Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Jar of Thanksgiving - the wrap up

Yesterday afternoon I finally got to sit at my desk and start to clear it up after two weeks of not sitting at it working and instead just dumping more and more stuff on top of the other stuff that I had already dumped there! 

I put the gift of mindful doodling book and pens that I received for Christmas to one side!  I wasn't in the right frame of mind to be mindful...  As I worked my way across the desk - it was easier to start at one side and just go through stuff as I came to it! - I came to my jar of thanksgiving which was standing on my desk for some reason.

I have decided to stop filling it with little notes of thanksgiving, but I did take all of the little notes out and read them.  There were four that I thought you might like to see as they are pertinent to you all - and to what happened yesterday.

They had faded, and sort of curled up - so I had to tape them down to photograph them!  The messages that I wrote were still pertinent though.  I don't suppose that you can read them all as some of them are rather faded.  They say:-

I am grateful to have made it through 2014 and I look forward to 2015. 

I share this one because it applies again just with new dates!

So grateful for the kindness and support of bloggers about losing all my posts. 

I really was so grateful for that and I still haven't repaired all the posts.  Another job for this year!

I am grateful for bloggers and blogging!

I am still grateful.  You are all still so great!

I am grateful that the 5 on Friday changes went down OK. 

They did and it has been going well.  Five On Friday will return this Friday for a new year.  Thank you for making it such a great success.

You know that I say thank you and I hope that I am thankful, and you can see from these faded little notes that I really am and continue to be.

Thank you!

So although my jar of notes has ended after two years I will still be thankful and grateful for things.  I have found that I tend to record things here on my blog and often in those Five On Friday posts, and as I am about to in just a moment.  Just a different and more practical, for me, way of doing things.

The jar has been run through the dishwasher - how did it get so dusty inside! - and will now be used for something else.

It is all part of my onwards and upwards movement!


Now for one of those grateful and thankful moments!

Thank you all for your comments on my two posts yesterday and for all of the supportive and kind things that you had to say.  It was a real help to return from seeing Man and then from my walk to read your kind comments and to feel your support.  Thank you!

Man is fine and I did a second post yesterday - if you only saw the first one - with an update.

I have also answered all of your comments in the comments as I wanted to say thank you or reply to you all.

Hubby went to see Man last night and sorted out the leak.  It was nothing to do with the hot water tap, despite Man's protestations that it was!  There was a small drip coming from the washing machine connection...  It has been tightened up and should now be OK.  So the immediate situation is resolved.  The longer term one?  Well, that still hangs in the air like a bad smell and I have no idea what will happen next.  We will see.

Anyway, we all live to fight another day and we will keep going and see what happens.  Having broken into telling you about this I might write some more, or not, I make no promises either way, but we will see.

I also wanted to say that I am so sorry for all of those of you who mentioned, or have written on your own blogs, or, like me have kept it quiet, anyone in fact, who is or has had to deal with a similar situation.  It is so tough isn't it.  I am in a way lucky in that we are only having to deal with the top slice of the sandwich of family life, I cannot imagine how hard it must be to have children and parents to care for.  That isn't to say that I don't wish that I had that bottom slice, because I will always wish that I had it.  Even if I am happily getting on with my life.

What I mean is that I don't know your situation, and all of our situations are different, but there are similarities and I understand a little of that and I am sorry that you are having to handle it.

Thank you, I am grateful and on we continue together!



  1. The wonderful thing about blogging is that so many of us can connect with similarities in our situation. We can offer empathy , suggestions and above all, friendship. Those of us who are full time carers are not always understood by those around us, even family, which is why it is good to have a wider platform. Thank you for your very honest posts. It does help to read of other peoples ups and downs!

  2. I think blogging is great because you realise that you are not alone in dealing with things such as you're dealing with right now. I read through a lot of the comments on your posts yesterday and so many of us are going through or have been through similar situations. It's heartening to find that you're not the only one having the feelings you're having and, more importantly, that others have survived it and, therefore, you can too. Does that even make sense??

    Hugs, Amy. Onwards and upwards!

  3. Thinking of you Amy - we all cope the best we can with what life throws at us!
    You're a very caring person I can see and it's good to "chew the fat" as we say here!
    Good to hear Five is returning I'll try and join you more this year.
    Here's to health and happiness with a dash of adventure to spice things up this year!
    Warm hugs

  4. I imagine it was interesting and comforting looking through your Jar of Thanksgiving but it sounds very positive that you have decided to put your jar to other uses. AS you say, onwards and upwards. Families can be difficult, esp when caring for and worrying about older relatives, I hope you manage to sort everything out. Best wishes
    Caz xx

  5. I don't think people realise how difficult all this is, you just have to grit your teeth, there isn't an awful lot of option until the person reaches the point when an outside agency has to step in. Keep going, you're doing a grand job. x

  6. Continuing together sounds a good plan. The future might not be at all clear (and that may be a good thing) but we'll be alongside you every step of the way.

  7. Hi Amy, I've just read through your difficult time. It's so hard when they are not around the corner - and don't answer the phone. These cold callers have a lot to answer for! It's also hard when to decide if it really is an emergency or can it wait - again harder if they don't answer the phone. He is very lucky to have you and I know it feels like a thankless task but you will be rewarded xxx

  8. I think reading your own thoughts on what you were grateful for a year ago must bring it all back to you again, such a lovely exercise. Glad that everything's now sorted with Man, for the time being. It's very hard having to deal with people as they age, especially as it's not as though you're just around the corner. I also think it's hard when they're on their own. Though I'm helping my own parents out more and more these days, they do have each other and do manage to muddle through most things, it's different when they have no one else living with them.

  9. So true...we all have our stories. Surprising that so many of them are similar. Glad to know, as I have also discovered, that your blogging buddies have been so very helpful and supportive.

