Wednesday, 27 January 2016


Today it is STILL raining!!!

Things are still mixed.

I have laughed though.  At myself of course.

Good News

I made a pom pom.

I don't think that I have yet thrown away any vital piece of paper.

We are having bubble and squeak for dinner.

I am having homemade - from the freezer - soup in a mug for my lunch, and the mug is from a very special friend so it is making me feel loved.

I haven't started any sentences with So so far today.  I can now also spell sentence correctly.

Not so Good News

I shredded the first pom pom I made by not tying it up tightly enough.

My desk is a shambles.

I have a load of paperwork to deal with that I don't really know what to do with.  Things that I need to do things with, not things I can ignore!

I need something to file bits of paper in and wouldn't you know it, a while ago I cleared out all of the things that would make good things to keep bits of paper in...  For now - like a true crafter - I am using a crochet basket.  At least I then know where the things I want actually are.

Mixed News

I went for a walk, it rained on me.

They tried to overcharge me in the post office and then wanted to give me a cash refund on a card payment.  I declined their offer and told them to just charge me the right amount.  They did.

Onwards and upwards, positive and stronger I go though.  I am NOT going to be beaten by myself!!!  It is bad enough letting myself get beaten by others, I am not going to beat myself!

Oh, and the chocolates did help last night, I only ate one layer - they are very small layers - and I have at least one or two more to go.  Yes, I did share with hubby - I gave him two of my chocolates!

Leanne, I am glad that the boiler man is coming today!

Thank you for cheer ups!  I feel Anne's hand in my pocket and I know that Leanne is sending me buttercups!

Better go and do some work now, I feel very guilty and as though I am skiving - which I am - and which is something that I haven't done at work for a loooooonnnnnnnnnnnggggggggg time.  Feels very odd!  Do you think that I can have the TV on in my office while working if I work for myself?

Right, really must go!



  1. I had the same issue with a pompom over christmas!, hope you start to feel like yourself again soon, take carexx

  2. Oh! I can send you things? Excellent! I am sending a skillet lasagna for tomorrow night's supper and the most cozy afghan done in all your favorite colors. Including also, the book you'd like to read. So glad that you spoke up for what you needed at the post office. If I had the power to send a sunny day, I'd do that, too. I can send the image of sunshine pouring in your windows from a garden blooming with flowers and a cheery vase of posies on the windowsill. At least, I am leaving here grinning.

  3. Keep on going, you know you'll win in the end. Love your pom-pom, I always make a mess when I try and make them.

  4. You sound much more chirpy today, Amy!
    I had a bit of a do at the basket check out in Waitrose the day before yesterday. I was holding my wallet, my glasses, my gloves and trying to get money out of my wallet. There was just nowhere to put anything down. The place where you put the supermarket basket is also where they put the items once they've gone through the scanner, so they just fill a bag for you, there isn't a place on the other side of the till. I was getting in a right tiz because I then dropped coins out of purse section of my wallet, and I began to swear. This wasn't enviable behaviour, I know, a little old woman effing and blinding, but I thought, "who the hell designed all this?" Husband says I should've put my gloves and glasses down, but the only place was back in the wire basket and it was awkward as I'd have had to release my grip then on my wallet - my hands hurt much of the time because of arthritis - and I just got thoroughly p*ssed off. Then the young chap said "Have a good day," and I said "I will ... eventually!" So you are not the only one who gets upset, Amy/ We all have days like that. Sadly, they are happening more frequently!
    What in god's name do you want a pompom for? Only joking, kiddo, but life's too short to make pompoms! Have another chocolate!
    Margaret P

  5. None of those negatives are insurmountable ... you will overcome :)
    M x

  6. Onwards and upwards. Keep looking for the good things and dismiss the bad - make more pompoms, they're very cheering. Hoping you're feeling brighter soon. X

  7. So you shouldn't start a sentence with so? I seem to remember being told this when I was about 10. So did it make me stop? I don't think so!

  8. Your pom-pom is so sweet. There is just something about pom-poms isn't their - they are so cheery. Have you seen Dawn's (from By Sun And Candlelight blog) File Crate System? It's a FABULOUS way of keeping all sorts of paper under control. I'll leave a link to her archives at the bottom of my comment, you will probably end up taking a bit of time reading through her posts but they such fun :) I use the File Crate System myself to take care of the daily paper-trail and a lever-arch file with dividers to file away paid bills and other paperwork throughout the year. Each year has a file.

    I think tomorrow is forecast to be a sunny day -yay! All this rain is boring! LOL Hope you feel in better spirits soon :)

  9. Arrrg!! I forgot to leave the link to the File Crate posts - here it is...

  10. Ah, when there's bubble and squeak, it's a good day. Keep smiling!

  11. Windy but dry here! On the plus point Feb is sure to be a good month, love the pom pom x

  12. No-one can be uncheered with a pompom! Your soup looks delicious; just the thing for the wind and rain we're having at the moment. Have a peaceful evening and enjoy those other layers! xx

  13. Such a strange commentary on your blog this morning....looks to be a bit disjointed! ;-) I'm working on income tax, and am waiting impatiently for a couple of tax statements and can't finish without them. And our taxes are simple!

