Tuesday, 17 November 2015

2015 Christmas Card Swap - who are the swappers!

Today is the big swap matching up day!  Yay!  Thank you to everyone who signed up and has agreed to swap a Christmas Card - and only a Christmas Card! - with another blogger.  I think that it is a wonderful thing that we can send a bit of cheer around the world at this time.  To share, to think of others and to spread love and joy.

I have matched you all up and you can find your partners below.  It is up to you to now get in touch with them and swap addresses so that you can send each others cards, no later than 4th December or the last posting date if earlier for the place you are sending to.  Please don't leave your address as a blog comment though!  It will terrify me otherwise!

I know that you will all make the very best efforts to get in touch with each other and to swap cards, but if you cannot get hold of your partner for some reason - do give them a little chance to reply though! - or if you find that you are for some unforeseen reason unable to swap, please let me know as soon as you can so that we can make alternative arrangements.  I don't want to leave anyone without a card.  Thank you!

So, who are the swappers?  Well here is the big - and it is a BIG list.  Click on the name of the blog you are swapping with you will go to their blog.  I haven't shown any names, even if I do know them in real life as some of you have the same names, so please do swap your names as well as your addresses!

There were two people whose blogs I could not find, so if your blog is not listed below, please e-mail me and if I can I will match you up as a swap pair, or I will swap with you.

Irish Eyes Knitters swapping with That Country Place

A Shropshire Patch swapping with The Summerhouse by the sea

Wainwright and Wright.Co swapping with Crafty Northerner

Red Cardinal swapping with Northwoods Scrapbook

Into The Glade swapping with A Dee Coded Life

Fan My Flame swapping with Love Those Cupcakes

PomPom's Ponderings swapping with Tangled Up In Sticks and String

awholeplotoflove swapping with E. Lizard Breath Speaks

Mamas Mercantile swapping with Love Made My Home

Dotty's Daughter swapping with Creative Chaos

A Haven for Vee swapping with A View To The Fells

MacQue swapping with Fabric Paper Thread

Angel Jem's City Cottage swapping with T's Daily Treasures

My Little Piece of England swapping with Sweetbriar Dreams

Eclectic Home Life swapping with Clicky Needles

Michelle's Make or Bake swapping with Alizabethy Card Making Addict

Three Stories High swapping with September Violets

A Hidden Gem swapping with Julie's Lifestyle

Through The Keyhole swapping with Wuthering Heights Farm

Garden Tea Cakes and Me swapping with Eternally 28

hookin' A yarn swapping with Life On Willie Mae Lane

Senior Adventures swapping with Jumble and Jelly

Lilly My Cat swapping with Poppy Patchwork

It's A Beautiful Life swapping with Mad About Bags

Fairy Bluebell's Craft Adventure swapping with Sunny Corner Farm

Thistle Cove Farm swapping with Lily Bets

Lavender Cottage swapping with Queen B Creative Me

So it is up to you now to get in touch and to get swapping!  I hope that you enjoy sending a card to a new friend and receiving one as well.

The sign up for the swap is now closed, so I am afraid that if you have missed it that is it for this year, I cannot add you in, but look out for the swap again next year.

Happy Christmas and Happy Swapping!



  1. Thanks for organising this Amy! X

  2. How exciting! I shall look forward to seeing all the cards and posts. x

  3. Thanks for running this Amy, looking forward to it.

  4. I'm paired with someone whose blog I don't know so that's lovely, these sort of swaps are a great way to make new bloggy friends. Thank you for organising this.

  5. On the face of it, this might seem just another way to waste a bit of precious time, as if we don't already have enough to do before Christmas, but really, it's a lovely, heart warming thing to do! I'm not a blogger, just someone who makes comments (and how!) but I think this is a lovely exercise, spreading goodwill. Well done, Amy, for organizing this.
    Margaret P

  6. In this world there are only few things that are prettier than Christmas cards. :)
    I'm very much looking forward to seeing as many as possible of the swapped cards.

  7. Thanks for sorting all of this out Amy! You've gone to a lot of trouble to share a little bit of happiness over Christmas for us bloggers :)
    Wendy x

  8. Thanks again for organising this Amy. X

  9. Thanks, Amy...appreciate your hard work on this!

  10. Thanks for organizing this again. This is my first time and I'm linked up with someone whose blog I've never seen before.

  11. Delighted with my swap partners blog!

  12. Happy swapping!!
    Thanks for the update on your family...♥️
    Linda :o)

  13. Yesterday I did a search of your blog to make sure I hadn't missed this post, and today my swap partner was in touch with me. :) Thanks for organizing! Tammy

  14. Oooo excited! I love Christmas cards! X thanks for doing this!

  15. Hi Amy,
    Thanks so much for all your work and efforts to do this Christmas Card Swap. It will be my first time and i'm excited to be joining in the fun this year. Will you have a link up on your blog or do we just exchange the cards with each other? Not sure and just asking. Thanks again.
    Julie xo

  16. It looks like so much fun, I bet everyone will have a grand time. I have missed reading all about you my friend.

  17. Amy great thing to do. Afraid I missed it. Maybe next year.

  18. Thank you for organising all this Amy, I know how time consuming these things can be - so much appreciated.

    Very much looking forward to sending and receiving my card :)

    Angela - Garden Tea Cakes and Me

  19. so exciting ... going to check out my partner now ... so fun! have a great Tuesday. ( :

  20. Skidding in because I just remembered that today was the day! I have already visited Joan and I am sure that we shall have good success swapping cards. Thank you, Amy!

  21. Thanks so much for hosting Amy! I would love to send you a card for hosting if you would share your address. I was already contacted by my partner and am excited to make a new friend! Have a lovely and blessed day!

    Hugs, Vicky

  22. You had a very good response to the Christmas card exchange this year! :-) I've let my swap partner know ....looking forward to a very merry December! :-)

  23. Thanks for this Amy! Can you send me your address too so I can send you one please?

    Take care my lovely xx

  24. Thanks so much for doing this Amy! You obviously have the Christmas Spirit. ;) You're a gem for getting it all worked out and taking that time. God bless and it's going to be so fun!! xoxo

  25. Thank you for organising the swap Amy...you have worked very hard here. I have emailed my swap partner and am looking forward to hearing back and swapping cards. This is such a lovely idea....Debbie xx

  26. Thank you for putting the swap together Amy, it will be fun exchanging with our partners.

  27. Can't wait to receive some snail mail,,,,its the best!! Thanks for organizing us Amy!!

  28. It's really a nice initiative !


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