Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Podcast Episode 4 - many mandalas

Another week has gone by and today is Podcast Day!

Episode 4 is now available for viewing.

Thank you for watching, for subscribing and for continuing to watch!  Thank you too for your lovely and very kind comments.  I am glad that you are enjoying the podcasts and what I have to share.



For all the places you can find me there are links in the sidebar on the right hand side.  This includes Ravelry and Etsy shops, the Podcast channel on YouTube and anywhere else that I am online.

Beth Shawl - grey shawl - pattern is available in the Ravelry Shop here (or will be very shortly, check back if it isn't there yet, having some computer troubles at the moment!!).

Yarn Details - Cascade Heritage Sock Colour 5602 (steel)

Green shawl - Yarn Details - Cascade Heritage Sock Colour 5612 (moss)

Mandalas - all my own designs.  Patterns will be released as and when and will be announced in the podcast and on the blog.

Questions - to subscribe to the YouTube Channel search for lovemademyhome and then click on one of the videos, then click on the red subscribe button below the video.  I believe you will need a Google (i.e. blogger) account to do this.  You can also click the podcast button in the sidebar to go straight to the channel to subscribe. 

To subscribe to the Ravelry Group go to the groups tab in Ravelry and type in - all one word - lovemademyhome and then click on the icon and then click join this group - top right.

Ripple Blanket - pattern can be found here

New things

Colouring book -  National Trust Country House Colouring Book - find here
Patons Smoothie DK yarn, colours 02019 (lilac mix) and 02020 (multi mix)


  1. I love the idea of the Little Women shawls and I look forward to seeing the other three from the collection. I didn't even know those type of bodkins exist, I shall have to look out for some as they're handy to have. Good luck with the 'conference', I hope it goes well and that you get things sorted out.

  2. I so enjoyed this Amy. I am going through a very busy and quite stressful period right now so when I saw you had a podcast up I made myself a pot of special Eatl Grey tea, cut a piece of rhubarb cake and sat down to watch. Rico creative cotton in the Aran weight is great to work with isn't it. I've made two string bags and two stool covers using this yarn in neutrals such as cream and grey and jazzing up my designs with accents of lime green and raspberry pink. I used up every last bit by making several mug rests too. I loved your story about visiting Louisa May Alcott's home. Amy is a very redemptive character. I didn't much like her to begin with but she grew on me. My daughter's middle name is Amy, my husband's choice. At the time I thought I might have preferred Mary but i've grown very fond of it as a name especially since watching my daughter write her name in full when she was a little girl. Have a good week. I must say your weekend of relaxing in the garden sounded lovely.

  3. I love Mandala's I want to see your patterns

  4. Hi Amy! I really love the red shawl. It is so nice of you to show peeps how to make the yarn pegs. Smart! Keep it up, friend!

  5. You're doing great with videos! I have more to make yet too.... have my parents visiting now :-)


  6. It's still such fun seeing you "live"! I love your plan to make the Little Women shawls, and the first is so pretty! It looks great draped around you for the podcast, and really shows how nice a summer shawl can be. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of them completed now. Great work Amy!

  7. Hello Amy,

    Lovely to see you talking and showing your makes! Really enjoyed watching it. It's nice to see you progressing and doing your own patterns! The Beth Shawl looks lovely!

    Keep up the good work!
    Take care,
    Ingrid xx

  8. Wonderful podcast Amy, you did a fabulous job and taught me a few new things with your fun gadgets.

  9. I like your idea of a shawl for each of the Little Women, very imaginative X


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