Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Lyme Park

Lyme Park is a very beautiful house indeed.  You might know it from the Pride and Prejudice television series that starred Colin Firth as Mr Darcy.  Especially when he was climbing out of the lake...  We will come to that in a minute though.

The house was built in the 16th Century, with changes being made in the 1720's.  It was gifted to the National Trust in the 1940's by the Legh family. 

First of all a little tour around the outside of the magnificent house.

You know that I always love to keep an eye out for pineapples...


Inside we go!

There are so many incredible details in this house, carvings, woodwork, ceilings and wonderful chandeliers.


This carving - above - is the work of the incredibly famous Grinling Gibbons.

Many of the rooms have wonderful clocks in them, and there is an exhibition of clocks which we will see in a moment.

Sometimes I am asked why I take so many pictures of ceilings.  It is because they are usually very beautiful, decorative, tell the story of a place, and, most importantly, don't have people stood in the way of them!

This fireplace is incredible isn't it.  I have never seen anything like it.  I would love a fire like this.

More wonderful Gibbons carving.

These decanters are hanging in the butlers pantry on this special rack to dry them.  It is very ingenious isn't it.

The bedrooms were just as good as the main show rooms downstairs.  This bedspread/cover made in crewel work is beautiful isn't it.

When we were coming down these stairs I suddenly had a funny turn as I was sure that I had dreamt of them or been down then before.  I am certain though that I have never been to Lyme Park before.  Very odd indeed!!!!!

This is the clock exhibition that I mentioned earlier.  I really liked the way that they were displayed so that you could see the front and back and where possible the inner workings of the clocks.  It made it very interesting indeed.

Then we moved on to the gardens and this beautiful green house.

The fountain is beautiful isn't it.  You can tell that it is very old by all of the moss growing on it!

Outside again we took a walk around the gardens.

This is the famous lake!  Quite unimposing when you see it in real life.  It shows how different they can make things look on film.  No Mr Darcy climbing out of it all dripping wet either!  Not fair!!

This garden is incredible isn't it, you can only really view it from above, but that certainly gives the best views of all as you can really see the intricate designs.

Well, that is our walk around Lyme Park done for today!  I would recommend a visit if you are ever in the area.  You can find out more information here.


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  1. Lyme Park is quite wonderful Amy, even without Colin Firth making an appearance! I remember that series so well...but who doesn't? Love the Gibbons carving, especially the violin, and the crewel work quilt is gorgeous. A beautiful place, thank you for showing us. xx

  2. A beautiful place indeed that I only knew from the Tv serie .... Thanks for this post !! Have a lovely day ..

  3. It is a truth universally acknowledged that whilst on holiday you and I are always in search of a National Trust property and this is a particularly good one. When we were there, there was a plastic Mr Darcy in the lake! Not quite like the real thing. The lake makes such a difference to the view of the house, doubling the size with the reflection. It was great to see all your lovely detailed photos. x

  4. Thank you for the lovely tour. I liked everything you photographed especially liked the crewel work bedspread and the tiles around the fountain. We've only visited Lyme Park once on our first holiday to the Peak District in the 1980s. We really ought to visit again as I do love the Peaks.

  5. Fabulous photos Amy. I loved that round fireplace too! Thanks for the tour . I will have to add it to my 'to do' list. Barbara

  6. Oh Amy! Everything is fantastic! I want to visit NOW! Thanks so much for sharing your visit and all the wonderful details about this gorgeous place! That BBC version of Pride and Prejudice is my absolute favourite - pity Mr Darcy wasn't on hand to invite you back for a dinner party!!! Wonderful! I'm going to check out your photos again!

  7. Thanks for the tour, Amy, especially the inside of the house, despite many visits to LP, I've never set foot inside! Wonderful, those clocks are great, aren't they? xx

  8. We have so many wonderful properties and gardens to see courtesy the NT, but Lyme Park is one that, as yet, I have not visited. I am a great fan of Grindling Gibbons and am lucky enough to have a replica wooden peapod made by one of the craftsman who restored Grindlings work when Hampton Court burnt down.

