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Kaffe Fassett Inspired Crochet Hook Roll

My experiences with crochet hook rolls have been very mixed, but also very recent!

I used to keep my hooks in a trusty and very lovely pencil case.  It was a perfectly acceptable way to store them, all in one place, no way for them to fall out and safe from any damage.  However, it wasn't a very user friendly way to store them as every time I wanted one I had to tip them all out and search through for the size that I wanted - which was most often a 4mm hook!

These have been my answers.

I had a kit that I had bought at a greatly reduced price - I think it was about £2.50 from the Great British Sewing Bee to make a knitting needle roll and I thought that I could adapt it for my crochet hooks.  I sort of managed it but to be honest I wasn't that impressed with the kit and also the need to adapt it presented a little bit of a quandary.

It was a good first make though as I had grander plans for a crochet hook roll and I didn't want to break into the supplies for that without having a go with something that I was less concerned about first.

This is the result of the first go!  Not too bad and although it is currently hookless - because of what you will see below - I am still keeping it and can see it in use in the future if - when! - my hook collection increases.

After I shared this first make on the blog back in June - here - a lovely friend got in touch and offered to make me a roll.  They very kindly did and sent it to me and this is what they sent!  I adore it and it is now home to all of my non 4mm hooks.  The person knows who they are and I am very thankful to them!

I still had ideas though to make another hook roll as I had originally hoped to do and that would hold all of my most often used 4mm hooks.  I visited the Kaffe Fassett exhibition at the American Museum way back in 2014 - you can read about it here -  and bought a single fat quarter of one of his fabrics, always with the idea of making a crochet hook roll.  The fabric had sat in my stash since them just waiting for attention.  Now was finally the time to make the crochet hook roll!

My idea was to crochet the outside and then use the fabric for the inside.  The crocheted outside would use the colours of the fabric.  This, Ta Dah! is the final piece!!

To make it I used a variety of Stylecraft Special DK colours that matched the colours of the fabrics.  Then I worked out a very complicated chart to give me the pattern for the second round of each of the squares to ensure that there were not two of the same colour touching each other.  The centres were then randomly selected to give non repeating squares as much as possible.

I then worked tiny granny squares in HTR - half double crochet in US terms - for just two rounds, joining as I went.  Once I had the basic fabric I went round the edge working a combination of chains and DC's into the squares and then worked a final round of HTR's around the edge.  Adding a cord braided in three of the greens gave me a tie to wrap around the whole thing.

The colours that I used are as per this picture, but are Aspen, Boysenberry, Camel, Clematis, Duck Egg, Fuchsia Purple, Mustard, Sherbet and Shrimp, the greens were Cypress, Grass Green, Kelly Green, Meadow and Pistachio.

Then I sewed the interior fabric making a pocket at the bottom for the hooks and divided this up to hold the hooks in place, giving space for one hook with a handle and several hooks that don't have handles in each slot.  I made a flap for the top which is stitched down at the sides.  This protects the tips of the hooks and also keeps them in place.

I stitched this in place by hand and voila, it was done.  Hooks added and all complete.  Just two years after I first decided to make this!!

My hook storage needs are now complete.  I have one large roll if I want to take all of my hooks somewhere together, and two smaller ones for use at home.  The pencil case is still waiting a new use, but it will find one.  Perhaps for pencils again!

I am not planning to produce a pattern for this, but if you have any questions let me know and if there is demand for a pattern I will see what I can do!

So, how do you store your crochet hooks or knitting needles?  I would love to know.


p.s please read this post if you haven't already done so.


  1. How useful, the wool matches really well with the fabric, such a great idea. I have made a wrap around case for all my knitting needles and crochet hooks just to keep them tidy but could probably do with a couple of smaller ones like you. x

  2. My hooks are stored in a Pudsey Bear mug that I bought after the very first Children In Need event decades ago. It is pretty but precarious. The hooks have gone flying many times. I think your solutions are much safer. I also have a special pencil case that I bought in 1972. At the moment it is empty. I just enjoy looking at it.

