Monday, 28 December 2015


A few years ago I bought this cardboard theatre.  It just slots together and allows you to put on little plays.  So I thought that I would share a little play with you here today.  Hope that you like it.  There is some explanation about pantomimes at the end.


"Oh dear" said Cinderella "I wonder why my step sisters are so unkind to me.  They make me do all the work, while they lie in bed thinking of crazy things to make me do for them to blog about.  My father doesn't seem to notice that I never have any new clothes and spend all my time cooking and decorating and crafting things.

Just then Cinderella hears her two step sisters calling "Have you made that cake yet?" and "Have you crocheted that new blanket?"

Cinderella's sisters appear in the kitchen.  Myrtilla said to her sister Jemima "Look at her!  Standing around doing nothing!"  Jemima replied "Lazy cat!"

"No sisters, I have been working since dawn, I promise you.  I have moderated all of the comments, and replied to the questions and put up three new posts on each of your blogs."  Cinderella replied.

"So you say, I don't believe a word of it.  My twitter has been silent!"  Myrtilla said, followed quickly by Jemima who replied "Been eating all the cake and trying on my dresses more likely!  It isn't as if I have seen a thing on Instagram this morning."

"Sisters, I promise you" Cinderella begged them to believe her.

Myrtilla didn't believe her and said "Well, I don't.  It's hard work we want from you, so get on with it.  I need at least another million page views this month!"

"But sisters...."  Cinderella pleaded.

Just then Cinderella's father, The Baron appeared and said "Now, now, girls, what is this?  Not quarrelling I hope?"

Immediately Jemima started to speak "It's Cinderella Pa, causing trouble as usual."

"Now, stop it, all three of you and listen to me.  Do you see this proclamation?"  The Baron asked them all.

Myrtilla asked "What is a proclamation?"  The Baron replied "This is."  Jemima responded by saying "I knew that all the time, I am the clever one.  I am.  Not stupid like some I could mention."

This upset Myrtilla a great deal "Well, at least I don't steal all my blog ideas from Pinterest!!"  she told her sister.  Jemima was having none of this and called her sister an obsessive Instagrammer, and Myrtilla called Jemima a Facebook geek.  An argument was now well underway.

"Girls, girls.  Stop it I say!!  This proclamation is from The Prince.  He is holding a great ball to which all of the ladies of the land are invited so that he might choose the most beautiful to his bride.  So put on your finest gowns and we shall be off."  The Baron said as he left the room.  Myrtilla and Jemima were thrilled and were saying to each other "Oh goody, and I hope he chooses me!  Just think of it, tomorrow I shall be The Princes bride!" 

Then Myrtilla turned to Jemima and said "You!  Don't make me laugh!  The moment he sets eyes on me he will fall straight in love."

Cinderella interrupted them and asked if she would be able to come.  The two sisters replied together "YOU!  The impertinence, the cheek of it, what will you wear, how will you get there!  There will not be any room in the carriage for you."  Jemima reminded her "There are at least 14 projects that need photographing and writing up, so get on with it while I make myself beautiful.  Although it is hard to improve on perfection of course!"

The sisters headed off to get ready and Cinderella could hear Jemima telling Myrtilla that she could do with writing some better tweets.  Surely they would just be arguing about their blogs and dresses for the rest of the day.

"Ah well, I don't suppose The Prince would have noticed me anyway." said Cinderella to herself and she swept the floor.  "It would have been a nice dream though."

Suddenly an old lady appeared in the kitchen and said "Young woman."  "Oh, you startled me, who are you?"  Cinderella asked.

"Just a poor hungry old woman.  You couldn't spare me a bite to eat I suppose?"  The old lady asked.  "I cannot give you any of my sisters food I am afraid, they would notice and would accuse me of stealing it."  The old lady started to say "So you cannot help me" when Cinderella continued "There is my own supper though, it isn't very nice, but I would gladly give you that."  Cinderella went to get the supper for the old lady to eat.

All of a sudden the old woman turned into a Fairy Godmother.  Cinderella reappeared with the food and was startled to see the Fairy Godmother instead of the old lady.

"Who are you?" Cinderella asked.  "Your Fairy Godmother, I was testing you, now you see me without my disguise.  I have come to grant your dearest wish.  What would that be?  Do you want an award winning Blog like your sisters?"  came the reply.

"No thank you.  I don't want a blog.  Could, could I go to the ball with my sisters?  Cinderella tentatively asked.

