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St Michael's Mount - In The Castle

Today in the second part of this series about St Michael's Mount we go inside the castle.  To see the journey to the castle click the labels at the end of the post.

Thank you for all of your lovely comments on the first part yesterday.  It sounds as though many of you have visited here in the past and enjoyed it a great deal or hope to visit in the future.  So I hope that these posts are bringing back happy memories and inspiring future visits!

As with my post yesterday, lots of pictures, and (hopefully!) not too many words.

This is the fabulous Library which some of you mentioned in the comments yesterday.  Isn't wonderful!!  Can you just imagine curling up here with a book on a stormy day with the wind and rain raging outside and you are all safe and warm with all of these books to read.  That would be pretty perfect I think!!

Again, more ceilings!   It is always good to look upwards.  Ceilings can tell you a lot about the building you are in and the history of a place.

This Dining Room is fabulous isn't it.  I love all of the plasterwork decoration.  So much incredible detail.

There were some wonderful pieces of silver on display.  So ornate.  Not really my taste in terms of what I would love to own - if I had the chance! - but I do like to admire them and the workmanship which is incredible and so detailed.

This fish really is a wonder to behold isn't it!

We had no idea what this was until we looked around and saw this information sheet.  No real idea how it works, or if it is reliable, but it is certainly unusual!!!

There were so many great doors and windows and pieces of metalwork.  All so intricate and detailed.

You come out of the castle and go outside for a little bit before returning inside, so you can see more of the outside of the buildings and the amazing  views.

Here are some sneaky peaks into the garden!  You can see why it needs a post of its own.

I loved this rainwater arrangement!  Just the right sort of thing for a castle!

You could see that the causeway was really getting clear now and the men were starting to go to work on the repairs.

I am terrible at identifying birds, but this little fellow was so lovely and obligingly stood for many photos.  I am sure that someone can tell me what he is!  Some sort of finch is my guess???

The Queen and Prince Philip and Prince Charles and The Duchess of Cornwall had all visited fairly recently and we saw this photo of The Queen signing the visitors book in the room you see above.

This cork model of the castle is amazing isn't it!

These are Coronation Chairs.  Not to boast, but at work we have two of each of these!  OK, I am boasting a little!!!

Here you can see a lovely painting of James and Mary St Aubyn who are the current occupants of the castle.   James moved to the island when his uncle, Lord St Levan retired.

This is a suit of Samurai Armour.

Here you can see the footprints of the royal visitors.  There was another set as well - that I didn't photograph.

We then headed off round to the far side of the castle to visit the gardens - which I will share with you tomorrow.  Don't worry by the way, the castle isn't really leaning as it looks in the picture below!  Bad photography!

Again, I hope that you enjoyed this and got a flavour of the inside of the building!



  1. St Michael's Mount really is a magical place to visit and you have captured it beautifully. It is somewhere that I always wanted to see and it did not disappoint. The views down into the garden are very inviting and you are right that little bird is a Chaffinch.

  2. It really is a beautiful castle, and beautifully preserved. I was surprised to read that people actually live there, but it is in such tip top condition, that would be why. The library is very cosy and appealing and the blue room completely gorgeous. How exciting for them to have the Queen come to visit. Very enjoyable, dear Amy. xx

  3. Such an amazing place, so beautiful. Loved the ornate silver particularly the tea caddy, I am rather partial to proper tea as opposed to tea bags.

  4. I am really enjoying your tour around St Michaels Mount Amy, you have photographed things I didn't even notice on my last visit. I took my Australian cousins there a few years ago and they loved it, It is such a special place, I would love to live on the island, though when the weather has been particularly bad you are stranded.

