Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Good and rubbish

The last couple of days have been an odd mix of good and rubbish.  In fact I feel very up and down right now, veering from one to the other in one moment to another.

I know why it is and I know that it will pass, and that it isn't - oh gosh I hope - anything that is too serious or cannot be resolved, but I don't like it!!!  In fact I could stamp one of my not so little feet and pout and possibly scweam and scweam and scweam until I am sick!

Just to illustrate the point, as I am writing this I published it after just the two paragraphs above!  So if you are reading this right now - I will publish it again! - come back in a minute! 



See, life is like that right now.

Today should have been a great day.  The first day that something actually happened with my new employment venture, two things actually.  However, I spent soooooooo long today online trying to figure something out that was in the end solved by googling the problem after spending at least an hour searching for the answer, and wouldn't you know it the answer was so obvious - when you know how....

Tomorrow will be better, and the good news is that I have actually earned some money today.

One thing goes upppp up and away and another crashes down around me.

I made a great dinner and then managed to drip food down my clothes.  I needed to go and run some errands and it has poured with rain all day so I had to go in the rain.  I forgot to buy some new daffodils to cheer myself up and the scented candle that I have been holding on to for ages still isn't smelling scenty even though I am now half way down. 

That my friends is all the signs of a bad mood!!

I think that I am stressed actually.  Tomorrow is a new day and - as I already said - will be better.  It will!!

So, what I am going to do.  Stop starting sentences with SO and learn how to spell sentence and then go and get the box of very posh chocs that I got for Christmas and start to eat them and read blogs and then do some tapestry.  Then bed and tomorrow will arrive and be much much better!!!

Oh, I do have something else to say!  As far as my employment goes, I WILL tell you ALL about it, but I just need to wait a teensy bit longer.  Also, about Basildon Park, I am not paid for my work there, but I do work there, as a volunteer, and I treat it as work, am there regularly as work (although not five days a week!), and they expect people who volunteer there to work and be as professional as if it were a paid job.  So as far as I am concerned it is work - which I happen to love and adore - and it is easier to describe it on my blog and to others as work.  Hope that clears up any confusion or misconceptions!

I am going now, I have rambled enough!

See you tomorrow - in a better frame of mind!!

Thanks for listening.



  1. We all have days like that where you think you might as well have stayed in bed. Which is more or less what I did today, feeling full of the cold still, bleurgh :(
    Hopefully we will both have better days tomorrow

  2. Hope you are feeling a little better tomorrow, chocolate and nice bubbly bath might help!!!

  3. Tomorrow is another day, Amy. Hopefully a much better one! :o)

  4. I have been having a horrible 7 days.....grrrrrrrrrrr
    Hope you are better tomorrow♥️
    Linda :o)

  5. Amy, I hope you will feel in better spirits tomorrow. I think if we are honest we all get days when we feel down and nothing is right with the world but luckily things usually manage to turn themselves around. Take care. xx

  6. Its sounds as if it's one of those days when bedtime just can't arrive fast enough. I'm glad you've got a nice box of chocolates. Chocolates are the perfect solution to a bad day. Hugs to you...

  7. hope tomorrow is a better day xxx

  8. A nice cup of hot tea and some relaxation might help the spirits a little bit. Hang in there.
    xx Beca

  9. Your Basildon Park volunteer employment sounds interesting, I wonder what you do there? Sending you a bit of sunshine from my California home.

  10. Amy, it sounds as if you've had a frustrating day. Good chocolates and tapestry are definitely called for, I hope they soothe you. And I hope the not-so-good things pass quickly. CJ xx

  11. Been there dear Lady - so you're not alone! ;) Hang in there...and you're right that tomorrow is a new day and I hope it will be MUCH better!!! Can't wait to hear the scoop about the new job.
    Blessings sweet Gal! xoxo

  12. Ramble on my friend...
    We have all been there!
    The Google thing! I know!!! Ugh!
    And right you are...tomorrow is a brand new day. : )

  13. Hope you feel better tomorrow! Chocolate helps! Or cake...or cake and chocolate :-)

  14. Some days are just like that and then of course it rains. Hope tomorrow is better.

  15. We all have some bads days...looking for sunshine to shine on ya soon!! Take care!

  16. Aww Amy we all have those kind of days! I hope you day is better tomorrow as for the rest of the week too. Take care.
    Julie xo

  17. Ahhhh...one of THOSE days. Hope that all is much brighter now. As I put this comment together, I am hoping that you are already sleeping on it since it must be the wee hours of the morning there. Morning light usually puts us in a better frame of mind. You are making me very curious, though I can be patient.