  14. Bubble and squeak, very comforting!

  15. Hey Amy,
    As a connoisseur of mugs, I have to say that yours is rather lovely. The boiler man came, tinkered, drank his cup of coffee and left. And we had a nice chat about dogs. It has rained. A lot. I have achieved nothing. Good for you standing your ground in the post office. I wish I had a desk to untidy.
    Leanne xx

  16. Making pompoms is fun and it's quite normal for the first one not to work you have to get into the swing of them and then it's fun all the way. Bubble and squeak is good and so is homemade soup in a special mug. Enjoy your next layer of chocolate and I hope it stops raining tomorrow. It's blowing gail here. :) xx

  17. Aw bless you, hope your week continues to improve

  18. On dear still not much better, roll on tomorrow again!! x

  19. My computer decided to close google just as I hit "publish" for my comment :P That was a couple of hours ago now.
    I often start a sentence with "So", but then I just delete the word, and the sentence still reads fine. I remember a teacher in early years telling us never to start a sentence with "so" or "then" ... of course, THEN I think she was left with a classroom full of kids who suddenly had writer's block.
    I went for a very un-delightful walk in the woods this morning. The woods and the birds and the scenery was lovely, but my two little companions were not! Whining and crying and dragging their feet ... ugh! I got some nice sunshiny photos however, and if I could send you some sunshine I would. It is streaming through my front living room window as I sit in my comfy chair with laptop on knee and tea in mug beside me :) Quite cozy on this nippy day.
    You sound like today has been much better for you (overall), so I think tomorrow is going to be GREAT!! I'm glad you enjoyed that soup in the pretty little mug ;) It looks delicious. Soup and tea are the world's best comforts ... and good friends!
    Enjoy the rest of your day Amy! Love the little aqua pom pom. A little of garland of those around your sewing area would bring a smile to anyone's face. Take care,

  20. You sound happier, glad to hear it. Onwards and upwards, eh xxx

  21. I love your mug - and of course I would recommend chocolate to cheer you up. Sorry, but I laughed at your fallen-to-bits pompom!!

  22. You sound more positive today. Hope your week continues to improve. xx

  23. Oh Amy you have made me laugh. Yes, it is absolutely OK to have the TV on while working. I always used to work in silence at home and then I realised if I was in an office there would be constant noise. Myself I work along to Radio 4 of Radio 4 extra on iplayer, unless there's tennis on which I watch with the sound off because I can't stand the squeaking! Have a lovely evening - it's time for Winterwatch.

  24. Glad the day came out with a Pom Pom! I have no idea how to make those! I would love to string you have a machine thingy to make them? Wishing sunshine and if that doesn't come out a warm and cozy night!! Happy day friend! Nicole xo

  25. Some days are just made to make pom poms x

  26. I *am* in our pocket, Amy! Hang on tight! :o)

  27. I'm wishing I had a desk too, and also admiring your beautiful mug. The soup looks delicious, I could happily have some right now. Nice pom pom, I haven't made one in years, I think I should make one soon. Very impressed that you shared the chocolates and only ate one layer. Exemplary restraint and self-discipline. CJ xx

  28. Well you sound much better to me than yesterday - so that makes me feel better and worrying about you a little less. ;)
    Keep that chin up dear Gal - and keep looking for the magical moments in everyday and just let those storm clouds pass through as they want. You have angels as umbrellas and all is well. xoxo Blessings Lovie!!

  29. But when you get the pompom right it's just so GOOD it makes up for the bad I think. I should be dealing with paper stuff, but instead tomorrow I am trawling the charity shops with my friend and then having coffee. Much nicer than paperwork x

  30. Oh, when things are blah, chocolates are the perfect antidote! I haven't made pom-poms in years. Yours turned out so cute in the end. I do hope things look up for you soon. I'm sure the rain isn't helping. Heavy rain and flooding coming our way, so I was glad I had a couple days of sunshine. Wishing you a much better week ahead. xx Karen

  31. I see my question about the chocolates was answered. Glad today was better for you. You're on a roll - tomorrow will be yet another improvement!
    Pretty pompom!

  32. Pom poms are fun to make. But, gotta tie em tight! lol I have no idea what Bubble and Squeak is but I've heard of it. Fun name! Cute cup! Sounds like you had a random day similar to mine. Glad your chocolate helped cheer you last night. I may go for some of that tonight. And, maybe a glass of wine to go with it! Cheers! :-)

  33. Your little pom pom just makes me smile! I've heard people talk of Bubble and Squeak. What is it?
    Hang in there - you will survive!

  34. The pompom was really cute. I'm sure everything will be okay. Don't be too hard on yourself :)

    Congratulations on the new job!


  35. I've read your previous post and I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better. I also have days when as soon as something goes right, another thing goes wrong or needs attention. But we keep going, don't we? We hope and we keep going and things usually get sorted one way or another. Btw, congratulations on the new job! Well done! X

  36. I hope the sun's shining for you today as it is here. Well done on the pompom, all my attempts end up looking like your first go.

  37. all look so beautiful Amy. Love the wool colors ! I cant wait the autumn arrive !!

  38. I remember as a child we used to make pompoms and rag rugs, I loved making pompoms!

  39. Oh Amy, what an up and down post, sometimes you just feel like that don't you and I'm glad you have posted it and hopefully you feel a better both by posting it and by reading people's comments.
    I made a pom pom over Christmas and mine is a bit loose too! Love that mug, it looks as though it is made for that warming soup.
    Hope you are feeling a bit chirpier (hugs) and that things are on the up
    Caz xx

  40. Good luck with your shop Amy - I hope it is very successful for you.

  41. You always put a smile on my face, on your good days and your bad ones. You see humor in so much that makes it all okay. Yes to the TV, I can't have it on as it distracts me, but if you can work you go right ahead.


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