Sunday, 3 July 2016

Art in many ways

I took so many photos when we went to the Museum of Fine Art in Boston because there were so many incredible things to see and I wanted to try and capture the memories to be able to look back on it all.

Of course that means that I am still sharing pictures with you from the visit!

Hopefully you are enjoying seeing them as much as I did when we visited and am enjoying looking back at them now.

Unfortunately I cannot tell you anything about most of these paintings as I didn't take a photo of the information sheet, but you might enjoy looking at them!

I like many styles of architecture and this painting appealed to me because of the unusual building.  I like this illustrative style of painting.

I am sure that I photographed this one because of the name of the painting!  It is a beautiful picture though isn't it.

It seems that I am a fickle art lover, I like both the painting below and the very traditional painting above that I believe is in the American Folk Art style.

The picture below is called Fishing for Oysters at Cancale I think (I did get a picture of the label, but it is very fuzzy) by John Singer Sargent.

This sign says the following and is a great explanation:-

Welcome to the nineteenth century, if you had visited the MFA around 1890 you would have found yourself in galleries that looked much like this.  Such densely packed displays imitated European exhibitions like the Salon in Parish and London's Royal Academy - considered the epitome of worldliness and sophistication.  A typical Salon exhibition which might include thousands of paintings placed the larges and most prestigious works "on the line" at eye level.  Paintings by lesser known artists were often "skyed" towards the ceiling - though part of the game at the Salon was deciding whether your judgement was better than the judges.  In such a competitive visual environment artists often relied on frames selecting them carefully to increase the size and visual weight of their works.  Displays like this went out of fashion in the twentieth century in favour of installations that made it easier to focus on a single work.  Was that a change for the better or the worse?

One disadvantage of the "Salon style" displays is that there isn't much space for explanatory labels.  Nineteenth century institutions sometimes printed booklets listing titles and artists but times change.

Here are some of the works hung in this Salon Style.

I think this painting (below) is incredible, the sky is amazing and so is the light.

This painting gives you some idea of how the exhibitions were staged.

Then moving on to some beautiful impressionist paintings.

A very beautiful Degas statue of a Ballet Dancer.

Finishing with another beautiful painting in a very traditional style.

That is the last of the paintings that I have from the MFA, but there are still other treasures to share!

Today I am sharing these paintings with Barbara at Coastal Ripples for Paint Monthly if you would like to see some more art go and visit.



  1. Lovely paintings and I couldn't believe the amazing frames on some of them. Thanks Amy and take care.

  2. Dear Amy
    Thank you for sharing your visit. I particularly like the blues and greens in the Impressionist paintings.
    Best wishes

  3. My youngest son and I will be visiting Boston this summer. An American friend from here in Kuwait is there right now and enjoying it very much. Even though she's from New York, she had never been to Boston. I was there as a child, but don't remember much, so looking forward to the trip. I have very eclectic taste in style, decoration, music and art ... I like a bit of it all. :) Have a good day. Tammy

  4. Amazing! Galleries are one of my favourite places to be! Thank you for sharing x

  5. loved taking the hour with you. You've inspired me to visit a museum soon.

  6. Wonderful, wonderful paintings. I love John Singer Sargent's work, he never fails to impress.. Not sure what I think about the Salon style. As it is I wear my feet out in museum, with that style I would have a sore neck too.

  7. I feel like I've been round the gallery too! x

  8. You certainly took us on a wonderful tour, what a great place to visit.

  9. What an amazing selection of paintings, some I recognised and some were totally new to me. Thanks for sharing :)

  10. Such a wonderful collection of paintings! Just love classic artwork, and never get tired of seeing it in museums. This looks like an awesome museum with an amazing collection.

  11. Thank you for sharing, Amy. Beautiful paintings. You showed us a nice selection.

  12. *sigh* I love all of these. I do have a soft spot for the American Folk Style.

  13. Beautiful and interesting paintings. Like you, I find the house painting fascinating and the one with the moody mountain sky caught my attention straight away. Thank you for sharing them but I am surprised that you were allowed to take photographs in the gallery. Many galleries do not allow it.

  14. Thank you for joining in again Amy. What an amazing collection of pictures this month. Quite a few galleries I've been to recently have been showing some of their paintings in salon style. It must have been quite muddling in those days. I much prefer the way they are hung today. Not sure which is my favourite. Quite liked the Cancale painting. We often visit there. Such a pretty place and still very busy with the mussel farms. B x

  15. Lovely pictures Amy, I love the gallery wall too - maybe this was one of the first xx

  16. The MFA in Boston certainly have a wonderful collection, Amy, and you are not a fickle art lover at all. Quite the contrary, because you find something of interest in many differing styles. I enjoyed your choices very much. The Bash Bish Falls are appealing and fun, and I too enjoy good American Folk Art, in its very unique style. Singer Sargent is always a winner for me, and we all enjoy a good selection from the great Impressionists. Our gallery is currently undergoing some renovations, so to save space have done a Salon Hang of its most popular works. The public are enjoying seeing them in this way, just for a change!

  17. So many beautiful works of art. I'm always happy when photography is allowed in museums. Hope your week is going well.

  18. The Sargent is stunning and I love the dace on the statue too.
    Lisa x


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