Wednesday, 12 August 2015

This and that and Thank You

Thank you all so much for your get well wishes for Hubby.  He is doing much better now and wants me to pass on his thanks to you all - and I am thankful too of course.  I didn't give him a bell to ring for three reasons.  One he would have kept ringing the darn thing, two we don't actually own a little bell, and three we have a bit of a situation going on with "Man" with bells supposedly ringing in the night all by themselves so bells are a touchy subject in this house!

It is all good though now and Hubby is back at work and I am just glad that I could mostly be home to help him and that he was over it so quickly.

Monday was by gosh a tricky day, I did my private tour at work and had one person wandering off - and picking things up!!!! - another talking incessantly and another telling everyone they came across their relationship to me.  The fourth person was a perfect visitor, but I found out afterwards that they do a similar job to me - whilst driving a vintage bus! - so they understood the situation no doubt. 

It did make me appreciate the normal visitors so much though!!  Far less tricky and stressful.  Although I also have to say that I normally only do tours when it is a tour group and there are not other people making their own way around the house, so no doubt that was what I found hardest to get my head around!

I didn't get much else done, but I did finish one of the things on my August crafting instead of Five On Friday list (I am holding out showing you until the first Five On Friday post in September!) and I am making good progress on my shawl which is coming along beautifully.  I am sooooo pleased with it and the yarn is beautiful.  This is a sneak preview, more to come when it is finished!

Yesterday I had an interesting meeting at work - and no I didn't write or hand in any crochet patterns during this one.  Still haven't found the pattern for the fish yet, I really think that I must have handed it in with an evaluation form!  Not good.

We are working on some new tours which I cannot tell you about yet as they are still secret, but I am very excited about them and hope to get to learn lots too so it is all good.

In other news it was sunny and then rainy - typical English summer!  Some chores have been completed and the to do list has reduced very slightly.  The reason for the long lists of jobs is that I am in overdrive preparing for the ladies lunch which I am hosting at home next week so I am trying to get everything spic and span.

I made everyone a coaster to take home with them as a little gift.  What do you think of these four?  The only downside is that if they all like them and take them away I will not have a set and I don't have enough yarn left to make some more.  I don't mind though.  That is what they are meant for!

Well I am off now to do some more cleaning (the insides of the kitchen cupboards, you know, just in case anyone decides to take a peek!) and to research recipes for Coronation Chicken* for the lunch.  I hate it myself and am planning to put lumps of cheese in mine instead of chicken as I rarely eat much meat anyway and I hate cold chicken!  It was so difficult though trying to pin down something that everyone else likes and that I can make in advance to serve cold.

On my list was also an additional dessert, but I have decided instead to make some cookies to go with tea and coffee after lunch.  That way I am not competing with the person bringing dessert, but still have something to offer.

I will share more about the lunch after it happens.  I am hoping for good weather for eating in the garden...

Well I think that is about it for now.  Off to do some recipe searching and more chore ticking off!  At least I am going to have a very clean house after this lunch is over!

For the next couple of days I have scheduled a couple of travel posts to share with you.  I am afraid that I am still struggling to get round and read your blogs and leave comments which I feel badly about, but I will get there after next week is over I promise!  Thank you for bearing with me!  I really do appreciate it.  Sorry too that I have abandoned replying to your comments - unless there is a question - right now, I am struggling for time with that too!

Thank you again for the good wishes for Hubby, and for bearing with me, I have no idea where August has gone, but time seems to have sped up again magically all by itself.  I wish it would slow down just a little instead!


p.s. you will be glad to know that I decided that I didn't need to take all the pictures in the house down and dust behind them just in case anyone checked.  The spiders can live in their webs on the backs of the pictures in peace!

* Coronation Chicken is cold cooked chicken in a creamy and spicy mayonnaise with apricots in it.  I might add some mango chutney too!


