Monday, 28 September 2015

Random thoughts of this and that...

At the moment I am blogging!  Well, reading blogs and it occurred to me that I could quickly write this post and then get back to blog reading.

Watching a programme that I recorded ages ago called Building The Ancient City.  It is quite interesting.  I am waiting until 9 o'clock for the last part All Change at Longleat which has been interesting.

For dinner we had a chilli that I had frozen and taken out earlier to defrost.  With rice and some grated "Mexican" cheese

When I finish blogging I am going to get back to working on a little surprise for someone.

Or I might try and finish my book.  Bridget Jones, Mad About The Boy, I reckon that I have less than a quarter to go.  I know.  Another book!

And I will be hoping that a cuppa will appear in my new Emma Bridgewater mug.  Or my other new Emma Bridgewater mug.  Yes.  I bought two!! 

Looking around at the autumn d├ęcor that I have been playing with.  Still needs tweaking before I show you.  I need to dust first as well.

Enjoying the candles, but wishing that "seaside" would burn faster so that I could get a new autumny one out.  Blue candles don't go with my new colour scheme!  I might just put it away tomorrow and get another one in any case....

Still not feeling quite myself.  I was first thing this morning.  I bounded out of bed and started gogging the apples that I bought home from a weekend away.  Gogging means peeling, coring and slicing them with my special machine and then cooking them down and freezing the result for use in the winter.  Then I went to see if the November and December sign ups for shifts at work were available and the ones that I can do are all full already.  So now I am feeling down again.  The end of October will be the end of work for me this year.  Rather sad that I will miss Christmas.  So still not back to me yet.

I do wish that my mood wasn't so easily influenced.  Or perhaps it is must still me feeling sensitive and not myself so that is why I am upset.  Hey ho.  I am not going to get stressed about it, but I am sad.

I have been messing around with autumn decorating today, but it isn't right yet.  A few things need to move around and I need to rehome the ornaments that I have moved.  My wreath for the front door was horrible - really, I mean it, horrible! - so I bought (more purchases!!!) one from Homesense.  It is lovely!

The weather today was bright and sunny and cheery and there was another wonderful moon tonight.  So mother nature and I are at one and at peace with each other!  I hope it stays the same for the rest of the week.  I have 50 allium bulbs to plant.

Tomorrow is another day and I am meeting a friend for coffee so that will be good.  We are meeting at a garden centre so I might get some tulip bulbs if I remember.

The laundry is done.  Nothing else got done though.  Who knew it would take all day to mess around arranging plastic pumpkins and leaves and the like.

I have borrowed some shoes and a handbag for the wedding I am going to next month.  That saved some money thankfully.  I must look for a good pair of black shoes though it seems.

Nothing else to report.  Sausage casserole for dinner tomorrow.  I am getting well into the autumn mode!

Seeing as I appear to be in spendthrift mode I might even order a new recipe book tomorrow too!

Oy!  I better stop now!

Thank you all for the lovely thoughts you sent me on Friday and over the weekend.  They were greatly appreciated and helped to lift my mood.

Right, I am going to stop and get back to being on a blog break!  No cuppa has appeared yet, so I need to go and sort that situation out too....

Hope you are all OK!



  1. Please don't feel you have to dust for us! Sorry you're not feeling very perky, I do hope you feel cheerier soon. I often wish I could control my mood more and will myself not to be down. You still sound very positive and happy to be in autumn. A shame about the November and December work shifts though, I know you will miss being there. But there will be more crafting time and reading time, that can't be bad in winter can it? I hope you have a lovely time with your friend tomorrow. Garden centres are excellent places for coffee aren't they. The weather is set fair, so hopefully you'll be able to get your bulbs out. Sending you a cyber hug and a virtual cup of tea. CJ xx

  2. Glad you are out of your happens to the best of us!
    I am busy enjoying our beautiful Fall weather so far...
    No decorations yet...but our Thanksgiving is in 2weeks...will dress things up, by then!
    All of your crochet projects look great...I started a new one over the weekend...
    Take care my friend....enjoy your week...
    Linda :o)

  3. Maybe someone will cancel and you'll get to work during the Christmas season after all. I hope so.

  4. Sending hugs, here if you want a meet up x

  5. I saw a mug the other day in a shop and I *really* wanted to buy it. After all, it was on sale and big and my tea would taste delicious in it. Unfortunately, my sensible side stepped in before I put it in my basket reminding me that I have a cupboard full of mugs and I don't really need another one. Sensible me can be so boring!! I hope you managed to get your cuppa in one of your new mugs. (I'm hoping that, when I go back to that shop tomorrow, they might still have one of those mugs and I will put it in my basket no matter what sensible me says! :oD)

  6. I do hope you are feeling well soon Amy and send lots of huggles to wrap you in. Take care.

  7. It sounds as if lots of nice things have been coming your way lately Amy. Perhaps the Autumn decorating isn't falling into place as at last we seem to be having a bit of an Indian Summer. Hope you find some lovely bulbs tomorrow. It is funny how many NT properties are open all year round. I remember when the closed season used to last from November to March, but nowadays the run up to Christmas can be as busy as the summer months I think.