  9. Lovely photos, Amy. A bit odd that you felt like you'd climbed the stairs before. Maybe you lived there in a past life? Or - and, please, don't take this the wrong way ;o) - maybe you were a servant running up and down them thirty times a day!!

  10. Thank you for a tour of Lyme Park, thankfully without a wet-shirt Mr Darcy!
    Margaret P

  11. What a wonderful tour. There's plenty to see both inside and out. Shame there was no Mr Darcy though.

  12. So long since I've been to Lyme Park - we visited not long after the BBC adaptation has been seen on television (so late 1990s)and they had an exhibition of some of the costumes including that shirt! The girl behind me in the queue, for there was a queue, suddenly screamed and then burst into tears as she was so overcome by seeing the shirt, I think some of her family were quite embarrased by it. Lovely photos Amy:)

  13. The beauty is beyond words! It's hard to imagine living someplace like this, isn't it? I could stay there for a week and look at every detail!. So interesting. That indoor garden is so lush and green, and the outside grounds are amazing as well. Just WOW.

  14. Oh I do love Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy!
    The house is amazing but kind of sad. No people. I wish there was a switch you could flip to see what it was like in its glory.

  15. What a wonderfully interesting place to visit Amy, a lovely tour xx

  16. Soooooo beautiful dear Amy!!
    Always I enjoy the house you mshow us. This is amazing and beautiful.
    Thanks so much!!!!

  17. That feeling of recognising a place hits me every time I visit Hampton Court Palace. I've decided I must have lived there in a previous life. When I found out that ordinary people were allowed to live there in WWII, it all seemed to make sense.

  18. Beautiful place, I liked the wooden soldier lined up and all those clocks.

  19. You took us on a wonderful tour, I was a little disappointed not to Mr Darcy but a beautiful houses and lake none the less!

  20. Happy sigh! What a lot of gorgeousness all jammed into one post. Those ceilings are sublime. And all the craftsmanship that went into the many beautiful details of this house, inside and out - it staggers the mind. Thanks for the lovely photos. :)

  21. I live a stones throw away from Lyme Park but have never been inside, Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures

  22. What a wonderful post!! But I am glad that there was no Mr Darcy emerging from the lake ....... that scene really annoys me, as Mr Darcy would NEVER have done that!!

  23. i had to write notes or would forget all i did wish to say. ( :

    the fencing or railing ...which ever you feel right saying looks like a pineapple. very decorative.

    i have always been a fan of clocks. love the wood work. i wonder how many hours that takes to get it all perfect. i am amazed by folks who do work like that. my Grandfather was one.

    the beds are just too cool. i would love to wake up in one of those please. a girl can dream. i loved the tour, so so fun. big big hugs. enjoy your week. ( ;

  24. Thank you for a lovely post on Lyme Park Amy. Spooky stairs maybe..! Everything inside is so beautiful and those beds are so inviting....thoughts wander to Mr Darcy at this point....mmmm...naughty!
    I was a busy girl in 1995 and never got to see the marvellous series that everyone was talking about, however hubby recently bought me the BBC digitally remastered CD set and I so enjoyed it. Interestingly there is no Mr Darcy in the lake in the book, but it does add a certain interest on film. The house is breathtaking from the outside.

  25. Thank you for our trip to Lyme Park Amy, what a handsome, imposing house. The details are stunning, intricate carvings, ornate ceilings and crewelwork bed covers...imagine being the housekeeper!
    I loved that series and have the box set, the music was lovely and I can still hear Alison Steadman shrieking 'Mr Wickham'

  26. Great shots, Amy. You've certainly given us all a grand tour! Last time I was there, not that long ago, you weren't allowed to take photos inside, which is always rather irritating - I'm glad to see they're being sensible now and will return as soon as I can next year. It's a lovely house and the grounds are superb.

  27. Wow - what an amazing place to visit, so much beauty - both inside and out. I love the ceiling details too.

  28. My very favourite place of all time. Your pictures made me feel like I was there. I can't believe you were so near to our house, Lymme Park is only about an hour away xx

  29. So beautiful Amy! Those ceilings, that stained glass, the tile work - just so gorgeous!! I love these tours you take me on...it's almost as good as being there myself. ;)
    Blessings. xoox


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