Monday, 26 October 2015

This weekend - and a catch up!

This weekend.....

I have hardly left the house apart from one brief trip out - more on that in a moment.  It has been a lot colder all of a sudden and today (Monday) I stuck my head outside very briefly and it was so very very cold!  I think that it is certainly getting to be scarf time and it is already coat time and socks indoors time!  Brrr!!!

What did I do stuck indoors all weekend?

It all starts last week really.  I wasn't feeling myself after our holiday in September and it has taken me until the start of last week to really feel myself again properly.  So my to do list was so far behind.  Massive in fact.  Over 100 things!  Some of which had already been done, but there were many things still to be completed.

Last week I really cracked on with the list.  Getting loads done and by the weekend I just had a few things remaining.  One of which I got hubby to do and I got all of the other things done other than cleaning the bits of brass - letter box etc - on the front door as they are pretty gross and sorting out our wardrobe.  So, not too bad at all.  Of course I now have a new to do list for this week but it is just the things that are due to be done this week plus the two left over things.  I feel much better about it.

My weekend was therefore spent in a combination of finishing up the massive list and doing nothing after all my running around last week.

Here are a few highlights!

Yesterday evening I saw this beautiful sunset.  It has come out a bit lighter here than it really was, but it was very beautiful!

Then I noticed the trees through this window and what a wonderful colour they looked.

This is the tree not through the obscured glass.  The sunset was shining on them and really highlighted the wonderful colours.

The yarn that I have been waiting for to make the second shawl that I have been commissioned to make for Basildon Park arrived.  For some reason my camera didn't want to photograph it in focus, but you get the idea I am sure.

As I said, we did have one very brief trip out over the weekend.  To go and get the meat for next months meals after I had done the meal planning.  I didn't do so well at this in October and I really noticed it.  So it was good to get a plan done and to know that I am back on track!

Hubby did loads of things, finishing up some projects for the house and much tidying in the garden.  I just directed from indoors.  He has gathered up all of the geraniums (pelargoniums really!) and sheltered them by the house.  I have yet to decide what to do with them any further, but the house should provide some protection for now.  Leaves were raked and gathered, dead foliage removed and other tidying up jobs done.  It really is getting wintery now in the garden.

I stayed inside as I said and watched various things on TV including the BBC4 programme about servants - which was very good, I recommend it - and reading my book.  It fits in very well with the programme about servants and also watching Downton right now.  Funny how things come together isn't it.

The new Persephone Biannual arrived this weekend too, so I have that to read as well, oh and my new Gardeners World magazine which means that the Country Living Christmas edition will come in the next couple of days.  Eeekk!!  Christmas!

Speaking of which, many of you have joined the card swap.  Thank you so very much!!!  Even if I haven't replied to you personally you will be on the list and will be matched up!  There are over 40 people taking part so far, so I will have to start getting things together to match everyone up!  There is still time to join in if you want to.

Although my "seasonal" cactus hadn't flowered in time for Five On Friday on Saturday morning the buds burst open.  This is how it looks today.  Isn't it beautiful!!!  I am so pleased.

This weekend is Halloween, and although we don't do anything "scary or spooky" we do "do" Halloween.  By that I mean that I have a few pumpkin decorations and we give out sweets to callers.  I only buy things that I like to eat in the hope that there will be some left for us to munch on!

The box of decorations is down from the loft and I will put them out and about today or tomorrow - I will show you when they are done.

Amongst the jobs that hubby completed was putting up these picture shelves.  They have turned out to be rather closer together than I anticipated...  but we can now have these pictures displayed.  I wanted to have then put up in this way to give me another opportunity to change things around if I want to, but I don't expect that I will!

While Hubby was busy, I was snuggling under a blanket and admiring the flowers that are now on their third week!  Aren't chrysanthemums the best value flowers ever!!

I also retrieved my huge "Thanksgiving" platter.  Not that we have Thanksgiving Dinner here - or indeed Thanksgiving - but I like to have it out for November and now the pictures have been put up I have space to display it on the sideboard.  Yay!

Gosh, this is all getting a bit of a long post, but I am nearly there!  Promise.

Warty pumpkins have been purchased and displayed on the doorstep.  The cashier in the supermarket was surprised that I wasn't going to carve them, but we never do.  They are just decorations that will remain either until the end of November or the frost gets them.  I did convince the cashier to try pumpkin soup though!

