keep all of the books.  It will go on to someone else who will read and enjoy it and that is better than it sitting on a shelf in this house for years never being read again isn't it!

I am very glad that this book finally came to the top of the pile.  It was a good summer read and a good anytime read!

You can find the rest of my book reviews here.


p.s. Please read this post if you haven't already done so.


  1. The fun of having a book to read is the ability to pass it on to someone else to enjoy!

  2. Good book recommendations are always welcome. Reading more is a great goal.

  3. I read this book last month and really enjoyed it. It's only the second Jojo Moyes book I've read and I've enjoyed them both, so much so that I'd like to read more by her now.

  4. This is one of my favourite Jojo Moyes books as it makes you laugh and cry in equal measure. I'm so glad you enjoyed it too Amy.

  5. I read "Me Before You" and enjoyed it very much. I know they made a movie but I find if I read a book and then see the movie, I'm disappointed because it never is what my imagination created..
    Any way it is good to see you posting.
    Mama Bear

  6. Would you believe that this afternoon the women in our household just watched the movie "Me Before You" based on a book of that title by JoJo Moyes? I am unfamiliar with her writing but the movie evoked laughter and tears, and we loved the views of the UK. Today is Labor Day in the States and so far the most labor I have done today is making my bed and processing a load of laundry :)
    Happy Reading, Amy xx

  7. I read Me Before You and liked it very much, made me cry, I have the sequel on my Kindle, but I haven't read it yet.

  8. Thanks Amy for the suggestion. I am always on the hunt for enjoyable books. I borrow mostly from the local library. Sometimes will buy a book after an author's presentation, if the book interests me. Happy Reading!

  9. So far I have only read one of JoJo's books - Me Before You but I intend to rectify that before long. I enjoyed reading your review and will add this one to my ever increeasing 'to read' list. Looking forward to reading more of your reviews. xx

  10. I'm glad you enjoyed it, hope things are settling a little for you x

  11. That sounds an interesting read. I've set myself a task to go through all my paperbacks and take them to the charity shop as I hang on to far too many that I'll never read again

  12. I've never read one of JoJo Moyes's books. I must look for them in the library. Thanks for the review:)

  13. I've always loved reading. I read both hard copy and I also read on my tablet, although there is nothing better than a new fresh copy of a book. The feel and the smell. I also pass mine along to the thrift store for others, and I've found some good reads at the thrift store. Always on my book shelf is my daily Bible read, but a good novel is one that I cannot put down from start to finish. My latest and recent book review was One of The Few. I enjoy getting review copies from authors and the publishers in exchange for book reviews as well.
    Thanks for sharing your review of this book.

  14. Hi Amy,

    Lovely to hear you enjoyed this book! I'm a real bookworm, it's such a wonderful way to escape... I usually read at bedtime and there have been many times the book was so gripping that I just couldn't stop reading, despite being tired! :)

    Hope your next read is a good one!

    Ingrid xx

  15. Oh I like the idea of letting us know what will become of the books. Please continue it. I really need to tackle my book pile, but life seems to call in other ways these days. Thanks for the review.

  16. I need to get more reading in too. I'm slowly getting back to more anyway. My problem is I love magazines so I get easily distracted with them. Lol This book sounds really heartwarming and like a great story. ;)

    So happy to hear (from your prior post) that at least things are holding status quo for now. Hope things remain steady and hopeful for better days ahead.
    Blessings Sweetie. xoxo

  17. It is good to read books! I am one who reads so many blogs that I haven't given as much time to book reading myself.

  18. Glad you enjoyed the book! Thanks for the lovely review ♥

  19. A friend and I used to share books, write a short little review in the front of the book, sign and date it and then pass it on. I have many books to read but have a hard time getting started. Usually read during the summer but didn't even do that this time around.

  20. Love how you say what's happening to the books, I love reading when I have "spare time" :)

  21. Books need to go to the charity shop so someone else has the pleasure too. And another 50p in the till is all to the good as well. I've never read anything by JM but I was given 2 for my birthday.
    Lisa x

  22. I still have a pile of books and magazines to read, but trying to get back into blogging again. Well done on finishing another book. Have you ever read Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt?


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