"No sooner said than done!  First of all - vanish Cinderella in your rags!"  Said the Fairy Godmother.  Cinderella disappeared.  Then she reappeared dressed in a beautiful gown and said "How wonderful!  Thank you!"

The Fairy Godmother told Cinderella "Now, remember, the spell only lasts until the stroke of midnight, and then your beautiful dress will disappear, so take great care."

All of a sudden a coach appeared and Cinderella headed off to the ball.

Later that day at the Princes Ballroom.

"So far these fine ladies all much like the other.  They are all overdressed and with far too much makeup on.  I mean, look at this pair who are just arriving."  The Prince lamented to no one but himself.

"Hellloooo" called Myrtilla to the Prince.  Jemima was busy thinking how gorgeous the Prince was.  Just then she realised that he was greeting them.  "Good evening Sir and Ladies" The Baron responded by saying "Sire, may I present my beautiful daughters Jemima and Myrtilla.  They are famous bloggers, they each have over 5 followers."

The Prince coughed and said "Well, if you must." to which the sisters instantly replied "Of course you must."  Jemima then asked the Prince for a dance, and was admonished by The Baron.  "That is no way to ask for a dance!"

"Quite right."  said Myrtilla.  Then she said to the Prince "How about tripping the light fantastic handsome?".

The Prince excused himself.  "Perhaps later, there are so many other people that I must meet.  Sorry, have to circulate..."  He drifted away.

Just then Cinderella appeared.  The sisters noticed her immediately, but didn't recognise their sister now that she was wearing a beautiful dress that was most certainly worthy of all kinds of social media attention.  Both sisters immediately started to tweet about her.  Myrtilla said "Don't like the look of this girl.  Who is she #anyoneknowthiswoman"

The Prince made his way over to Cinderella and introduced himself and asked if they had met before.   Cinderella replied "No sire, we have not been introduced, but I am very glad to meet you."  The Prince then asked her to dance, but Cinderella was nervous.  She said "Only if you really want to."  "Oh, I do."  Replied the Prince.

Cinderella's sisters just stood watching on and mean tweeting and spreading nasty rumours about this unknown woman all over the internet.

Myrtilla said "been waiting hours for a dance with the Prince.  He promised me a dance"

Jemima said "three hours, no dance action.  Getting fed up.  Want to go home #bored"

Eventually The Baron said to his daughters, "I am getting tired of standing and waiting."  Myrtilla texted her sister "my feet are killing me"  Jemima replied "not surprised, look at the weight on them"

The Baron said, "All this time, he is dancing with that beautiful young girl."  "Instead of us Jemima responded."

Just then, the clock struck midnight and the chines started to ring out.

"Midnight already." moaned Myrtilla.  "Not even one tiny little dance ."  said Jemima "And no one has replied to any of my tweets or instagrams.

The Prince suddenly  appeared before the sisters and asked "Where has the beautiful woman gone?" 

"Who?"  said Myrtilla "I didn't see anyone."  The lady I was dancing with ."  said the Prince in an exasperated voice.  "How should we know."  Jemima replied in an offhand way.

"We were dancing, and the clock struck midnight and then she ran off.  I chased after her, but all I saw was a ragged looking girl running across the grass.  All I could find was this beautiful glass slipper on the steps."  The Prince explained.  "Never mind Prince." said Myrtilla.  Jemima piped up "You still have us you know." 

"No, I must find her."  said the Prince as he walked off to look for her.

"Well, the cheek of the man" "How rude!"  the sisters said to each other.

The Baron then appeared and said "Girls, I think it is time that we went home.".

The next morning in the kitchen.

"I do feel a bit like the morning after."  Jemima strolled into the kitchen saying out loud to no one in particular.  "You should try looking at yourself.  I hope that you haven't posted any selfies this morning."  Myrtilla replied to her.

Cinderella asked them "Did you have a wonderful time sisters?".

"Of course, the Prince danced with us all night, all night!"  Jemima said straight away.

"Gosh, really."  Said Cinderella.

"Yes, it was a pity that you couldn't have seen our triumph!" replied Myrtilla.

At that moment The Baron came rushing in through the door, rather out of breath.  He puffed "Girls, girls, another proclamation.  Do you remember the Prince found a glass slipper.  Well, the proclamation says that the Prince will marry whichever lady the slipper fits.  He is sending the slipper to every house in the land until he finds the right lady."

"Oh my goodness said the two sisters."  Myrtilla then said "I am sure that it will be."  "You" said Jemima.  "You have feet the size of battleships!  No, the slipper will fit me, I can squeeze my feet into any designer shoes you know."  "If you chop your toes off" replied Myrtilla in a very nasty way.