  5. It's such a long time since I visited St Michael's Mount that I had forgotten what it was like inside. Thanks for the lovely photos. I must go back again one day. x

  6. More lovely photos, Amy. The wee bird is a male chaffinch. Wow, look at me with the knowledge! LOL

  7. I've never visited so I'm enjoying these posts very much. And you're such a good tour guide!

  8. Wonderful Amy, just wonderful. That library! And the dining room, another lovely room. My other half was very taken with the golf painting above the fireplace, so I have a picture of that as well. I seem to remember having to keep the littlest boy away from a sofa that Queen Victoria had sat on in that visitors room. I expect the Queen was allowed to sit on it though! Thank you for bringing back happy memories. CJ xx

  9. Such a lovely place to visit, I collect Royal memorabilia I was deeply jealous of the coronation chairs I spotted at Chirk castle x

  10. There's so much to see and wow, that library, stunning. The views back to the mainland are just beautiful. Your little bird is a male chaffinch.

  11. It's amazing that people actually live there! I especially loved seeing the room with all the books.

  12. Lovely photos it all looks so beautiful - I've seen it many times from Penzance and Marazion but never been over to the island - I'd love to do that one day:)

  13. What a place! I've been tot eh French "version" but have never made it to that part of GB. Our next trip to the UK will be in 2018 and I hope to see all of the Southwest part of England in detail. St.Michael's Mount is definitely high on the list! So many carved ceilings and lovely antique pieces of furniture. This is my kind of place!! Thanks for sharing, Amy!

  14. Fabulous photos - I had also forgotten how beautiful St. Michael's Mount is inside and out. I loved the photo of the causeway. Perhaps I didn't pay attention but are the people in the water wading for fun or looking for something?

    Thank you for sharing.

  15. Lovely photos and I enjoyed yesterdays too. It is indeed a chaffinch. Jo x

  16. Excellent photos of a truly fascinating castle! Thank you for the tour.
    I'm certain the gardens will be lovely too. :)

  17. oh, that takes me back to 1998 when husband and I went to interview the then Lord and Lady St Levan for a feature for Cornwall Life. Lord St L kindly invited us to lunch with them in their private dining room which was so kind of him and we had a lovely lunch and afternoon with him and his wife. He was then well into his 80s bt took us on a cracking pace around their castle home, and what an amazing place it is. We were taken over to the island by the Drake (smaller version of the Duck) which had come over specially to collect us from the beach, but by the time we left the tide was out and we could walk across the causeway, the end to a memorable visit with a really lovely couple.
    Margaret P

  18. I really enjoyed seeing all the fascinating details you captured! A wonderful place I'd love to see myself but thanks for sharing great photos!

  19. What a spectacular place to visit, so much history to feel and see. I love that library, and would love to browse through it.

  20. Fabulous - I do like the little silver tea caddy. Those garden views are to die for - can't wait for more photos of those.

  21. I love the library! Brilliant inspiration!

  22. Super photos - yes I do like the dining room too. Thanks for sharing again
    Caz xx

  23. That place truly is incredible. I still LOVE that library - but that dining room is a close second. That plaster work is amazing and I love those windows!!
    I love your boast and can tell how much you love your job. ;)
    So fun to see the historical visitors too. Thanks for sharing dear Amy - I love it!! xoxo

  24. I have truly enjoyed my visit through you! The library is wonderful, the ceiling of the dining room is majestic and those views - amazing! Thank you!

  25. Wow! So many wonderful things here I don't know where to start! Stunning pictures and I love that library! Would love to tour it in person :-) What a great experience!


  26. I love st michaels mount, its many years since I have visited. Those ceilings are amazing, and the window photo is beautiful. Imagine living in such a place. I remember in one of the rooms there was a painting of the present duchess who lived there. After we left we saw her doing her shopping on the mainland!

  27. Oh my I am enjoying all this since I live so far away and don't get to see things like this. The interior is wonderful. I like that they casted the footprints from the Queen's visit. I think the bird is a "chaffinch". I've been following a blog from Scotland and he posts a lot of pictures of birds so I've picked up some new names! I'm going in reverse here with your posts- enjoying it all the way!

  28. Whenever I look at these grand places my first thought is WOW. My second thought is for the housekeeper :-)


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