  1. That shawl is so beautiful Amy- really, well done. The private tour sounds like it was trying! Glad your OH is feeling better and no bells are required xx

  2. Life can be so very inconvenient in the way that it gets between you and the things you'd like to, can't it?! Glad hubby is feeling better, it's never fun to have a poorly man hanging around the house as they are so Very Poorly when you would often just have got on with it yourself. I like your coasters very much, they remind me of carnations. Your shawl is just beautiful and I'm sure your lunch is going to be a fantastic event! xx

  3. Your shawl is going to be stunning, I can see you may get a few requests for them, I do like the idea of ladies that lunch have a great time and dont fret about about a bit of dust :-)

  4. Happy to hear that your happy has turned to his new life. We need to be helpful to each other so that any big issue will go like water. Your shawl looks beautiful...

  5. The shawl looks amazing. It must be a real delight to work on. Enjoy the rest of your week. You seem to have it all under control and I'm glad you're leaving the spiders behind the pictures in peace, not because I'm concerned about the spiders, but because it makes me feel less guilty about the spiders behind mine!

  6. Glad hubby is better and you take 10 minutes a couple of times a day to breathe. Promise! That shawl is just stunning and I'm so envious of all the clever crafty bloggers I read about. Oh well that's how it goes. Hope your lunch goes well and the weather is kind. Take care.

  7. Glad your husband is well enough to go back to work. We have a little bell but there's no way I'd let my husband ring it if he wanted me to bring him tea or whatever! I hope the ladies enjoy their lunch - you're going to a lot of trouble to have everything just right. Having visitors is a good opportunity to get the house cleaned up! I love the wee coasters and I'm sure everyone else will too. Your shawl looks gorgeous. I only have 2 more motifs to do but I'm seriously considering adding an extra row.

  8. I love Coronation chicken, and now that you mention it, I might serve it at my next girlfriend lunch :)
    Glad hubby is OK again, and your busy life continues. The shawl looks soft and lovely, and will look amazing when finished, and the little coasters are an inspiration, a perfect gift. I know what you mean about some visitors in tour groups - you have to be so quick at times, speaking on your topic, while watching little hands and wanderers to make sure they behave! Have a great week. xx

  9. a delicate crochet thing!!
    a great moment to escape!!!
    Have a great day,

  10. Your shawl will be beautifully when finished Amy I'm still on the first motif! Glad your hubby is better, hope your lunch goes well I'm sure the ladies will be thrilled with the coasters xx

  11. So adorable.
    SO happy your hubby is feeling better.
    Hugs & Prayers

  12. Those coasters will make a cute little take-away for your guests.

  13. Hello, Amy!
    It's lovely to hear good news. Your crochet works are beautiful, as always.
    Take care! xx

  14. Hi Amy! Taking a moment to catch up with you, reading back to Kipling's house :) Loved the tour you gave there, and felt I was seeing things first hand. I'm sorry it was a bit of a disappointing visit with the crowds. Your August mantel? Best one so far!! Love the fish all caught in the netting, and all the shells & seaside bits on top. The blue shell is beautiful! Love the shawl too ... it's going to look amazing! Have a great week, and I hope your luncheon is lots of fun ... I really doubt anyone is going to be peeking in the cupboards ;) Wendy x

  15. Wow! Your life sounds so frantic with such long 'to do' lists and I am glad your hubby is feeling better now. These things all tend to come at once, don't they? "It never rains but it pours"!
    Never mind about the blogging - I like to think blogging is a pleasure and not a chore. When it feels like a chore - just another thing on the 'to do' list pressuring you - that's the time to take a break. It is plain that we are all happy to read and comment on your blog as and when you post. No worries.
    I do hope you place your crochet shawl high on your daily priority list to nurture your spirit. The pattern is so pretty. It looks very traditional and there is comfort in that. Have fun with all of your activities. :-)

  16. Your shawl is stunning, a real delight. I love the coasters too, such a lovely idea to give a little gift. Your lunch menu sounds delicious.

  17. You need to slow down and smell the roses, my friend! Way too busy. Your coasters are lovely and don't look all that difficult to make. I'll be you can turn out several in a short amount of time, since you are so experienced. Glad hubby is better....not good to have a sick man around the house!

