Thursday, 12 November 2015

This 'n' that

A bit of this and a sprinkle of that today!

Yesterday I went to visit "Lady", she is doing so well.  This time last year we thought that she wouldn't make Christmas and here we are gearing up for another one.  We talked about it and about her family history, how long her family lived.  One of her aunts - called Jane Seymour apparently, not THE Jane Seymour obviously, another one! - lived to be 104.  How amazing is that.  Lady isn't far off that so who knows.

It was such a blessing to be able to visit her and we laughed and laughed.  I cannot believe it, and although I of course didn't say anything to Lady, it was so poignant for me as two of my blogger friends recently lost their dear father, so I was even gladder than usual to go and see Lady.

I also called in to see the parents of the to be 21 year old that I wrote about recently.  By pure chance the to be 21 year old was there and the subject came round to Christmas presents - with no prompting from me - so I grasped the nettle and said, "as we are on the subject of Christmas..."  It all went well and was OK!  I think that it helped that I could speak directly to the to be 21.  So that was all good.  Thank you for your thoughts and support about it, I am sure that it made it go better!  I felt as though you were all standing right there behind me.  What a blessing you all are.

As well as Lady, we also have "Man" in our lives.  Sadly he is not fairing as well.  There has been no improvement in his situation, in fact things continue to worsen a little bit at a time and then some more and some more.  It is so very sad to see.  Especially when he cannot see it himself.  Although perhaps that is a blessing I wonder. 

I think that he feels under attack quite a lot and doesn't really know what is going on which must be a horrible position to be in.  I cannot imagine.  We just wish that we could do something, but it is very hard when Man insists that he is fine and others are quite happy to bury their heads in the sand and deny the situation. 

I fear that he is aware that all is not well, but cannot articulate it and that is why he is denying it.  In a way I hope that he just doesn't know and isn't as scared as I think that I would be if I knew that I was going through what he is going through.

I am not the most naturally patient person, although I don't think that I am particularly impatient either, but these situations sure are teaching me to have more patience than I ever had before.

Today I am off to see a friends puppy - who from the photos doesn't look to be so little anymore! - I am very excited, I love dogs!  One day we will have one of our own, but I am a firm believer that for most dogs you need to be with them as much as you can and right now I cannot do that, so we will wait.  The doggy time will come.  In the meantime I will go and enjoy my friends dog!

The weather has still been off and on grim.  Driving home yesterday in the dark and driving rain on the motorway was no fun.  I need to adjust my visiting times to Lady to leave earlier over the winter I think.  It still isn't cold though.

Thank you for the comments on my post yesterday.  I only realised that I hadn't turned them off as I had intended to do - and as I did on my Remembrance Day post on Sunday - after someone commented.  So I left them on after I realised.  Thank you though for your kind words.

Thank you too for the comments about Christmas cake baking.  I do hope that some of you will give it a go.  I can confirm that given a good quality gluten free flour - plain or all purpose - it makes a great gluten free cake.  There is very little flour compared to all the other fruit and so on so it comes out really well - in my opinion!  I have made it with GF flour in the past.  I will go back and edit the post to say that.  As for gas ovens and the paper wrapping, I cannot say because I have never had a gas oven, but I know that my family always did it this way in the past and they had gas ovens.  The temperature that you are cooking at is very low, so I don't think that there should be any issues.  If you are worried though, just don't do it would be my guess.  I am no expert, but better safe than sorry.

It was good to know that my thoughts about Christmas Cake in America seem to be pretty accurate, it isn't a favourite which is what I thought the case was.  I think that is great, as I love that we are all different and have different traditions, that is what makes us special isn't it!

Only a few more days for the Christmas card swap sign up.  It closes on Monday, so this is your last call to sign up!  I have had a couple of enquiries about partners, as I said, it closes on Monday and I hope to post the partners on Tuesday all things being equal so please look out for the post.  I will give it a very clear title.

Otherwise I am chugging along, the cold is nearly gone, but still here a little, I have a sore throat again today.  Crocheting has returned and I am doing my post tomorrow all about that, so I won't tell you about it here.

I did a little November mantel playing around too, oh and Christmas card writing....  Eeekk!!  I know!  Must get on and get my various swappy things done too....  Exciting times ahead.

Right, I better stop saying the C word and go and get ready to do some doggy visiting!  See you tomorrow for a crochet round up.