All of a sudden the Prince arrived.  He looked at Myrtilla's and Jemima's feet and said "Well I can see that both of your feet are too large for this tiny slipper."  The two sisters were mortified at hearing this.  The Prince then said "Does anyone else live here?"

The two sisters immediately replied "No."  The Baron meanwhile said "Only my daughter Cinderella, but she didn't go to the ball."  "Her feet are even bigger than mine." Myrtilla said.  The Prince said "Well, I would like to see, could you fetch her please."

While The Baron was fetching Cinderella Myrtilla and Jemima tried to sweet talk the Prince "I don't suppose that she will be very nice" "small feet are overrated anyway" "I am a famous blogger, I have five followers"  The Prince merely stood and looked at the ceiling, clearly wishing that he was somewhere else.

Cinderella followed her father into the kitchen, where the Prince passed her the slipper to try on.  "Oh gosh," she gasped "it fits!"  "Was that you at the ball?" asked the Prince.  "Yes, it was."  Cinderella replied.

"Oh gosh, I am so very glad to have found you!"  The Prince said.  He then fell to one knee and asked "Will you marry me?" to which Cinderella of course immediately replied "Yes!"

They married that very day and lived happily ever after.

The end.

Starring, The Baron, The Fairy Godmother, and the sisters, Myrtilla and Jemima

Along with The Prince and Cinderella.


Pantomime is an English tradition.  At Christmas plays - usually of fairy stories - are put on in theatres all over the country.  There are many stock characters, often a dame, played by a man.  A principal boy, played by a girl.  There is always a baddy of some sort - or two in the cases of the sisters in Cinderella! - and sometimes there is a pantomime horse or cow too.

It is also part of the enjoyment of a good pantomime to poke fun at things in the news, local well known figures or events.  That is why I have poked a little fun at us bloggers in this.  Please don't take offence, it is all in good fun, and remember.  I am a blogger too!

Many families go to see a pantomime between Christmas and New Year, so I thought that this was a good time to share this with you.


This pantomime is based on the script that came with my theatre kit, but I have adapted it, and you know, of course, that Cinderella is a work of fiction.

I hope that you enjoyed it and had some fun!

Happy Christmas!



  1. Oh, Amy, this was gorgeous! Such a fun play and the cardboard theatre is beautiful.
    I really enjoyed your adaptation and hope there will be other plays performed in Mr. Jackson's Pantomime Theatre! xx

  2. We used to have one of these. Endless hours of fun x

  3. I loved it, Amy. Oh no you didn't! Oh yes I did! LOL

  4. What fun! I had a similar theatre when I was a child. Thanks for bringing back memories!

  5. What a bit of fun! Oh no it wasn't, oh yes it was!! Ha ha very traditional and the only pantomime I'll see this year. x

  6. Sweet! What a lovely thing to have. x

  7. Oh, that was great! And L love your little theatre!!!
    Margaret P

  8. Love that theatre! We're off to the panto tonight (funnily enough, Cinderella, with Shetland ponies). Looking forward to it.

  9. A great theatre pantomimes and we usually go to see one every year.

  10. very cool. i will be sharing my Christmas card exchange tomorrow on the blog, i hope your bloggy link is still open. i finally had a day to fit it in. so busy with Christmas season. it is funny how every year i think i will have a different mind set & then my plan is just thrown out the door and i just have to go with the flow. what??! going to see what you said about Laura Ingalls Wilder. have a lovely week. ( :

  11. Lordy Lord that was so good. Thanks a million for cheering me up. Everyone has been sick here and I am the last one standing (as oppose to having my head down the toilet!) We are going to Panto on the 2nd Jan - Dick Whittington. You have certainly put me in the mood. Jo xx

  12. Very funny, and I loved the set!

  13. It's a lovely theatre Amy a great thing to have x

  14. What a lovely theatre, I bet you have some good fun with that.

  15. Oh that was very entertaining and very well written Amy! The set you have is gorgeous!
    Have a fun week!

  16. I LOVED this post! I love your little theater and I just think you are so much fun! Hugs,

  17. It's so cute! Thanks or all the work you did to share it with us!

  18. What fun, and a lovely little theatre set! Thanks for sharing!


  19. what a treasure and I love your creative style! Merry Christmas and a happy new year :)

  20. What a great theater! I've never seen one of those, totally cool! Perhaps this will become a common occurrence ? :D
    Hugs always,


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