Sunday, 18 October 2015

Reading my books - A Good Woman

Well, that is book number 12 completed for this year!  Quite a feat for me I have to say.  I am really enjoying reading more.  I feel as though I am getting back into my reading groove, all very satisfying I have to say.

I am ready to start my next book, but I have already taken the next six down from the shelf in preparation of things to come.  I have decided to simply start at the top of the shelf and work my way across the first row of books as they come.  That might mean a bit of repetition in terms of authors, or not reading any of the authors I have most of in some of the selections, but it will mean that I will keep going and will be able to easily see what I have achieved in terms of getting the shelves emptied.  I mean that in a good way, I am excited to be reading more!

The latest book that I finished was A Good Woman, another of the large number of gifted Danielle Steel books that I have.  I see from casting my eye across the shelves that I have many more and many Agatha Christie books too, neither are necessarily my first choice of read, but I am enjoying them and free books are free books after all aren't they.

A Good Woman centres around the life of Annabelle Worthington, Annabelle would have been born in the late 1800's.  The story starts on the day of the sinking of the Titanic in which the Worthington family suffer tragic losses.

As Annabelle goes through her year of mourning she meets a man.  You can guess the rest.  However, things don't exactly go to plan.  When her life falls apart Annabelle travels to war torn France to work as a nurse and goes on to train further in the medical profession.

There are further ups and downs - of course! - and as you near the end of the book there seems to be a final happy ending in sight.  There is a little twist in the tale though and the difficulties of the past come once more to the fore.

All in a typical sort of story by this author, but a good one, well told nonetheless.  I do prefer the more historical books by this author, I find them to have much better stories and this one fit that bill well for me.  Some of the themes are a lot more contemporary than you might imagine them to be, although told in a way of the times in which the book was set.  In a way I believed it all.  While I do not doubt that the things described actually did happen in the early 1900's, I am not totally convinced that they would have happened in quite the way they do in this book.

Would I recommend it?  Yes, if you come across it, but I am not sure that I would say that it is worth seeking out specially.

Overall a good result for my read my books project with another book read.  You can read my other reviews by clicking on the pictures in the sidebar.

My next book?  Well, it is my end of a clump of books treat.  Another Persephone Book.  The Home Maker by Dorothy Canfield Fisher.  So far, it is great fun and is in a similar vein to The Diary of Provincial Lady in that it seems to be written in the same period, and I see many other similarities from reading the notes.  I will let you know all when I write my review post!

Actually, it has just occurred to me, for the last two clumps of books I have bought - at the start of reading them - a Persephone to look forward to at the end of my other selection, so I should choose another so that I have that to look forward to shouldn't I!  Any recommendations?

I hope that you are enjoying whatever you are reading right now!



  1. I'm not sure I've read any Danielle Steel, it was years ago if I have. I'm thoroughly enjoying working my way chronologically through Agatha Christie's books though, she writes a good whodunnit.

  2. So glad you are enjoying your reading. Have you ever read The Leaving of Liverpool, (can't remember the author's name I'm afraid), as it one I found I couldn't put down. I must have a box somewhere I've not opened yet, so will find the author's name soon. Have a good week and take care.

  3. Hello Amy, and thank you for the interesting review!
    I have read one or two of her novels, but there's one book by Danielle Steel I will never forget. Have you read "His Bright Light", the story of one of her sons? That I think is a book worth seeking out.
    Have a lovely Sunday! xx

  4. I am not really a Danielle Steele fan but some of her books appeal to me. I think it was Lyn Andrews who wrote The Leaving of Liverpool - now that is a very good author ;)
    I want to thank you for your inspiration to get me reading the books of my own shelves.

  5. You are doing well with your books, it makes me realise that I'm still on the same one. I'd better get a move on! x

  6. I have read that book, a good read from the library or free but I wouldn't recommend spending good money on it, in my opinion. I have never tried a Agatha Christie book, will be interested to hear what you think I have of course watched a lot of the films on TV and enjoyed them. Have a good week.

  7. I cannot settle down enough to get into ANY of my books. It is so frustrating right now. :-(

    I think I will try doing what you did and just start at the beginning and work my way through the shelf.

  8. I really enjoyed the Homemaker when I read it. I'd have to recommend "House Bound" by Winifred Peck; it's set at the start of the second world war and tells the story of Rose who has to learn to deal with running her own house without help. I loved the domestic details in it. So much so, I may need to go back and read it myself!

  9. Another book read, well done you. I've hardly read anything lately. If I do pick up a book, I start falling asleep. More because I'm tired than a reflection on the book I think! "The Home Maker" sounds interesting, I'll look forward to hearing about it. CJ xx

  10. I've added Dorothy Canfield Fisher to my list of authors to read. I checked out her books on Goodreads and they look interesting. I've never been a reader of Danielle Steele, but the one you just finished sounds interesting. Happy reading.

  11. My mother in law was a big Danielle Steel fan and I read a couple of the books on her bookshelf although she's not my favourite author. I think it never hurts to try a new author out from time to time - you never know when you might find a new favourite! :-) xx

  12. Gosh I can't believe you have finished another, I'm still on Marian Keyes! I must make reading a part of my bedtime routine again xx

  13. I've never read any Danielle Steel but I loved 'The Diary of a Provincial Lady' so will look out for 'The Home Maker'. Well done with all the reading and have a great week. xx

  14. Sounds like a good read for a rainy fall night, Amy! Always love a good Danielle Steel! x Karen

  15. Well done on making such good progress on your books. I've been reading at night, in bed for about 30 minutes, because my eyes are too tired for any more. I realised I had never read Pride and Prejudice (and hadn't watched the BBC tv series or seen any films) and so enjoyed it.

  16. Good for you on completing another book and giving your honest opinion on it. I recently bought 2 books on the sale table at Chapters, but they were not that interesting. I finished them both in a couple of days. My daughter recently reminded me of a time when she would receive a coupon to a pastry shop here for a free cinnamon bun every time she finished reading a book in her class (she was probably about 10). She read A LOT of books, and was fairly sick of cinnamon buns by the end of it (they were HUGE buns!!). Happy reading Amy :)


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