  1. It's lovely to spend time with the elderly and listen to their stories, I'm lucky in that I can do that at work when time permits, there is so much paper work these days actually getting time to actually sit and chat to the clients is a luxury these days now that I'm almost elderly myself I find that i'm reminiscing along with them haha I'm sorry to hear about man unfortunately there are so many in the same situation and it's heart
    breaking, I'm sure you are doing just great Amy and you sound like a very patient person to me. I'm so glad that things went smoothly with mr 21 year old now that's one less thing for you to worry about. I'm not making a Christmas cake this year as last years didn't get eaten my family are not overly fond of it and I can't eat it all, I just pinch a bit from my friends. Have a lovely day Amy xx

  2. You are a very thoughtful person spending time with those who need it, time is one of the best gifts you can give and it makes such a difference to people who perhaps dont see many people :-)

  3. What a nice chatty post, Amy - I feel like I have just sat with you to catch up on the news! Regarding Man, what you describe is not uncommon, in my experience, and the denial is a coping mechanism of sorts. It is quite possible that Man will never get to a point of acknowledging what is happening, and those around him will be the ones who must make the adjustments, do what needs to be done and so on. When things get really tough, there is help available. All the best to you all. xx

  4. Enjoy your doggy visiting. We do plan to get another dog sometime but, at the moment, I'm happy to play with Joanna's Tilly - and to send her home again when I'm exhausted! LOL

    My thoughts are with you and your hubby in your "problems" with Lady and Man. ("Problems" is not the right word but I hope you know what I mean!) It's hard to know what's best for them!

  5. Oh I hope that you will have a blast visiting your friend and her new puppy! I was looking for more info on the Christmas card exchange and found it... I just missed my mug rug deadline so thought I might have messed up on this one as well. It's been that kind of a week.

  6. you seems to be busy busy here!! I am looking forward to see your mantel and crochet around.
    Have a good day!

  7. Have fun with the doggy! I like kitten visits myself. Lol.
    I'm sorry you have a sore throat. Boo!
    I'm thinking about Christmas, too. Little by little!
    Have a good day, Amy!

  8. It's sad to hear that Man isn't doing so well, it's very hard to watch people age, especially when they're not very well. Good news about Lady though and I'm pleased that you got the 21 to be's Christmas present situation sorted out. Enjoy your doggy visit.

  9. I'm glad the Lady is doing well and that the awkward situation you were dreading has been dealt with. I hope it feels like a weight off of your mind. I'm sorry things are difficult with the Man, I do hope they improve. Enjoy your day out with your friend and their puppy, I shall look forward to hearing all about it. CJ xx

  10. It seems like each generation in my family has not lived as long as the one before it. My grandparents lived to their late 80's or early 90's, the same for Mac's family. Yet only my Dad made it to 80, the rest of our parents died in their 70s. We think it's the stress that we all deal with and the constant noise of a busy world.

  11. Hi Amy, it's good to hear that Lady is on good form, and nicer for you to have enjoyed the visit! Poor man, what a difficult situation for all. I hope you enjoy your puppy visit, just make sure you don't wear your best shoes!! xx

  12. Hey Amy,
    I want those cookie cutters!!!!!
    So sorry to hear about 'man', and so happy for 'lady.' Our lives are always full of contrasts aren't they? And I'm glad you were able to have the open and honest Xmas chat that you wanted.
    Leanne xx

  13. I've checked out your stack of Christmas books. I need a few new ones. I've already ordered the "Nigella" one and I am excited about seeing what deliciousness she has for the holidays. I am going to be 10 lbs heavier by January!!

  14. Amy, to me, you seem like the sweetest and most caring person. Patience is a pretty tricky thing, isn't it? I like the way you described yours - sounds a lot like mine!


  15. It's full steam ahead to Christmas Amy! You are well ahead of the game!
    Glad to know
    Lady is doing well.
    Enjoy your puppy time!

  16. You certainly are busy with your visits but I am sure it is really appreciated. I have jst started to get all my Christmas books out for a little inspiration with Christmas this year.

  17. I've posted some Christmas cards to Australia but only because I popped them in with a birthday card! Glad you got on OK with 21, phew! Looking forward to seeing your crochet tomorrow. x

  18. I'm glad you are feeling better! It's good to hear a report on Lady too, and such a good report! Sorry that things aren't so good with man. It sounds like a difficult situation.
    So glad things went well with 21! That's a burden you don't have to stress about anymore.

  19. Love this book you have ! Nigella Christmas! and Delia Christmas. Lovely Amy !

  20. Hope you had a good time visiting with the doggy.

    We hadn't had a pet for over 20 years when Giroux found us. We couldn't be happier! Hope you get your own little fur love some day soon.

  21. What a lovely post! You sound as if you had a lovely time with lady and thank goodness the 21 problem was solved without too much anguish. Have bought christmas cards and put them in the cupboard, I will make a cake but can't seem to summon much enthusiasm this year, when I see Christmas in the shops and elsewhere too early it just loses everything for me so I can't be bothered with it. I will probably spring into some sort of action by about the first weekend in December - then I hope it will start to feel festive and full of promise for me:)

  22. What a fun and chatty post. I'm glad you could spend time with Lady and laugh together. I was wondering about the card swap, and I'm happy to see that Tuesday (or thereabouts) is the day. I'm paging through my Christmas books and magazines, and wander about in a lovely dither of plans. Time to make decisions and get going!


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