  18. Love the coasters, and of course your shawl is beyond beautiful. I'm the opposite of you, I'm not much of a cheese eater, but like cold chicken a lot.

  19. Your guests will be delighted to hear they can have the coasters as a present - the coasters are so pretty ! And your shawl is gorgeous - love the pattern !

  20. Glad you coped with the trying tour!
    That shawl is going to be so delicate and pretty.
    Enjoy the lunch!
    M x

  21. ON THE MEND~!! Hooray. Prayers for you both

  22. Your shawl is stunning. Sooo jealousI Blessings

  23. Glad to hear hubby is better. Your crocheting is beautiful, I love the shawl.

  24. Wow - you do continue to be one busy Lady! So happy to hear that your hubby is doing better though. ;)

    I continue to marvel at your beautiful crochet. Those coasters are so pretty and that shawl...stunning! Blessings sent your way for a lovely upcoming luncheon - that you may have beautiful weather and that all will go smoothly. Your menu sounds delish! I love cold chicken salad kind of anything though.

    God bless sweet Gal! xo

  25. I'm glad your hubs is feeling better - for your sake and his! ;o) The shawl looks gorgeous.

    As for not commenting or not replying to comments - crumbs, who's bothered? Not me! You do what you can, when you can and that's the best anyone can expect! :o)

  26. So glad your hubby is better now, well done for looking after him! The shawl is wonderful, so beautifully and evenly stitched. I hope your ladies lunch goes well, you're putting a lot of effort in, and I'm sure it will be very much appreciated. I hope there's a little time for you to relax as well, you're working very hard at the moment, you deserve some "me" time I think! CJ xx

  27. What a busy bee! Hope the lunch goes well x

  28. Glad that your hubby is feeling better now. Your life sounds very busy at the moment - I hope you find some time to relax too. Your shawl is looking beautiful too :)
    Cathy x

  29. That shawl looks beautiful, lovely pattern. Coronation chicken - how perfectly retro! I've not eaten that for years, and it's so yummy, I must make some. A quiche or tart is a good dish to cook in advance and serve cold. I hope the lunch is a big success. x

  30. Hi Amy! Busy busy gal. I'm tired just reading your post. Glad your hubby is doing well. Your shawl is coming along beautifully! Good luck with your ladies luncheon and I'm sure it will be a success! Leave those little spiders alone! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  31. I wish I could crochet like you do! I'm really not that good, but I do try!
    It's nice to visit your blog again, I look forward to reading a lot more!
    Much love,

  32. So glad your hubby is feeling better!
    I just love the shawl, you are doing a beautiful job.
    When we toured that old house I blogged about recently, some other visitors came in a side door that was mistakenly left open. Suddenly we heard voices in the house and I know it scared our guide. They ended up joining us mid tour and it worked out, but was kind of crazy.

  33. Mmmmm! The chicken dish sounds wonderful! Your coasters are so pretty and your shawl is lovely. I don't know how you find time to do it all, Amy and also take care of sick Husband's, too! I'm sure your luncheon will be very sweet. xo Karen

  34. Your shawl is looking beautiful - I have just had an unexpected day off work - such a beautiful fine day, and I have spent the whole time cleaning the house - I have the in laws turning up tomorrow (only found out last night). Glad your hubby is on the mend - enjoy the rest of your week.

  35. I'm sure your lunch will go swimmingly and no one will notice the inside of your cupboards, just the trouble you've gone to to make it all lovely. So glad you didn't resort to a bell! That's a slippery slope... Sam x

  36. So sorry to read that your husband has been ill but glad to know that he is getting better and back to work. Gosh that tour does sound a difficult one! I know from years of taking groups around the museum where I used to work how rewarding or how trying people and their reactions can be. Lovely little coasters to give as gifts I'm sure your friends will be very pleased with them. I have ringing in my ears every day - but that is down to the tinitus I suffer from, take carexx:)


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