  18. It sounds like a no good, very bad day! I sure hope tomorrow is better!

  19. It sounds like you've got a lot out of your system just by writing this post ;) Everyone has a bad, bad day, but a good rest and a little relaxin' time and you can start fresh tomorrow. Best of luck with sorting things out. Everything will fall into place just the way you want it, even if you have to do a bit of tweaking every so often. Hugs to you Amy!
    Wendy x

  20. I hear you friend! Ha! If you could have seen me earlier today! It makes you appreciate those really calm and simple days that much more! Wishing us both happy up days tomorrow!!! And good job on making some money!! Nicole xoxo

  21. Sounds like a no good, very bad, terrible day. Hoping that tomorrow is much, much better.

  22. Oh dear, I think yesterday must have been the day for lots of people to have 'one of those days' - I certainly did!

    I hope the chocolates and tapestry helped, and that today is a better day for you. Xxx

  23. Most of us have those "bad hair all over the body" days, as for dripping food on your clothes at least you did not drop the lot on the carpet. That is soooo bad and takes lots of cleaning up. As Scarlett said,"Tomorrow is another day"

  24. A huff and puff never hurt anyone..hope you enjoyed your chops and tomorrow is always another day they say xx

  25. Just read your post and I'm hoping that today ,Wednesday, will bring calmer happier moments for you. Hope the sun shines in your corner of the world and keep smiling :) Barbara xx

  26. Oh Boy I know exactly how you are feeling!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  27. On dear, roll on tomorrow for tomorrow is another day x

  28. Hey Amy,
    I'm reading this on Wednesday morning. The boiler man is here. I got the date wrong and waited in for him all day yesterday. I was so cross that he hadn't turned up again, so I rang the number and had a rather terse conversation with the poor boy on the other end. There was a pause, and then he told me that I wasn't due a visit until today. Oops!
    So I'm hoping that your blahs have dissipated a little today. I'm hoping you've now bought those daffs, and they are sending happy, colourful spring like vibes towards you. I'm hoping you didn't drop your breakfast down your front (a common occurrence here) and I am hoping that you are feeling more like yourself. I considering volunteering work too. Just because I don't get paid, doesn't mean it's any less valid. It's a bit like keeping house, or being a full time Mum; these are not considered paid work, but they are vital nonetheless. Hooray for volunteers, that's what I say. Where would we be without them!
    Take care,
    Leanne xx

  29. Chocolates and creative work always helps! Hope today is better for you. Don't forget to pop out for those daffodils. x

  30. Te he I hope today is far better for you - we all seem the same at the moment xx

  31. Let it all out girl! Hope you got an early night and are feeling bright-eyed and bushy tailed today. Sam x

  32. Do you mean to tell me you still have chocolates UNOPENED from Christmas - that is restraint of the first order and deserves a hurrah from me! I would've chomped my way through them by now!
    We all have days like that, Amy. Nothing seems to go right, but as you say, tomorrow is another day ... now where have I heard THAT before!
    I don't tend to suffer from 'moods'. I am much the same all the time - just bossy!
    Now, try and enjoy your new venture, whatever it is. All new things have teething problems (that's why they're called teething problems I think, because infants have them when young, hence a young business venture ... etc, etc)
    And yes, if I were a NT volunteer, I would treat it as 'work' and be professional about it even if I weren't actually paid for the work.
    Oh, I'd love one of your chocs right now ... have you eaten them up yet? Did you save one for Husband?
    Margaret P

  33. Oh, dear one of those days, hope the chocolates helped. Is it Scarlet O'Hara who says 'Tomorrow is another day'? I washed and blow dried my hair this morning then went out and got wet through and blown about looks as bad as before I started now, just a little thing but so irritating - now where are those chocolates?:)

  34. Oh, those kind of days come to us all. But that doesn't make them any better to bear. I was feeling rather tetchy myself today, still do, but I know that a good night's sleep will put things mostly to rights.
    Hope the chocolates helped!

  35. I am pleased that you describe your role at Basildon Park as "work": work is work, whether paid or unpaid, it still requires time, effort, commitment and sticking-to-the-rules. Now you have two jobs, good for you! xx

  36. Gosh don't we all have days and weeks like that. This one has been a tough one for me, I was so tired last night I felt ill. Then I was up and out the door for work by 6:15 this morning. But now I am home, home is just where I need to be. I am so excited about your new venture, and of course your volunteering is real work.
    Hope you are feeling better today.

  37. Oh dear! I am reading upwards and hoping it gets better. But I relate to the disappointment of scented candles that don't smell xx


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