So, finally, I am at the end.  What is happening this week?  Well, today it is very cold as I already said.  But the sky is beautifully blue as you can see.  The neighbours are having their hedges trimmed, so all I can hear is hedge cutters.  They all seem to get their hedges cut at once around here.  We do our own.  So the noise will be going on all day.  The hedges will look nice though!

Another project that Hubby finished is what you can see below.  I have yet to do what I need to do with it, so I will share more in due course.  This is just a teaser!

I had better leave this post here as I have rambled on for so very long.

Sorry if I don't appear to have been by your posts or replied to your comments.  I have, as I always do, read all of your comments.  Thank you very much for all that you have had to say.  I have also read your posts, just not commented as I have been busy doing other things - or reading!

I hope that you all had a great weekend and will have a really good week too, especially those of you who are on half term!

To see what others did this weekend, go and visit Karen's post at Pumpkin Sunrise.  I am linking up with Karen today.  Thank you Karen for the prompt!



  1. Your picture shelves are lovely Amy. Trees are changing colour here too, rapidly and every time I go out I admire their colours. What an amazingly tidy garden...I am envious!

  2. I love this time of year - all the gorgeous colours and flowers too. I even love having to wear a scarf and socks and a big jumper or cardigan.

  3. Oh - and I love that thanksgiving platter! It's gorgeous. I must have missed your post about the shawl making commission. I'd love to see the shawls.

  4. Lovely post Amy, I am just sorting out decorations for halloween although we dont get any callers here I still want to put them out, I will be moving plants under cover this week it is colder although still dry and we havent had a frost yet still best to get them under cover before being caught out :-)

  5. You got through more than 98 things last week? Wow! I feel really lazy in comparison - although I was always doing things. But I doubt I did as many as you!

  6. Hi Amy, it sure sounds like you've been busy there. There is always something to do in the gardens it seems and as the season winds down it will be almost a relief not to have to tend things outside although I will certainly miss the warm summer days of wandering and exploring the yard and gardens. I love your winter scene turkey platter. I also buy Halloween treats for the few kiddos that come calling and they are always ones that we like to eat (the treats, not the kids!) as we only have a few that come calling and there are always leftovers. Have a good week Amy. xx Pam

  7. Lots of lovlies in this post, but I am impressed most of all by your list-busting achievement! I could never get through such a list - too many distractions, I think. Love those golden leaves and the Thanksgiving plate. have a great week Amy. xx

  8. Glad you managed to catch up on your to do list, I always feel better when I've got my jobs done. I love chrysanthemums, I don't grow them myself but Mick's uncle does so he keeps my vases filled at this time of year, I'm very lucky.

  9. Warty pumpkins have made me laugh!! Lovely knobs too!!

  10. Love getting things done!
    And it looks as if you certainty did just that!
    Suddenly we are cold here too, and I am suddenly digging through the baskets for things I swear I just packed away! Your photos are lovely, and I always enjoy visiting here with you.
    Have a Happy Halloween week!

  11. Dear Amy
    You managed to get a huge amount done. The tree colours look lovely in your photos. I am not nearly so energised as you are - I just want to curl up with a book and a hot chocolate by the fire!
    Best wishes

  12. It's always a great idea to put together a to do list...keeps one focused. Our list is shrinking a bit, but a new house always requires lots of to dos. Have a great week.

  13. Lovely post Amy. It's so satisfying to get things done and ticked off the list. That is certainly my objective this week before October disappears without me noticing. Have a good week.

  14. You did have a productive weekend, Amy!

  15. All I can do is admire everyone else's lovely autumn pictures, still no leaf changing here. I like your picture shelves, what a good idea. I wish it would turn cooler here, I'd love to snuggle up on the couch and have a fire in the fireplace

  16. Always nice to have a catch up. Love from Jo x

  17. I need to make a list but I am a bit frightened by how long it might become so I am putting it off and having a lazy first day of half term instead...... well done for almost completing yours!

  18. Wow, isn't your garden tidy! I'm really impressed - I need to get out there and do ours too. Love that Thanksgiving platter and the pictures on your new shelves. Have a great week. xx

  19. It's so great to get to the end of a list, isn't it! I feel a few more lists coming on though. Have a good week x

  20. Goodness me , you have been busy, well done for completing them . In blogland most blogs I have visited seem to be trying to be more productive at managing time. I am struggling I now look after my grandson two day a week as my daughter has gone back to work. My list of things to do is just getting longer and I cant handle it anymore. Yesterday I tried desperately to tick some things off the list I ended up crying and I drank two glasses of wine. I have noticed my quality time with hubby is suffering .I am now going to sit with the list and try to do five things a day.

