Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Chatsworth House

Following my other Chatsworth posts you might have been wondering when I would take you inside.  Well, today is the day.  Actually that isn't quite true, today and tomorrow will be the days, otherwise it would all be too overwhelming for just one post.

I have photographed many of the details, and I had the very best plans to do lots of reading and information gathering about the house and the objects, but time has got the better of me and it didn't happen.  So instead I will point out a few things here and there and then leave you to just enjoy, which is probably better in any case isn't it!

While we were there in September there was an exhibition of different chairs spread through the house that you could actually sit on and try.  Of course I couldn't get photos of many of them because people were busy sitting in them, but you can see one of them above.  There were three of these I think and all were being used.  When you sit down they spin around because the bottom of the chair goes to a point.  I didn't try this one!

Everywhere the ceilings and walls were either painted or decorated or were covered in paintings.  These photos are from the main staircase and were incredible.

This is the staircase, which we got to walk up!  Very grand indeed.

Above is another of the chairs, these were benches of a sort of plastic material - Lucite I think.  They looked like water, but were very hard to photograph as people were incredible keen to try them out.

These crystals were enormous, they come up to waist height!

This room was all carved, the walls, columns, decoration, everything.  It was incredible!  So much detail and so much skill in the carving.

The room also contained this model of Chatsworth which is also very detailed.

More wonderful ceilings and details.  It is overwhelming actually.  You could visit more than once and still not see everything I am sure.

Above you can see the block that is mentioned below that references quartz - you can see my photo of the crystal above - I didn't get to take a picture of the coal block, but it was very interesting.  The surface was quite matt and was lightly textured, not at all coal like in a way.
I thought that the block you can see above also looked rather like Blue John which is a mineral which is found only in the Peak District - and which I will show you some more of in the next post.
As you can see from the sign, this piece has been acquired by Chatsworth, I noticed that there are several pieces of contemporary art through the house and I think that it is good that new pieces are still being bought.  One of the criticisms I sometimes have of historic places is that they are pickled in aspic at one date, you cannot say that about Chatsworth.

This golden sculpture is by the modern artist Damien Hirst.  It is called Saint Bartholomew, Exquisite Pain.  It was made in 2008 and is cast in gold plated silver, 3 were made.  It is a little gory as it actually depicts St Bartholomew holding his skin.

These are some more details of the staircase taken as we came back to go upstairs.

Another modern art piece.

This piece was incredible, referencing the blue and white porcelain which we are all so familiar with, but totally different.  The pot is very tall - I would guess 7 or 8 feet perhaps - and I really liked it.  It took two pictures to get it all in!

As I said, everywhere, everything was covered in the most beautiful and incredible decoration.

Tomorrow we will see the bedrooms and the rest of the house.  I hope that you enjoyed the tour.  To read more about Chatsworth see here.



  1. Great photos, Amy. I think I'm right in saying that they used that staircase in the BBC version of "Death Comes to Pemberley", the P. D. James follow on to Pride & Prejudice. So that's 2 P&P posts in a row! Aren't you clever! ;o)

  2. How wealthy the Devonshire's must be to

  3. Whoops, not quite finished , sorry about that! A great display of wealth by the Devonshire's. That modern orange chair looks like a Thomas Heatherwick chair. I like the acorns, that's a good idea. Nice to see the new with the old. I don't think I'd like to live with all the painted ceilings but it is a beautiful house. Looking forward to tomorrow. x

  4. What an amazing house, I loved all the paintings, particularly on the ceilings. A great tour, looking forward to the next instalment.

  5. I've been wanting to visit Chatsworth for a long time, I really must make more of an effort to get there. Looking forward to seeing more tomorrow.

  6. Amazing! I can't imagine how costly it must have been to build it so long ago.

  7. It looks like an incredible place to visit. I love the decorated ceilings and, surprisingly, quite liked Hirst's St Bartholomew too - it's better than some of his other artwork! Thank you for the tour. xx

  8. So beautiful! I am busy trying to get my favourite photos from my visit with their Christmas decorations, which were stunning! Maybe ready in December!! xx

  9. Can not imagine living in such a place, beautiful, but so over done.

  10. It's a fantastic place. We love going round these grand old houses and castles.

  11. I have always wanted to go to Chatsworth, I have walked around the fields close by with a tantalizing view but never been inside so thank you. Thanks for my kisses too! Jo x

  12. Wonderful, Amy - another fabulous tour. Amazing, often over-the-top, 'stuff'! Loved the model - what is it about things in miniature? You'll be impressed to learn that I followed a rabbit into a cave full of Blue John - a very long time ago...

  13. Amy, beautiful craftsmanship and artistry in your photos. Those are some big rocks!

  14. Lovely photos, a friend of ours visited Chatsworth not so long ago. I've put it on next years visiting list x

  15. WOW ! how beautiful . Wonderful post and photos , Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  16. Thank you for showcasing Chatsworth. It's many years since I've visited and now I have moved 400 miles north it's unlikely I will be able to visit again any time soon. It's nearly my absolute FAVOURITE stately home.

    Looking forward to seeing tomorrows post.

    Thanks again.

  17. Hi Amy - I love Chatsworth House and my favourite film is Pride and Prejudice. We once went there when it was decorated for Christmas. Joan at

  18. I love your tours Amy! Chatsworth House is a priceless treasure trove of our history! I am so impressed that the staircase was opened for you!
    Looking forward to part 2!

  19. Wow! It's on my bucket list of places to visit when we are in UK next time, I hope. Thanks for the peek. take care.

  20. Chatsworth is such an impressive place, you can imagine the family swooshing to dinner down that staircase, so very impressive. It's interesting that they have crystals there too, the Westmister' in Eaton Hall have a sort of crystal grotto in their entrance hall, so very pretty xxx

  21. Amazing place!! I just gobble up these photos like a yummy treat. ;) So awesome!! xoxo

  22. What a treasure trove of beautiful things. Thanks for sharing these. I'll look forward to the next post.


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