Monday, 30 November 2015

Catch Up

Hello everyone!  Sorry that I haven't been visiting much lately, we have been away for a little bit, but I am back now.  I don't have pictures or tales to tell from our time away, just a little visit that we are keeping to ourselves right now, I am sure that you understand.  Later in the week I might share a couple of things, I will see how it goes. 

I have been reading your lovely blogs and keeping up with your news though and will be able to visit properly again this week.  Thank you for your lovely comments over the last week, I am glad that you enjoyed the visits to Chatsworth and Lyme Park, they were fun places to visit and I see that many of you have enjoyed them too.  Thank you too for the Anniversary good wishes, it was a little bit ago, but it was still kind of you to wish us well! 

It is great too to know that you are all set for the card swap and are or have been busy posting your cards.  Very exciting!  Tomorrow I am off to the Post Office to post my Christmas Cards and various swaps so that will be my first Christmassy job all done.  It seems like a good place to start though.  I haven't opened any of my post yet, but I see that I have several envelopes that look like Christmas cards, so thank you if yours is amongst them, I will let you know that I have heard from you when I go through my post - another job for tomorrow!

Then I must get down to some shopping, I only have a couple of people to buy for though so it shouldn't be too bad.  The Seaglass Shawl that I am making as a gift is nearly done too. 

The rest of tomorrow will be getting on with laundry and other catch up jobs after being away, the supermarket is calling too, we always need food don't we.

We don't decorate for Christmas until about 2 weeks before the big day, as we keep our decorations up until as near to twelfth night - 6th January - as we can, so 2 weeks before Christmas is enough for us.  Once I am all sorted though I will get the Christmas china out of the loft so that we can start using Christmas cups, it is never too soon to have a cup of Christmas Hot Chocolate is it!

Tonight I am planning a not too late night and before that I am catching up with my tv shows as the recorder box didn't record anything at all while we were away so I have to watch it all on demand while I can!

Hope that you are all well, see you soon!



  1. It's nice to go away but also nice to be home again, apart from all the washing of course. Hope you're caught up with everything soon.

  2. Hope you have a great evening catching up on your TV shows. There is nothing like a hot chocolate in a Christmas mug, perfect for the season.

  3. Hi Amy!
    I'm glad you had a fun getaway!
    Yes, we decorate early and it snowed so everything already feels Christmasy here!
    You've convinced me. I need some hot chocolate and a piece of toast!

  4. I suspected you were away - I don't know how I knew, but I did. Someone else doing the cooking and the dishes is a good enough reason to go away in my book! :o)

  5. Welcome back lovely! We decorate a bit later too and try to stick with them until 12th night. Hope you get caught up soon xx

  6. Isn't it always so nice to come back home after a trip? Hope you have an enjoyable week.


  7. Nice to hear you had a little trip away, Amy. We do that too from time to time. You sound very busy, and I know your Christmas will be beautifully planned. I pushed ahead a finished my decorations in time for our first group of Christmas visitors last night - they were suitably impressed with our tree :) Sent off my card swap the other day.... Happy week xxx

  8. Hope you've had a great time. Christmas is galloping forward! x

  9. Hi Amy! Hope you are enjoying being back home!! Have fun watching your shows, maybe do a little crochet alongside?

    Have a nice week!
    Ingrid xx

  10. As with you, we don't decorate too early (or what is too early for us.) We always have a real tree, there is nothing like the scent of a real tree and the bringing into the house is such a lovely tradition. I try and add a couple of new baubles each year, but nothing brings on a bout of nostalgia than bringing out one of the first decorations (5/- that's five shillings or 25p in todays' money for all the younger, pre-decimal readers here!) I bought way back for Christmas 1964 when we were newlyweds. That was a large chunk of my £6-or-so wage packet in those days and I thought I must be mad spending so much on a decoration, but 51 years later, and we're still using it! It's a bauble covered in gold sequins and they've not even tarnished!
    As for other decorations, we just have the cards hung from the square archway in our sitting/dining room, flowers, nuts, crackers, and greenery along the mantelshelf and over the pictures and mirrors. As we don't have any holly in the garden, I use skimmia which has lovely green leaves and red berries (but no nasty spikes!)
    Now enjoy your hot chocolate with your Christmas decorating! We usually have port or sherry with our decorating, but hot choc is lovely, too! Indeed, we might have both!!!
    Margaret P

  11. How can it be December already? Time flies.

  12. Glad to hear you had a good trip away. My decs are up but they tend to come down before the New Year (if I feel up to taking them down) still need to haul the Christmas china out though xx

  13. Have a lovely Advent time, Amy,
    and enjoy your Christmas preparations!

  14. this might sound weird but isn't it nice to not blog about a trip or visit? I keep things to myself as well and take breaks and it's a good good thing to do for me.

  15. Christmas hot Chocolate sounds good to me :-)!! First we celebrate Sinterklaas on the 5th of December, and after that it is time for the Christmas decorations. Lots of love from Mirjam.

  16. It was a perfect evening for a TV marathon, wasn't it? I am glad you had a lovely time away and look forward to seeing your photos. x

  17. I think 2 weeks before Christmas is the right time to put up decorations. A neighbour over the road from us put theirs up last week. So that means they will have them up for 6 weeks. They are flashing all the time and it's driving me mad. Joan at

  18. Glad you had a wonderful trip Amy, but it is so nice to be home. Can't wait to hear all about it.
    Hugs to you,


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