Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Q & A

Some questions and answers!  When is the last time...

1.  You saw someone wearing something you knit for them.

I have never knitted, but I have never seen anyone wearing anything that I crocheted either.  Apart from me, and I wore something I crocheted yesterday.

2. You stayed up late just to knit.

Crochet for me of course.  Just before Christmas when I was finishing the scarf that I shared yesterday.

3.  You had cake.


4.  You wanted to knit a sweater.

Never!  I wouldn't mind though if I could actually knit.

5.  You sat on a hot radiator to warm up.

I can't remember!

6.  You wrote a letter.

Thank you letters, sent just after Christmas.  Well, notecards, but close as!

7.  You stubbed your toe.

No idea!  Although I do it frequently.  But apparently not recently!!

8.  You got on the scale.

Last week.  Wasn't quite as scary as I thought.  Hoping that it will be better soon...

9.  You got caught talking to yourself.

Sort of yesterday.  I was singing to myself while walking and got a very funny look from someone!

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  1. 1. A long time! I knit a jumper for Miss21 a long time since that she did wear. One little thing of mine that makes me a bit upset is never seeing even a photo, of some child/baby wearing something I've knit. In my opinion I only knit nice things and I take it to heart when I don't see even a glimpse of a recipient wearing it! When mine were little, i made a point of visiting the gifted with my child wearing whatever it was they gave me.

    2. Stayed up late to knit - last night!

    3. Cake - last week, finishing off the Christmas cake

    4. Knit a sweater? - am in the throes of doing one now!

    5. Sat on a radiator - never - I'm too hit all the time! You're more likely to find me pressed up against a window!

    6. Wrote a letter - not a proper one. Closest one will either be a message in a Christmas Card or a strongly worded email! I used to be an epic letter writer!

  2. 7,8 & 9
    7 - daily!
    8 - made a pact to only weigh myself 12 times this year so January the first - hideous! But not a shocker given the amount of stuff I scoffed!
    9 - daily - usually by the children at work!!

  3. I'm not a knitter or a crocheter so couldn't answer these with any degree of interest for anyone! Now cake, is a different matter!
    Lisa x

  4. It looks a fun thing to do, I'm both of varying skill! xx

  5. I've seen my granddaughter wearing her beanie and scarf last winter and myself wearing my knits. The doctor weighed me yesterday and I stubbed my toe on the study window sill this afternoon and don't ask how, as I was just being silly. As for cake, I'm not baking them at the moment due to the hot weather (40 here tomorrow, then luckily much cooler for a few days). I talk to myself quite regularly due to having 2 cats at one time, as I talked to them a lot. Fun Q & A. Thanks Amy and take care. PS sorry about spelling mistake on email.

  6. The only one I didn't have an answer for was 7!! (hope I've not just jinxed myself and about to get a stubbed toe of a lifetime!)

  7. Great fun Amy enjoyed reading your answers. :) xx

  8. I never weigh myself - a hang up from my weight obsessed mum through my childhood! If I feel fit and healthy - that's good enough for me. x

  9. I talk to myself all the time. They say it's the first sign of madness but there's lots of other things I could tell you I do which sound mad too.

  10. I talk to myself all the time and ate cake at lunchtime! Knitted a scarf last week and frequently sit on radiators :o) Great post xx

  11. SO glad you played along. My next Meme will try to be crochet friendly too!

  12. I didn't realise that you didn't knit Amy. I learned to knit as a child - my mother taught me. It was crochet that I couldn't master until this last year. I think crochet is really difficult to learn. Joan Jepson.

  13. Oh dear, questions about cake and weighing, that's not a good combination for me. I'm always thinking I'd like to knit a sweater. Any day now I shall pick a pattern and take off. CJ xx

  14. I met a friend for coffee yesterday and she was wearing a scarf I knitted her for Xmas.

  15. I have never knitted. My Mum tried to teach me but she was on a hiding to nothing.
    Margaret P
    PS I'm much better at both making and eating cake!

  16. I stood on the scales on Monday and was very pleasantly surprised. Not because it was a good number but because I hadn't put on any weight over Christmas/New Year. Yay!!

  17. #9 made me laugh! I apparently talk to myself a lot! Even when I'm talking to my husband & kids, I may as well be talking to myself. lol

  18. Fun questions; fun answers!

  19. Oh fun!

    1. You saw someone wearing something you knit for them.

    Today! My dad is wearing the socks I just made him for Christmas, and my boyfriend sent me a photo of him wearing a scarf I made him years ago. Quite regularly though - I tell people that if I don't see them wearing it, they don't get more!

    2. You stayed up late just to knit.

    Last night. I'm so close to finishing a project!

    3. You had cake.

    I don't remember, which is obviously too long ago!

    4. You wanted to knit a sweater.

    Now! I want to make one for me this year.

    5. You sat on a hot radiator to warm up.

    Not radiator, but we have an Aga and I lean against it pretty much every time I'm in the kitchen.

    6. You wrote a letter.

    Two days ago! I share letters with a friend from school all the time.

    7. You stubbed your toe.

    When I was moving stuff on Saturday!

    8. You got on the scale.

    Last year, I haven't had the stomach to do it again.

    9. You got caught talking to yourself.

    All the time, I narrate my life to myself all the time.


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