  8. Autumn offers such exciting decorating possibilities with all those lovely colours and shapes. You don't need to work at Basildon Park to enjoy it, be a visitor instead and ask the volunteers some tricky questions to keep them on their toes! x

  9. By not working you get so much more time to prepare your beautiful mantel and home for Christmas and of course there is reading and crafting, garden centres for lunch...the list goes on. Sending you a hug and hoping you feel a little more yourself soon.

  10. Hope coffee with your friend tomorrow helps you to feel a bit perkier. I'm off out for coffee with friends on Friday ... I think we girls need that every now and then.
    We've been enjoying the Longleat programme too.
    Hopefully you may still get a work shift that you want if someone else needs to change theirs. Fingers crossed for you. M x

  11. So pleased to have stumbled on your blog :-)

  12. I hope you're feeling more yourself soon. Nothing worse than being out of balance with yourself. How about a nice walk in this lovely weather we have now? Take your camera and we can all come along to keep you company.

  13. Amy you are so sweet! I know exactly what you mean... Just keep doing as much nice things as possible .
    Big hugs from Mirjam.

  14. Hope you got that cup of tea! Really don't worry about the dusting, use a soft focus setting instead :-) enjoy your blog break and look after yourself, Amy xx

  15. That's such a shame not being able to work over Christmas, I bet it's lovely over the festive season. Perhaps you could put your name down as a reserve and then they know you're available if any one is unable to make it.

  16. We all feel blue from time to time. One thing that helps me is to plan something with a friend...a movie...guests for supper...something to keep me going until The mood passes. Sounds as if you are an expert at that! Sorry that the work situation will not be available through the Christmas season, but that just means that you'll be able to do whatever you want to create a meaningful Christmas.

  17. I often feel the need to hibernate. And truly enjoy days when no one is around and I can just do whatever. Dropping my son at school each morning and knowing I can drive away is the best feeling ever. I stayed in that toxic job situation for 7 years and am glad it is done. We all have our melancholy moments where we need to just piddle. Nothing wrong with that. I wound up rearranging the living room today. Took about 2 hours. Hubby will freak when he gets home. Ha! At least it's done. I used to do that kind of stuff after school and he would come home to find things upside down and topsy turvy. Coming home from a nice vacation is usually a big let down in the beginning. But there's something to be said for routine, too. Enjoy each moment as it comes. Hugs, Tammy

  18. Sorry to hear you're still not completely yourself. Maybe the change in seasons has something to do with it - partly anyway. I have never been able to borrow a pair of shoes! No-one I know has feet the same size as mine.

  19. Hope you start to feel your old self again soon. Nothing worse than feeling out of sorts and not being able to put your finger on why.

  20. Hope you're feeling more like yourself soon, know what you mean about little things setting one on edge. Maybe you could change times with someone and get a little time in near Christmas.

  21. Perhaps someone won't be able to do a Christmas shift and then you'll find yourself free and able to help out :o) xx

  22. I hope you're soon back to your usual self Amy. It's rotten feeling out of sorts even when there is an Emma Bridgewater mug (or two) to drink out of. I'm looking forward to seeing your Autumn decorations. X

  23. Sorry you are not feeling great Amy maybe meeting your friend tomorrow will make you feel better. Looking forward to seeing your Autumn decorations.

  24. Oh bless your heart Amy. Being in the doldrums can be so hard to climb out of sometimes. Maybe you can put your name down for any sickness or any drop outs at work. You will no doubt jump out of this low mood with your positive ways very soon and with your new autumnal candle will see the light at the end of the tunnel. Take care my lovely xx

  25. Oh I am so behind! Sorry you are not feeling great Amy, I hope your coffee date went well today. I will catch up now . Take care lovely xx

  26. if you found that cuppa then have one for me too x

  27. I am sorry you are not feeling well my friend. And believe me my mood can change so fast, I can be feeling great one minute and them, boom I am all off balance. Maybe having the Holidays off will be relaxing and peaceful. Hugs to you,

  28. Ha! Just love this Amy! Makes you even more human and "real" to me. You may be an ocean away, but such a kindred spirit and similar to me in so many ways with the way you think. Just know you're not alone with sensitive moments and mood changes. ;)

    Have fun with your book, your cuppa and hope you feel completely better soon! xoxo

  29. I'm wondering whether you might suffer from SAD, Amy? I have a friend who always becomes a bit depressed once summer has passed, and while she likes autumn, the darker days, with the thought of even darker days to come, causes her to feel down. She often also goes down with all kinds of minor ailments, too.
    I think we just have to go with our moods - the down feeling will pass. Perhaps, as with pain, diversionary tactics help. I have constant pain from arthritis, but if I can go out for a while, even for a very short walk and a cup of coffee somewhere, or even to the supermarket in the car, that does help, as does having a new writing project to get my teeth into. If my brain can focus on other things, the pain does tend to diminish, if only slightly.
    Margaret P

  30. I bet your fall decor is lovely :-) Enjoy the blog "break" :-)



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