Sunday, 31 May 2015

A seaside walk in Lyme Regis

Lyme Regis is a beautiful little town on the south coast of England in a county called Dorset.  The area that Lyme Regis is situated in is also called the Jurassic Coast because of the huge amount of fossils that can be found in this area.  In fact the whole Jurassic Coast is a World Heritage Site.

If you have seen the film The French Lieutenants Woman you will have seen Lyme Regis as it was featured in the film and of course the book was based there.

The Cobb is the famous harbour wall.  It provides a safe harbour for the fishing boats and also provides a lovely walk for visitors to the town.  The Cobb is the main part of the town that is featured in The French Lieutenants Woman.

Lyme is one of my and my husbands favourite places in the world to visit and whenever we are anywhere near Lyme we always try and make a visit there.  On our holiday in April we went twice.  Once on the first evening for fish and chips - sadly rather unsatisfactory! - and then again for a days wandering and pottering about.

If you go to Lyme I recommend that you do not park your car right in the middle of the town as there are a couple of other car parks just a little walk from the sea front and they are massively cheaper - you can park for a whole day for just about the cost of one hours parking in the centre of the town I seem to remember!

There are some lovely shops and galleries, restaurants and a museum to enjoy.  Of course you can just sit by the sea and take it all in or go for a walk.  There is also a lovely mini golf place that looks out over the sea - what could be better!

I took so many photos - as I always do - that even after editing them and not including the selfies of hubby and I there were too many for one post.  So today I am taking you along the sea front and then later in the week I will take you along The Cobb and show you the boats.

These wonderful lampposts are all along the sea front area and the swirly shape that you see represents an ammonite which are the fossils that you mainly find in this area.

You can see The Cobb as you walk along and the little buildings on it.  Most of the beach is pebbles, but there is also a lovely sandy area that is used by families where children can dig and make sandcastles.  Everyone else just sits on the pebbles or the concrete sea wall.

You might remember that we have put a concrete ammonite in our new garden path.  It didn't come from Lyme Regis, but it reminds us of one of our favourite places.  That is why we chose it!

There are lots of really pretty houses, especially along the sea front and as you drive down into the town.  They have many architectural details that you do not see elsewhere.

Many of them are painted in fabulous seaside ice cream colours as well.  What could be better for a house by the sea - other than not having to share with the visitors if you actually live there of course!

This house is raised up so is more private and must have wonderful views from these two balconies.

I love this thatched house.  The lead drainpipes are wonderful aren't they.

This house has an amazing sundial on the front under the bay window.    A detail that you definitely don't see on many houses.

This shows the detail on one of the drainpipes on the thatched house.

The tide was out so you can see that there rocks are showing.  They are hidden when the tide is in which must have made this area quite treacherous for boats.

As we go along the seafront we get closer and closer to The Cobb.

It is good to turn back and look in the other direction too.

Walking along you go past the Jubilee Pavilion which is the tourist information office.  We have never been inside, but we admire the building from the outside.  Just a little bit further along is the National Trust shop which sells delicious ice cream - I recommend the salted caramel - and the amusement arcade where we spent a grand totally of 50 pence on one of the penny drop games - that requires 2 pence pieces these days!  It was a fun way to spend some time.

In the picture below you can see the beautiful gardens that are laid out and just to the left of them  - out of shot - is the mini golf that I mentioned earlier.

A few seagull shots are obligatory.  There are a lot of seagulls in the town - although not as many as I saw in St Ives later in the week - and there are notices asking people not to feed them.  Watch whatever you are eating with care as they will come and try to get a snack whether you are offering it or not.

The beach hut doors are painted in wonderful ice cream colours too.  They suit the area and also go well with the colours of the houses.  They can be hired by the day, week or season.  If you are staying for a week, especially with children I imagine you would get a lot of use from a beach hut.

In my next Lyme Regis post we will walk along The Cobb and see the boats!

I hope that you enjoyed your walk.  It was lovely to have you along with me!


Friday, 29 May 2015

Five On Friday

Today I have some little things to share which have made me happy over the last week.  Nothing very exciting, but happy things aren't necessarily about big or exciting things are they.  It is all about the art of being happy in the small things - apparently!! 

As I get older though I realise that the small things are more and more important.  This week I was pleased to see the way a colleague handled what could have been a difficult meeting in the most wonderful way.  I also enjoyed seeing two of those bobbing flowers on the dashboard of a car in a car park.  The car was parked, but the flowers were still bobbing up and down looking cheery.  As well the sun has been shining and that always makes life better doesn't it.

Another wonderful thing was the comments on yesterdays post - thank you for them all! - as some of you mentioned remembering the same post that I did last year.  It was so lovely to think that you remember my wittering's as I never write with any expectation, so to know that the post stuck with you so much was very surprising and very amazing.  So thank you for all of the comments, and especially thank you for letting me know that you remember what I write.  I cannot explain, but it is lovely!

On though to my five moments that actually have pictures to go with them!

1.  I love to go for a walk round the garden first thing - with a watering can in hand - and sometimes in the evening with hubby - with my camera in hand.

These are just a few things I captured this week.

2.  I know that I have already told you this, but I am soooo pleased to see the back of the skip!  We just have the memory of the shape of it in the grass now.  It will soon turn green again though and be ready for mowing.  We are now done with skips!  Barring anything major of course...  They say you should never say never!

3.  Work is progressing on my tapestry.  Now that I have my floor standing frame all set up how I want it to be I have been working so much more quickly on this.  Two squares of nine are completed and I have nearly finished the background of the third.

Square number one.

Square number two.

The nearly completed square number three.

4.  Just so that you don't think I am totally off crochet!  I made these two items this week.  Any guesses as to what they are?  I am still at the playing about stage right now.  Really I should be writing up other things but you know how it is.

5.  I had totally forgotten about this little ladybird whirligig thing but we found it tucked away in the shed in a box of solar lights that we put away for the winter.  The wings have been spinning round in the slightest breeze.  Although it is a silly and little thing, it makes me smile when I see it!  See.  Small things!!

There you have it, five very small things really, but things that are making me happy.

I hope that you have a very happy weekend and week ahead.  Whatever you are doing.  Big things or small.



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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Walking to work

Last year I posted here about my walk into work.  Yesterday I decided to repeat the experience as I had in my mind that last years post was from the last week of May - turns out it was from the first week of June, but close enough!  It was also lunchtime when I went out not first thing, so it was rather busier.

I hope that you will enjoy all that Lady Iliffe's garden had to offer yesterday in the bright sunshine.

The wonderful copper beech tree.  It is magnificent isn't it.  You can tell how big it is if you can just spot the people at the very bottom of the picture!

These standard wisterias are stunning aren't they

Here in the courtyard is the furniture which we had in the house for our Easter display.  Those of you who said you fancied a picnic - well, here is your chance!!


The peonies are stunning again this year.

This is one of the gardeners, he was trimming the edge of the lawn, you can see the shears in his hands.

There are many beautiful roses as well as the peonies.

Once again the irises are stunning.  I love this dark shade of royal purple.

This hosta is enormous.  The leaves are far bigger than even the largest hand and it is amazingly free of slug holes too!

So that was my lunchtime stroll.  Not a bad way to spend 20 minutes or so!  Hope you enjoyed coming along.