Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Love/Hate Blogger Challenge

Now this isn't about which Bloggers I love and hate!  It is just about things that I love and hate!!  Lisa from Into The Glade very kindly passed this on to me.  The challenge is to share 10 things that I love, and yes, you guessed it, 10 things that I hate.

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So, here we go...

10 things I love - in of course no particular order!

  • Sunny sunshiney days
  • Crochet
  • Cake of all kinds
  • Stationery
  • Blogging
  • My garden
  • Walking by the sea
  • Scented candles
  • My Hubby
  • White chocolate magnums - (chocolate ice creams)
  • Oh, and as a bonus! Flowers!!

10 things that I hate - also in no particular order!

  • Bad driving
  • Poor service in the supermarket
  • Banana flavoured things
  • Injustice
  • Bullying
  • Airport security checks - I know we need them, but I hate that we need them
  • The fact that my yarn is on backorder and hasn't arrived yet
  • Rudeness
  • That daylilies only last one day - I wish there was a twoday lily!
  • Being too hot

Thank you Lisa for passing this on to me.  I pass this on to anyone who wishes to join in!  It just a bit of fun for these hot summer days!



  1. Love the idea of a twoday lily! Xx

  2. Aha ! I'm not the only one who dislikes banana-flavoured things ! Xxx

  3. I love chocolate and chardonnay, not together though, and I hate listening to people sniffing - invest in tissues!!

  4. most of the things on your lists could go on mine, but the white chocolate magnums would have to change sides, I can not abide white chocolate, but I am right there with you on banana flavouring.

  5. Fun little post, although I did wonder what it was going to be about when the title came up in my Bloglovin feed!

  6. I love banana flavoured things!

  7. What a fun post - I agree with most of your list ...... but definitely not white chocolate Magnums! And obviously I love my husband, not yours!!!!!

  8. Lots of good loves and hates, Amy, and I would agree with all, except I've never had the Magnums, but I know my hubby would love those - anything white chocolate for him! I do like banana bread, though :)

  9. This was a fun read today!

    Wishing you a nice day.

  10. That was very interesting and my pet hate is " impatience". I love these sort of fun posts and will think about it, though I usually procrastinat too much over what I should write. Hope you're having a lovley sunshiney week. Take care.

  11. A great post! Yes, lots of the things on your lists are on mine too, especially flowers. Think I'd swap the white chocolate Magnums for salted caramel spread and cream teas, though, and on the 'hates' list the vast array of lightbulbs that fittings now take - they make replacing bulbs a minefield Slugs too - ugh!!
    Cathy x

  12. I share quite a few of the loves and hates! I have always had a stationary obsession, I love bananas though! On my hate list this week is planning a bbq which is then scuppered by the weather ;) xx

  13. Now we know more about you and that's great. Rudeness and poor service are 2 of my pet peeves too.

  14. There's lots of things there which would make it on to my lists too. I love stationery and I'll be walking by the sea very soon, I can't wait.

  15. Cute list, Amy :-) I love crochet and stationery, too, and share many of the things you hate. I hope your yarn arrives soon.

  16. I'm with you on so many of these, especially the being hot, and when I tell you that anything much above 20 degrees feels too hot to me you'll know how often I get to hate it! Apparently, my docs tell me, my natural body temp is 2 degrees lower than the norm so the day always feels 2 degrees hotter to me than it does to the average person. Weird or what?

  17. I love crochet and love your garden, mine is sad now! (cause is winter))

    I hate rudeness (oh yeah) and injustice:)))

  18. I know you said your list was in no particular order but I had a bit of a giggle at your poor hubby not getting a mention until number 8! Then I giggled again when Anne said she loved her husband and not yours! Me too! :oD

  19. Love your list! I can certainly concur with most of it!

  20. I do not like banana flavoring either.
    the scented candles have to be the perfect scent for me...barely detectable and fresh. Any ideas for me?
    I love: walking on the beach!~
    I love happy music
    I love knit and crochet
    I LOVE my cats
    I love open heeled shoes (clogs, flip flops)
    I love getting a facial
    I love NPR
    I love comedy
    I love flowers

    I hate:
    big mouths
    when people leave their barking dogs outside to be sad
    when poop is not picked up by dog owners
    flies in my house
    when the mail is so late, i realize we are being skipped again..today

  21. We must all be chuckling at the same thing...poor hubby made the top ten list, but is in at #8. Then I read "in no particular order." This is a fun meme. I am afraid that I'd have to work too hard at being pc to happily participate. Stay cool! We are going to have a thunderstorm this evening that will bring in cooler temps...ahhhhh...

  22. Great blog topic! Mind if I borrow it?

    I totally agree on the banana flavored things. Love bananas. Can't stand anything banana flavored. YUCK!

  23. Hey Amy,
    I love pesto. I hate people biting or chewing ice lolly sticks. It goes right through me.
    Loved you lists. But I shan't share my recipe for banana ice cream with you ;))
    Leanne xx

  24. Lots of things on your list are mine too especially the love of stationery. Thank you for your comment on my last blog post. It is very much appreciated. Joan at www.aviewtothefells.com

  25. I love that I relate so well with both of your lists - other than the banana flavor dislike. I love banana flavored things...especially popsicles and we have a candy here called "laffy taffy" and the banana ones are my fave! Lol
    So fun - thanks for sharing your list. ;)

  26. I agree with so many of the things you said. Very fun post.

  27. Oh I love this Amy I think I would agree with you on most of your choices. :) x

  28. So much fun Amy!!! I love what you love! And the bits that you dislike would be on my list too! Especially bullying. Wishing you a great Wednesday my friend! Nicole xo

  29. Well, this was fun!!!!
    Love many of your loves. : )
    And I hate hate hate being hot too!!!!!

  30. I have quite a few similar loves and hates.

  31. I love your list and share so many of the same, two day Lillies sound like a great idea. The girls hate banana flavours too and airport security checks ha! Thank you for taking part x x x


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