  10. Love the jar of thankfulness idea and I'm so glad the leak was in fact a minor one and easy to fix. Man is very lucky to have you and your hubby to call on. Enjoy the rest of the week. xx

  11. It is important to remember that everyone has their sh*t to deal with. Even the perkiest, most positive people. Some bloggers write about it, others won't, don't (or can't). Whatever. It is fabulous to know that your blogging friends are supportive and empathetic. We all need a kind word and a friendly ear sometimes. Keep at it Amy! Sam x

  12. Amy. Only just catching up on posts and read through the last few days. Phew. So sorry this is happening and to let you know I'm here for a chat, meet up or just to let you know I'm thinking of you. These situations are never easy and are very trying for all concerned. But yiu seem to have the right attitude. Attacking it head on and with gusto. Laugh when you can and cry when you need to. Don't suppress. Sending love and strength x

  13. Families can be so wonderful and at times so infuriating. I don't often write about our extended family, but today I may indulge.

  14. Hello Amy, just catching up on your last two or three posts. It is hard when you are so far away from the person you are concerned about and the phone although useful never alows you to see the full story. I'm so glad that all was well, except for the leak which sounds as if it was easily dealt with. It must be a worry and sometimes a trial for you. It is good to know too that you have had much support via your blog as sometimes those closely involved in a situation with you aren't always as thoughtful. Glad Five on Friday is back this week! Now I need to think about what I will write about:)

  15. The people we meet through various blogs are, to me, like a little group of friends. I'm sure we'd all get on famously if we all met over tea or coffee, exchanging wry smiles at the funny and not-so-funny things that happen to us all, the differences and the similarities we experience going through life. We're all different ages, sometimes different genders, married, single, with families or without, and yet we all share our views and try and support one another. How can such an activity be considered "just" blogging? We actually provide a very good service to one another, I think, with the blogger as the leader of the group, so to speak.
    Having said that (sorry, cliché!) thank goodness that awful leak at Man's was sorted out. Your husband's good deed for the day.
    Speaking of which, although I'm not religious, I do try and manage at least one good deed a day. Today I've managed three (and no, I don't inflict good deeds on people, that would defeat the object!) so I'm two in hand, so to speak!
    1. Put some food in the food bank for those less fortunate (I don't mention it to promote myself as Lady Bountiful but this is something many of us could do, just a jar of jam or a can of beans is better than nothing.
    2. Found a pair of black gloves in the loo in the supermarket and handed them in before someone less kind thought it was their lucky day.
    3. Took a pile of mint paperbacks and a brand new hardback book to my favourite charity shop (for a local hospice.)
    Now to put all the food shopping away. My treat to myself was two bunches of tulips. Even if it's not spring outside, it will be in our sitting room!
    Margaret P

  16. You're right - we all have our own sorts of problems and our own ways of dealing with them. Sorry I've missed your posts over the past couple of weeks. Happy New Year!

  17. The wonderful thing about blogging is that you are never alone and whatever you are going through others have gone before or are in the same situation.

  18. Thankfulness is a lovely gift.

  19. I remember your jar of thanksgiving and what a lovely idea it was. I missed your posts yesterday but am glad all is settling down again. XX

  20. Glad everything is sorted for now, 'for now' is a good phrase at times like this xx

  21. You are a wonderful daughter-in-law...too bad he doesn't see things that way!
    I am thankful that you are on the road to sharing your feelings...instead of holding it all inside!
    Cheers to a wonderful year Amy...
    I am staying positive...for everyone's sake!
    Linda :o)

  22. Being thankful in and for all things truly gives us a different perspective. You are a beautiful and kind lady, Amy...a blessing to SO MANY!

    Your jar of Thanksgiving is simply deloghtful and what a joy to be able to look back over a years worhth of thankfulness. Hugs to you!

  23. Lovely post - and a nudge - my desk is a mess, things shoved in it for the last couple of weeks - it n4eds attention! take care x

  24. I try and say a thankful thing to myself before I go to sleep when I am all cosy. Hope you have a good week. Jo x

  25. oh Amy, what a situation! - I just went back and got caught up with yesterday's goings-on. I simply can't imagine. I'm glad to hear things are sorted - for the time being anyway. ((((hugs))))

    my desk is also a disastrous dumping ground just now. Actually, this entire room needs a severe decluttering. *sigh*

    It's good to be thankful - of course - but I often think that, in the interest of trying to maintain an "attitude of gratitude" we disallow ourselves to acknowledge that things are sometimes utterly horrid. And it's okay that it's horrid. Because it makes the good times all the better. Just my contrary two-cents.....and having said that, I keep up a steady observance of Good Things. xoxo

  26. Hello Amy, I am so glad that your fun 5 on Friday will be returning again soon. Enjoy the rest of the week.

  27. All I can say is that I (as I'm sure all of us) are thankful to have and know you through your wonderful blog. It's a blessing to many of us! Hugs, Pat

  28. Just read your last two posts Amy what can I say, I know and understand exactly where you are coming from and I feel for you I really do, share it my friend it will help lighten the situation. One of my friends has an Aunt that she cares for and has similar issues to deal with she could write a book she really could, by blogging about it you are helping others who are in a similar situation. As for your jar of thanksgiving it is a lovely idea one of the blogs I read I think it was Janet has a happy memories jar which she opens up and reads on new years eve I think thats a lovely idea too I might just do that. :) xx

  29. Dealing with the elderly is often difficult, I know as I had to do a lot with both my parents as you know. It isn't easy seeing those who were so independent losing that crucial part of their life. I also know from experience that you are not going to be right in this situation, you just have to do what is best for that person no matter what they think. Hugs to you my friend, I think I need a grateful jar,

  30. a lovely, thoughtful post Amy, so considerate. x


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