  3. Very nice, you've done a good job. My hooks are stored in a crochet hook roll in the very same fabric as the one which holds your non 4mm ones as the same person kindly made one for me too.

  4. That looks useful! My hooks are all in an old golden syrup tin which looks nice but not very portable!

  5. Great makes Amy and thank you so much for linking back to your American Museum post. I visited (for the first time) and absolutely adored the quilts on display and the room recreations, but how I would have loved to have visited the KF exhibition. Your photos and commentary, as always, were superb - I think you know by now how much I enjoy seeing things through your (excellent) eye! Thanks again.

  6. Nice project. I store my knitting needles in a vintage knitting needle box with a lid on the top for poking needles through to check gauge - one of my weaker ebay moments. I love it. My hooks are in a jam jar but I need to make a new cosy for the outside as the other one is a bit saggy now. Have great week. Jo x

  7. I love your rolls, I store ine in glass jars, yes it takes a bit of time to find the ones I want but I love look at them so the trade off is just fine with me.

  8. Beautiful, creative ways to store your crochet bits and pieces. I think I am making it a goal next year to learn how to sew and either knit or crochet!

  9. Particularly like the one made in the Kaffe Fassett fabric - I bought myself a lovely handmade "Shaker" box at the same exhibition.

  10. What a lovely make and the perfect home for your crochet hooks.

    Angela - Garden Tea Cakes and Me

  11. I love these crochet rolls. Especially the one granny square one. What a great idea you have shared. I keep mine in an old Japanese cookie tin and when I need one, I have to rummage through all of them. Take care, Pat xx

  12. They are all impressive but I have to admit to favouring the crochet roll. I have a case that was a gift from one of my daughters to store my crochet hooks the oddments live in a glass jar with some vintage knitting needles. Take care.

  13. Well done on the crochet 'hook' roll. Love the colours. I do recognise one in particular and must make myself one, once I get home. Have internet for tonight & would love to do a post, but am catching up on other blogs for now. I am also having trouble loading my photos onto this mini laptop. Take care.

  14. Even though I'm not a knitter/crocheter (yet) - I sure appreciate the fun and joy of it through you my Friend. ;) Lovely holders Amy! xoxo

  15. These are great hook holders Amy. I love the fact that the fabric of the one made for you (what a good friend you have!) is of granny squares, and the one you made is crocheted granny squares. They are both so cute. I made three similar rolls for my knitting needles way back when I started knitting. You may not believe me, but I used some Kaffe prints for mine too! I keep all TWO of my crochet hooks in another kind of booklet I made for knitting essentials. I only keep the hooks to correct my knitting ;)
    Hope things are well with you,
    Wendy xox

  16. Gorgeous! All so pretty! What a treat to the eye!

  17. So pretty and very clever Amy, you have put a lot of work into it and it's perfect. I have been meaning to make a home for my hooks too I will get around to it one day. :) xx

  18. You very talented and skilled knitters and crocheters make me want to learn the proper way of doing those crafts. I'm self taught and, therefore, am as unskilled as my teacher was! Thinking of taking a class this winter, meanwhile I'll be drooling over your projects.

  19. Gorgeous! THanks for sharing :) I'm so haphazard I don't know if I'd use a hook roll but they're so cute you've really inspired me. hope you're all ok xx

  20. Beautiful Amy, I love the colours of your Kaffe Fassett inspired roll and the dear little squares. My hooks are in a handmade wooden box all muddled up!

  21. I love your hook rolls, Amy - so very pretty! I would not want to store them away! I found a vintage one a while back and that is what I use. It's not as pretty as yours. xx Karen

  22. Those hook rolls are so practical and pretty. I repurposed a quilted book cover and it works similarly. Not as attractive as yours, though.

  23. I missed this post, but love seeing what you have made, for beautiful storage and organization, Amy. I have my straight knitting needles in a cup. Most of my crochet hooks are in a felted pouch a friend made for them. The tiny silver hooks I keep in an old tin cigar tube a friend gave me. My circular knitting needles are in a plastic pocket I keep mis-placing...sigh :) xx


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