Monday, 30 November 2015

Just a little reminder about the card swap

Hello everyone!

Sorry to mention this again, but this is the week for sending your cards for the card swap.  By now you should have been in touch with your partners and swapped your names and addresses.

There is a list below of the swappers just in case you aren't sure or have forgotten.

If you haven't heard from your partner and swapped your details by the end of today - Monday - please can you let me know by leaving a comment on this post with your e-mail address as I would love to swap with you.  I don't want anyone to be left out and I am always happy to swap more Christmas cards!  I really mean it, so please do let me know and we don't have to tell anyone else so please don't feel bad.

All comments are moderated, so I won't publish your e-mail address, I will just get in touch with my details so that we can swap a card.

I had a suggestion from the lovely Julie that we have a link party to share our cards, so I will put up a link on Monday 21st December so if you want to do a post you can share your card there.  I will leave it open until Christmas to allow for everyone to catch up depending on how your postal delivery service is - ours is terrible!  No obligation to join in, just a bit of fun!

I hope that you have all managed to make contact, but as I said, please do let me know if you haven't.

Happy nearly Christmas!


These are the swappers in case you forgot.

Irish Eyes Knitters swapping with That Country Place

A Shropshire Patch swapping with The Summerhouse by the sea

Wainwright and Wright.Co swapping with Crafty Northerner

Red Cardinal swapping with Northwoods Scrapbook

Into The Glade swapping with A Dee Coded Life

Fan My Flame swapping with Love Those Cupcakes

PomPom's Ponderings swapping with Tangled Up In Sticks and String

awholeplotoflove swapping with E. Lizard Breath Speaks

Mamas Mercantile swapping with Love Made My Home

Dotty's Daughter swapping with Creative Chaos

A Haven for Vee swapping with A View To The Fells

MacQue swapping with Fabric Paper Thread

Angel Jem's City Cottage swapping with T's Daily Treasures

My Little Piece of England swapping with Sweetbriar Dreams

Eclectic Home Life swapping with Clicky Needles

Michelle's Make or Bake swapping with Alizabethy Card Making Addict

Three Stories High swapping with September Violets

A Hidden Gem swapping with Julie's Lifestyle

Through The Keyhole swapping with Wuthering Heights Farm

Garden Tea Cakes and Me swapping with Eternally 28

hookin' A yarn swapping with Life On Willie Mae Lane

Senior Adventures swapping with Jumble and Jelly

Lilly My Cat swapping with Poppy Patchwork

It's A Beautiful Life swapping with Mad About Bags

Fairy Bluebell's Craft Adventure swapping with Sunny Corner Farm

Thistle Cove Farm swapping with Lily Bets

Lavender Cottage swapping with Queen B Creative Me


  1. Posting mine today! Love Jo

  2. A lovely idea to have a link party. There are some beautiful cards around, both bought and crafted. I will post your card when we go to town tomorrow. Take care.

  3. My card will be on it's way this week.

  4. I sent mine out last week. Our postal system is the pits but there's times I'm actually surprised by a quick delivery so hope that will be the case this time around. :)

  5. Hi Amy, Happy Monday! I can't wait and sounds like fun! Thanks for taking the time to arrange this swap. I hope you have a wonderful day. Julie

  6. have put a lot of work into this Amy!
    Good for you!
    Have a great week...
    Started decorating yet?
    Linda :o)

  7. i sent mine off to Canada last week.

  8. Amy

    WE have been in touch, but I sent her my email to send her address and exchange mine and no address yet.
    kathy b

    1. I have left you a comment, can you get in touch. Thanks. Amy xx

  9. Thanks for the reminder, Amy....mine is in the mail!

  10. Got my card last week from lovely Kimberley and mine went off this

  11. Getting my card ready to go and can't wait! Thanks again so much for doing this Amy. Such wonderful holiday fun!!

    Also, if you get a chance please pop by. I began a giveaway last week and it ends tomorrow night and I'd love for you to enter. I'm thanking all of my blogland family for being such a blessing to me and I can't imagine you not being part of it dear Friend. Would love for you to have a chance to win! ;)

    Blessings on the week ahead. xoxo

  12. Hi Amy, goodness you have been busy organising this. I have been catching yp on your post I really love you peace post. Have a lovely week

  13. Hopefully I have timed mine right Royal Mail permitting and it will arrive 1st December.

    Angela - Garden Tea Cakes and Me

  14. I already received my card and mailed one. Yay!
    Thanks for organizing this, Amy!

  15. Good idea about the link! That will be fun!

  16. I've had mine from Beth thanks Amy. I hope mine gets there safely x

  17. Job done; I must email my mate, actually and remember to tell her to look out for it!


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