Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Podcast Episode 7 - The Big Catch Up

Hi everyone!

The latest episode of the podcast is now live and available to watch.  Shownotes can be found below the video.  You can find links to everywhere that I am in the sidebar and links to my Ravelry Shop for the Beth Shawl Pattern and other patterns and to my Etsy Shop for all of the shop things I showed you. 

Thank you for watching, I hope that you enjoy the episode.  Thank you too to everyone who has subscribed.  If you subscribe you will be notified as soon as the episode is available rather than waiting for me to have to post it here.

Hope you enjoy the episode!


Shownotes for this episode.
There are links for everywhere you can find me or my shops in the sidebar of my blog.
You can also click either on the name of the place you want to find me or by clicking the word "here" to be taken directly to where you want to find me.
To subscribe to the Podcast click here.  You will then automatically be advised of new episodes that are available.
There is a Ravelry Group for the podcast which can be found via the groups tab in Ravelry, search lovemademyhome or just c1lick here.
My Pattern Shop on Ravelry can be found here.
My Etsy Shop can be found here.
Grey Shawl.  Pattern will be available in due course.  Yarns used Hayfield Bonus DK, Colour 0984 and Womens Institute Premium Acrylic, Colour Grey
Jo Shawl and Lacy Jo Shawl.  Patterns and yarn information will be available in due course.
Amy Shawl.  Pattern and yarn information will be available in due course.
Meg Shawl.  Pattern and yarn information will be available in due course.
Beth Shawl designed by me.  Pattern available here.  Yarn information available here.
Happy Scrappy Squares Blanket by Sandra of Cherry Heart.  Information available here.
Computer Cover, Stylecraft Special DK in colours White, Lobelia and Empire.
Drops Paris Yarns in colours 16, 35, 06, 02, 21, 33, 38 and 14.
Crochet Hook Case, kit by Great British Sewing Bee.
Crochet Hooks, all 4mm, US Size G.  Clover Amour (purple handle), Drops Circus (orange handle), KnitPro Symphonie (wooden), KnitPro Soft Grip, (black handle with gold hook), Pony standard hooks and aluminium hook (the purple one I call my racing hook).
Row Counter, Clover.
Crochet Hook Case that I am going to make.  Pattern and yarn information will be available in due course.
Baskets and Progress Keepers can now be found for sale in my Etsy Shop.  Here.
If I have forgotten anything please let me know!


  1. So many fun things, Amy! The baskets and the Jo shawl are my favorites!

  2. Things found in shop looks good...

  3. I love the Jo shawl and you've made it in such a lovely colour too. Love the new things in the shop too, the stitch markers are so cute.

  4. Goodness me Amy, what a lot of lovely crochet you have going on. I really like the look of your Jo shawl, both the shape and the colour you have used. I have just ripped out one ball's worth of yarn that I was knitting into a boneyard shawl. Usual story, hadn't checked the yardage and realised after one ball that had only bought half the recommended amount of delicious Mrs Moon Plump DK so I'm starting again with a seed stitch cowl which I hope will be extra scrumptious made with three skeins. I live and learn Amy. Good to hear about your visit to the American Museum in Bath and to see that fabulous fat quarter. I am a big fan of Kaffe Fassett and especially love his tapestry designs.

  5. I like the stitch markers Amy, very cute x

  6. you really are talented. i am amazed. i wish i had the time. i have been reading so much i don't have time for other creative activities!! ( ;

  7. Oh Amy, I've never watched one of your podcasts, as this laptop is too old and I only occasionally get on the PC to do a blog post, but think maybe I should take time out, kick hubby off the big one and so do some watching. Stitch markers are what I need desperately, as counting my foundation chain is a chore. Well done on all your achievements of late and take care. BTW, sometimes my comments disappear for some unknown reason!!!

  8. Your doing wonderful with your channel and blog and so many beautiful things! Enjoy your evening!


  9. Oh my goodness! Love ALL your shawls and your blanket. You have made me appreciate crochet again and can't wait for the John pattern.

  10. Hi Sweetie! Love seeing what you've been up to and your wonderful creations! ;) I hope you're feeling better soon. It's almost summer - no more time for colds!! Lol

    Blessings to you Dear. xoxo

  11. Lovely podcast, Amy. I do love your Jo shawl - such a beautiful colour and so suited to her character. Your happy, scrappy throw is gorgeous too - such a great idea for using up all those bits and pieces. I hope that your cold gets better soon. xx

  12. Hi Amy,

    Podcasting really suits you, and it's nice to see both you and the projects like that!

    Your shawls are great!!!

    Ingrid xx


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