  21. Lots of very good things in this post Amy. It's been nice enough here to dry washing on the line. Now I think it is time for a cup of tea and a bit of restorative sewing.

  22. Lots of lovely things in this post Amy. It's good to get those jobs ticked off the list isn't it? I love your thanksgiving platter, so unusual and your cactus has flowered beautifully. I've bought a couple of little squashes and have some leaves and etc for a seasonal display and like you try to buy sweets that we can eat if we get fewer trick and treaters than we usually do:)

  23. Gosh Amy you put me to shame, to say you haven't been feeling will you seem to have done an awful lot you should ease back into it gradually or you'll make yourself ill again. I haven't been doing much of anything because I haven't felt too good either but for me that's just an excuse to do nothing haha. Your christmas cactus is so pretty and so is the yarn for the shawl. I can't get over how neat and tidy your garden looks. Have a cosy evening. :) xx

  24. Great photos - and love all the items you got off your list. I'm a big list maker and it feels so good to get everything done off the list. We bought Halloween candy this week - it says fun size - and I know they are small candy bars - our grandson told us that the "fun" size is the giant ones. Hee Hee

  25. Autumn is certainly here and along with the beautiful colours, it seems a good time to work through lists of things to do before being overhwelmed with Christmas stuff.

  26. You have been very busy Amy! I don't know from where to start.Beautiful autumn captures ! A helper from indoors...?That sounds okay...haha! I'm in love with your afghan, I tried to make one like this or almost.I'm satisfied!
    Enjoy the season

  27. Love those pictures on the two shelves, very neat!
    Regarding pumpkins, I expect you have read about the 10 million or so grown each year and which are simply then thrown away after they've been carved out at Halloween. They use acres of agricultural land which could be put to better use, apparently. But if farmers are paid to produce them, small wonder so many are grown and then just dumped. Having said all that, I do like your pumpkins even if you don't intend using them for anything other than decoration. After all, acres of land are used to grow Christmas trees, too, for them only to be scrapped after 12th night. And I do love a real tree, I'd not have an artificial one in our house, but then, I am a traditionalist!
    Love the autumn colours and what a lovely tidy garden you have now. We had a visitor for 8 days and the garden was neglected during that time so that as soon as it's dry (rain has been promised for tomorrow) We will be on leaf clearing duty (and I also have to the tulip bulbs to plant.)
    I love your Thanksgiving platter! Really beautiful.
    Margaret P

  28. Gosh I wish my garden was as tidy as yours. It might be one day! Lovely autumnal shots & doings x

  29. Sounds like a very productive weekend for you! I love weekends like that!
    I hope you have a lovely week ahead.

  30. Wow, you got a lot done and thank you for identifying my plant! It's a variety of the prayer plant family. I did a shout out for your blog on my post.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  31. Wow, you certainly accomplished a lot over the weekend! Good for you!

    I love your Thanksgiving platter. It's very pretty!

  32. Hi Amy, lovely Fall photos. I never tire of looking at gorgeous Fall pictures. Good for you to accomplish so many things. Where does the time go?

  33. It's looking so beautiful in your area! Your hubby has the yard looking so nice too. Good for you for everything you got done!

  34. So many lovely photos but all I can think is: Maltesers!!!!! They're a rare treat on my side of the pond.

    Kudos for conquering that massive to-do list. More kudos for making a list at all! :)

  35. Looks like you've been busy! Love the Thanksgiving platter! Have a wonderful night


  36. You are a hard worker. Doing many things!Garden looks simple and neat! Pictures looks good!

  37. Nice newsy post which I enjoyed reading. Hope you are feeling a lot better and that this week can be a little less stressful, with so many jobs now ticked off. Wonder what the last photo is going to be? Hmm, I'm thinking! Have a good week, keep warm and take care.

  38. Hey Amy,
    I do like the sound of directing my husband around the garden as I huddle under a blanket. Although you clearly deserved it after your 100 things to do list. What a whopper! I always get very excited when my Persephone Biannually plops through the letter box. I particularly like the illustrations in it this time, especially the lady gardener bending over! I may cut them out and frame them.
    Leanne xx

  39. what a fabulous weekend!!! I love seeing your trees and your October, very golden warm and glowing! Looks like you crammed as much as possible into the weekend :)


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