Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Armistice Day

To give loving thanks.
By Amy
To all good men,
Who served us well.
Way back then,
As your years can tell.
To women and men,
Serving then,
Serving still,
Today, is a reminder, how
You answered the call,
To give to us all.
Today, we give thanks
We remember you all.
Words alone cannot convey,
The thoughts, the way,
We might wish to say,
Thank, thank you, thank you all.
There is little other
That we can do.
Except to say, sister, brother,
Thank you for the freedom.
Thank you, all.
As you fight on,
We remember, today,
The freedom you gave,
The hope you bring now,
That, in the future, there might be,
No need, for you to serve in this way.
Perhaps there will no more fighting be held
The tribute that would be.
To peace and honour,
Freedom for thee.

To family, friends and those I served with, I give my thanks.



  1. That is a lovely, skillful, poem, Amy. Given the weight of war poetry, and the brilliance of some of it - Sassoon, Owen, Brooke et al - it is hard to imagine that anything fresh could be said. Yet you have managed that. Wow. It is also hard, but essential, when thinking of wars that perhaps we feel we shouldn't have been in, to remember, honour and respect the men and women who have served and given so much for us. I think your poem should be published - if it hasn't been already.

  2. Hi Amy, I agree that this is such a beautifully written poem you have shared with us. A perfect tribute for this day. You're an extremely talented writer, too.

  3. Great poem. I give my thanks too.

  4. Shedding a few tears reading this Amy. Beautiful X

  5. Indeed! Thank you all for your service.
    xx Beca

  6. A beautiful poem and a wonderful tribute.

  7. Wonderful poem Amy so truthful & poignant.
    We will remember them.

  8. Great Job, Amy....God Bless them all.

  9. Yes, wonderful words.
    Margaret P

  10. Love Love Love and Amen! Same goes here for Veteran's Day today. Blessings. xoxo

  11. Oh lovely Amy! It's been a very moving day x x x

  12. Thank YOU for your service . . . and for your lovely poem.

  13. Beautiful post Amy. I've always appreciated your countries use of the poppy to commemorate this day.

  14. It is an honourable thing to serve one's country and to be able to give protection and peace where before there was none. Your sentiments in your final verses are beautiful. One of our veterans was interviewed briefly on television at a Remembrance Day Ceremony and he reiterated the futility of war and how the damage continues on well after the war is over. He urged everyone to find peaceful means of solving problems. I hope that our generation and future generations can heed that message. Do you plan to publish your poem elsewhere besides your blog, Amy?

  15. Lovely post for Remembrance Armistice Day from Belgium.


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